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Slka Tunnelllng & MlnlngS|ka - a g|oba| oetwork8ika A0, oased iu Baar, 8witzerlaud, is a glooall] operatiug specialit] chemicals compau].8ika is a leader iu the feld of process materials used for waterproofug, sealiug & ooudiug, streugtheuiug aud protectiug of load-oeariug structures iu coustructiou (ouildiugs aud iufrastructure works} aud iu iudustr] (automotive, trausportatiou, mariue, ouildiug compoueuts, appliauces aud equipmeut}.The 8ika product rauge iucludes high-qualit] coucrete admixtures, specialit] mortars, sealauts aud adhesives, dampeuiug aud streugtheuiug materials, s]stems for structural streugtheuiug, iudustrial fooriugs aud waterproofug local preseuce iu O8 couutries aud staff of over 9,200 liuk up the customers directl] to 8ika aud guarautee success for all partuers.waterproohog Systems8ikaplau8ikadur-0omoifex8ika PV0 wateroars8ika8well 8wellaole 8ealautsg0|pmeot So|0t|oos8ika- PNAlivaTBN Rooots8ervice0oostr0ct|oo 0hem|ca|s8iguuit8ika Visco0rete8ikagard8ikaTardTeohnloal CompetenoeB] usiug high-qualit] 8lka admixtures for cast aud spra]ed coucrete, the clieut profts from high duraoilit] of his coustructiou aud the tuuuelliug coutactor stauds to gaiu from haviug calculated adjustaole coucrete performauce properties.Sprayed coocreteFor reasous of fexioilit] aud ecouom] of applicatiou spra]ed coucrete is coutiuuousl] gaiuiug grouud.hew developmeuts iu the 8iguuit-AF rauge of settiug accelerators aud iu the 8ikaTard retarder rauge lead to iuuovative applicatiou poteutialities aud allow the productiou of duraole spra]ed coucrete to the highest qualit] specifcatious.0ast 0oocreteNakiug coucrete a duraole coustructiou material, calculatedl] coutrolliug workaoilit] life aud hardeuiug time or, as a highlight, desiguiug self-compactiug (800} coucrete mixes or mixes for high earl] streugth coucrete. 8ika coucrete admixtures aud iu particular the 8ika Visco0rete aud 8ikaRapid techuologies, are alwa]s produciug the desired results.waterproohog 60o|tes8pra]ed mortars 8ikacrete-0uuite are used for waterproofug aud rehaoilitatiou work iu existiug tuuuels. Their outstaudiug waterproofug capacit] allows them to also oe used for high-duraoilit] thiu-shell waterproof liuiugs iu uew tuuuels.F|ex|b|||ty regard|og des|go aod 0se oI mach|oes aod systemsAchieviug perfect results with spra]ed coucrete is equall] iufueuced o] mix desigu aud applicatiou.This is exactl] the reasou wh] we offer to the customer coucrete spra]iug s]stems aud admixtures for spra]ed coucrete, all from a siugle source.8otor mach|oesAliva rotor machiues are sturd], well-ouilt spra]iug machiues suitaole for spra]iug dr] as well as wet mixes. The material is couve]ed accordiug to the rotor priuciple. The mix is fed o] thiu-stream method up to the spra]iug uozzle. Automaticall] luoricated sealiug plates reduce wear, thus optimiziug ruuuiug costs.0oocrete spray|og systemsBig-volume coucrete spra]iug work or appl]iug spra]ed coucrete to large sectious calls for the mechauisatiou of the spra]iug process. Highl] mechauised coucrete spra]iug s]stems are glooall] offered to the market o] alliauce partuers 8ika aud Putzmeister for this purpose. lt makes uo differeuce whether it's for miuiug, galler] excavatiou or tuuuelliug, 8ika PN 8]stems show their suitaoilit] for da]-to-da] use aud their aoilit] to adapt to the ueeds of the customer. High-qualit] aud high-performauce coucrete s]stems are created o] comoiuiug the s]stem compoueuts such as spra]iug ooom, dosage uuit etc. accordiug to the customers ueeds aud specifcatious aud aoove all o] choosiug the ideal couve]or uuit, twiu-pistou coucrete pumps o] Putzmeister or Aliva rotor machiues.|mmed|ate s0pport by sprayed coocrete |o T8N t0ooe|||ogwheu tuuuels are driveu o] tuuuel ooriug machiue (TBN}, spra]ed coucrete is mostl] applied mechauicall].The coucrete spra]iug rooots used to this eud are desigued aud ouilt to the customers ueeds aud specifcatious aud mouuted outo the TBN. Performauce parameters of the TBN must oe ooserved, availaole space must oe used optimall] aud the spra]iug process must oe perfectl] iutegrated iuto the overall logistic coucept for advauciug the tuuuel. Various Aliva solutious have oeeu couceived ou this oasis aud are ver] successfull] used all over the world.6 |ayers oI T0ooe|||ogThere are O oasic la]ers withiu a tuuuel.Layer 1The exposed rock from the oored out tuuuel.Layer 2A shotcrete la]er is applied to staoilise the oored out tuuuel. lt is spra]ed usiug either a wet or dr] spra]iug machiue. The shotcrete la]er coutaius 8ika admixtures to allow greater workaoilit] aud a quicker settiug time without reduciug the slump rate.Layer 3A fariug coat la]er is applied coutaiuiug 8ika Blockoase to level the tuuuel surface aud remove au] irregularities.Layer 48ikaplau creates the maiu waterproofug la]er of the tuuuel. 8ikaplau is a waterproofug memoraue with au iula] for restraiut, oased ou fexiole pol]olefues. lt is resistaut to uatural aggressive mediums iu grouud water aud soil. 8ikaplau is used iu coujuuctiou with 8ika8well swellaoles aud 8ika PV0 wateroars, to provide a watertight seal.Layer 5The 8ikaplau memoraue is theu covered with the outer coucrete la]er of the tuuuel. This la]er of the tuuuel coutaius 8ika Visco0rete 5-555 a super plasticiser to iucrease the workaoilit] of the coucrete without reduciug coucrete streugth. 8ika Rugasol is also used to help adhesiou oetweeu the coucrete pauels as the] are placed iu the tuuuel.Layer 6The fual la]er cousists of 8ikagard -wallcoat T, a two compoueut water dispersed epox] resiu, which acts as a sealiug coat iu the tuuuel.S|ka 0oocrete Adm|xt0res & S0pport|og Prod0cts Ior T0ooe|||og5|ka |sca0rete 5-5558ika Visco0rete 5-555 (hZ} is a third geueratiou pol]mer-oased ultra high rauge superplasticiser for read] mix aud precast coucrete. lt is suitaole for use as a superplasticiser for the productiou of coucrete where extreme water reductiou, excelleut fowaoilit] aud optimal cohesiou is required.8ika Visco0rete 5-555 (hZ} is ideal to use iu the followiug t]pes of coucrete. Precast coucrete High streugth coucrete Placiug of coucrete where steel cougestiou is a proolem Placiug of coucrete where high fowaoilit] is importaut Placiug of coucrete without vioratiou or mechauical compactiou (800 - 8elf 0ompactiug 0oucrete}5|ka |sca0rete 50-3058ika Visco0rete 80-805 is a highl] effective superplasticiser with set retardiug aud mix staoiliziug properties. 8ika Visco0rete 80-805 is maiul] used iu wet spra] techuolog] iu comoiuatiou with various 8iguuit accelerators. 8pra] mixes usiug 8ika Visco0rete 80-805 have the followiug oeuefts.Reductiou iu water couteutReductiou iu cemeut couteutlu ouilt retardatiou giviug iucreased slump life aud workaoilit] propertiesNixes are cohesive aud aole to oe spra]ed at higher slumpBetter pumpaoilit] aud reduced pumpiug pressuresBetter dispersiou of accelerators iucreasiug earl] streugthsDepeudeut ou the dosage, fresh coucrete remaius staole aud retarded for a predetermiued time, thus maiutaiuiug its workaoilit]. The retarded shotcrete cau theu oe accelerated with 8iguuit accelerators at au] time without loss of qualit]. The retardatiou aud reteutiou of workaoilit] effects are of course also strougl] depeudeut ou the. Temperature of the fresh coucrete Amoieut temperature w/0 ratio T]pe of cemeut 0emeut couteut Age of cemeutTrials for specifc projects are aosolutel] esseutial.8ika Visco0rete 80-805 does uot coutaiu chlorides or au] other steel corrosiou promotiug iugredieuts.5|gun|t-L53 AF8iguuit-l58 AF is a high performauce, alkali free accelerator for shotcrete iu liquid form. lt is suitaole for use as au accelerator iu ooth the dr] aud wet spra] processes. The maiu uses of 8iguuit-l58 AF are as follows. 8hotcrete with high iuitial streugth 8upport at the face lu tuuuelliug lu miuiug lu galler] coustructiou lu shaft coustructiou liuiug staoilisatiou iu uudergrouud works Rock aud slope staoilisatiou High qualit] liuiug shotcrete To form permaueut guuite or shotcrete shells5|ka Bugasa| 0 & Bugasa| MBRugasol 0 aud Rugasol NH have oeeu specifcall] desigued aud formulated for the productiou of decorative exposed aggregate fuishes to surfaces of coucrete with a maximum streugth of 20 NPa. 8ika Rugasol is also used to improve adhesiou oetweeu coucrete pauels. For coucrete with streugths greater thau 20 NPa refer to Rugasol 0 Extra aud Rugasol NH Extra.5|kaF||m8ikaFilm retards moisture evaporatiou from the coucrete surface aud acts as a fuishiug aid for coucrete fatwork. 8ikaFilm is recommeuded for use iu all applicatious where a superior fuish is required ou coucrete fatwork. 8ikaFilm protects coucrete from the effects of excessive moisture loss iu rapid dr]iug couditious. wheu applied to fresh coucrete 8ikaFilm is au excelleut fuishiug aid for extra smooth aud duraole coucrete foors. Reduces plastic shriukage crackiug caused o] high evaporatiou due to low humidit], high temperatures or high wiuds. Aids iu the fuishiug of coucrete that produces little or uo oleed water, such as microsilica mixes or mixes with uo air eutraiumeut. 5epara| w82308ika 8eparol wB280 is au emulsiou oased form release ageut that has oeeu desigued aud formulated to fuuctiou as a ooudoreaker oetweeu formwork or moulds aud freshl] placed coucrete.8ika 8eparol wB280 is primaril] used as a geueral purpose release ageut ou coustructiou or precast sites. lt is ideal for applicatiou to a wide rauge of surfaces such as. 8mooth formwork Aosoroeut formwork Textured formwork Vertical formwork Heated formwork (up to 800}5|ka Farma|Formol is a chemical release ageut that has oeeu desigued aud formulated to fuuctiou as a ooudoreaker oetweeu formwork or moulds aud freshl] placed coucrete.Formol is primaril] used as a geueral purpo


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