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    Known for being a company willing to challenge the status quo and embark on projects that others might fi nd too daunting to pursue, Sharjah Oasis Real Estate was co-founded by Hayssam El-Masri in 2014, making it a comparatively young organisation already making huge progress in the area of real estate.

    El-Masri is also the founder of Veyron Investment, a company with successful multiple fast food franchise portfolios built on happiness, customer satisfaction and rapid business growth. Veyron Investment continues to nurture and provide high growth platforms to global brands throughout the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) and the Middle East.


    Sharjah Oasis Real Estate is currently busy with one of the most exciting development projects in the Middle East the Sharjah

    Waterfront City. hear from director Hayssam El-Masri, and examine some of what this

    enormous project involves.

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    Hayssam El-Masri is also the founder of ENTO Capital Management Limited, an ethical investment bank. ENTO Capital operates in Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC), and is regulated by Dubai Financial Services Authority (DFSA). The company has expertise in both conventional and nonconventional banking, made up of a resourceful management leadership team that has over 60 years of investment banking experience.

    Sharjah Waterfront City is Sharjah Oasis Real Estates flagship project, and a powerful indication of how the company intends to conduct itself. This 4

    looks to involve substantial projects involving large amounts of time, personnel, cooperation between strategic partners, and investment. El-Masri tells that we work very closely with our strategic partners. They are very helpful with infrastructure, and we work with them very closely to meet requirements and regulations, with business practice and on the ground.

    The Sharjah Waterfront City is the companys flagship project and a powerful indication of how the company intends to conduct itself

    With such a large project you might expect a complex and perhaps unwieldy supply chain. However, according to El-Masri Sharjah Oasis has avoided this by streamlining operations at the planning stage. Before any of the physical foundations of Sharjah Waterfront City were laid the company worked for almost a year and a half just working on the program, sharing the knowledge and brainstorming with our strategic partners and suppliers, ensuring efficiency when plans became reality. This process has seen Phase 1 of the project be launched successfully and progress with impressive intensity.

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    The Sharjah Waterfront CityWith the Middle East, and especially Dubai, becoming more and more famous for daring real estate projects its necessary only to look at the Burj Khalifa to see what kinds of ambitions are being realised its not surprising that another amazing development is currently underway. Its difficult to exaggerate some of the complexities and scale involved in the creation of Sharjah Waterfront City. The project could be described as a hyper-developed archipelago, and will be comprised of eight natural islands connected by canals and bridges, spread across 36 square kilometres on the north eastern coast of the UAE. The whole development will have a luxury atmosphere, and will provide an extremely high standard of living for all its inhabitants.

    Sharjah Waterfront City is a mixed use real estate project comprising of residential, commercial, retail, education, entertainment, and more, and enormous provisions have been made for a projected influx of tourism, said by the emirate of Sharjahs Vision 2021 to attract 10 million tourists by the year 2021. Sharjah Waterfront City will accommodate over 120,000 residents roughly the population of a medium-sized city in the United Kingdom.

    Its difficult to exaggerate some of the complexities and scale involved in the creation of Sharjah Waterfront City

    Extensive commercial facilities will also be created, so that the development will be a multi-use area with an incredible infrastructure, and fully deserving of the title city. Different areas of Sharjah Waterfront City will specialise in tourism, residential and commercial concerns, with vast infrastructure connecting these three aspects of living.

    A short rundown of projects to be completed might include 200 mixed-use towers, 95 luxury apartment buildings, multi-level hotels and service apartments, over 1100 water-front and park-side villas, a shopping mall, and amenities such as mosques, schools and restaurants. These will involve financers, suppliers, engineers and architects all working together to see the project to completion.

  • Crystal Lagoon Water Theme ParkOne especially exciting part of Sharjah Waterfront Citys future is its Crystal Lagoon Water Theme Park. The theme park is set to become the developments largest attraction for tourists, as well as benefiting its residents, many of whom will be raising families.

    El-Masri explains the scale of this aspect of the waterfront city alone: Based on and inspired by Sharjah Tourism Vision 2021, our crystal theme park is more than 1.5 million square feet, and carries between 29 and 34 attraction programs. Its going to be adding value for our customers, and we expect tourism to increase with that development.

    Designed by world-renowned design firm Jack Rouse Associates and equipped with state of the art facilities and world-leading rides, the Crystal Lagoon Water Theme Park looks to become a jewel in Sharjah Oasis Real Estates crown, and key to the future success of Sharjah Waterfront City. A market and feasibility study prepared by Colliers International suggests that 1 million people are expected to visit the theme park every year.

    Sustainability and new technologiesEmbracing new technologies is often not just a desirable addition to large-scale infrastructure projects such as this sometimes they are absolutely necessary to see it through. New technologies are associated with routes towards increased sustainability, which is an important part of Sharjah Oasis plans. El-Masri tells that part of our development program is to be working on new technologies, and to mine as much as we can from technology and sustainability. We are working with a few consultants right now in order to increase the provision of sustainable programs to power Sharjah Waterfront City.

    Part of our development program is to be working on new technologies, and to mine as much as we can from technology and sustainability


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