shakespeare, the english renaissance, and the elizabethan era 1485-1625

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Shakespeare, the English Renaissance, and the Elizabethan Era Mystery plays were enactments of Christian stories They spanned from the Garden of Eden to the death of Christ Medieval guilds performed these plays and used a wagon as a stage Another medieval drama was the morality play Morality plays used an allegory and taught a lesson Sir Thomas More was strongly influenced by humanism Humanism took a renewed interest in Greek and Latin authors Renaissance dramatists looked to these models to write their own dramas Actors had bad reputations Actors were lumped together with thieves, vagabonds, and murderers Boys played female parts Actors tried to gain sponsorship of noblemen Shakespeare s company called itself the Lord Chamberlain s Men The Lord Chamberlain s Men built the Globe on the Thames River Some characteristics of Shakespeare s performances were: Performed in the middle of the afternoon No special lighting Theatrical devices, such as trapdoors Columns might be richly decorated Words had to do most of the work Shakespeare wrote plays about: Drama about English history Comedies that explore love, imagination and transformation Tragedies that depict downfall of men and women in high places Romances that deal with the subject of reconciliation Shakespeare s rival was Christopher Marlowe Marlowe was suspicioned to be the real writer of Shakespeare s works along with Will s friend Ben Jonson. Shakespeare died of a fever after drunkenness on his birthday Shakespeare Edward de Vere, Earl of Oxford Tudor dynasty Henry VII defeated Henry VI to end the War of the Roses Henry VIII had 6 wives and started the Church of England Mary, known as Bloody Mary Elizabeth, known as The Virgin Queen Stuart Kings James I was the first to rule over England, Scotland, and Ireland Was known for commissioning the translation of the Bible (King James Version) Hobbies were demonology and the dark arts. Nov. 5 th Guy Fawkes Day The Gunpowder Plot. Renaissance means new birth England changed in many ways: - Expansion of knowledge American discovery Intense political struggle between King vs. Church Religious controversy


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