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Central Queensland Contemporary Artists latest November 2011 exhibition working with "Shades of blue" - virtual tour


  • Central Queensland Contemporary Artists November 2011 exhibition Walter Reid Cultural Centre Rockhampton
  • Welcome to this virtual walkthrough of our exhibition
  • Exhibition opening by Deann Muir
  • Waterlilies, Emu ParkAcrylicCarmen Beezley-Drake$400
  • Aerial landscapesLindsay Smith$150
  • DAWN TO DUSKAcrylicGloria Woodward$200 Gorilla Family Francesca Schmidt Acrylic $80
  • SKIMMING THE WAVESAcrylic on canvasJudy Black$125
  • ROCKY BLUESAcrylic onself-framed canvas60x60 cmAnna Casey$200
  • Aerial landscapesFramed printLindsay Smith$150
  • LOVE IS BLUEAcrylic onself-framed canvas50x70 cmAnna Casey$150
  • MADAME THOZETCyanotype on Fabriano PaperJennifer Eurell$250
  • BARNYARD BLUESAcrylic on canvasCarmen Beezley-DrakeSOLD
  • STILL LIFEWITH BLUE POTPastel on AcrylicDawn Pound$100
  • FLYING FREEPastelGloria Woodward$250
  • DOUBLE HEADSDRESSED IN BLUEAcrylicJan FordSOLD Hand bound books of handmade paper by Helen Holden
  • MOUNT LARCOMMixed MediaDawn Pound $350
  • Across to Mt Wheeler AcrylicCarmen Beezley-Drake$600
  • CHILD AT PLAYAcrylicGloria Woodward$350
  • SACRED IBISMixed Media on CanvasJennifer Eurell$220
  • Aerial landscapesLindsay Smith$150
  • CATERPILLARWatercolourLeon Smith$20
  • Linda Frawley
  • THROUGHTHE WINDOWSMixed MediaGloria Woodward$250
  • WATERFALLFROM IBUSUKIAcrylic on CanvasJennifer Eurell$295
  • HERONS AND HYACINTHAcrylicGloria Woodward$500
  • BLUE NUDE AcrylicSally Fairweather SOLD
  • PARLIAMENT OF OWLSBatikCarmen Beezley-Drake$275
  • WILD BLUEAcrylicDawn Pound$300
  • THE WINDAND THE SUNAcrylic onself-framed canvas100x75 cmAnna Casey$150
  • FITZROY BLUEOilJan Ford$400
  • MONSIEUR THOZETCyanotype on Montval PaperJennifer Eurell$150
  • DENDRITICAcrylic on Canvas Jennifer Eurell $150
  • BLUE HILLSOil on ChromaluxCarmen Beezley-DrakeSOLD
  • TRAVEL BLUESPastelKerry Jackson$8O
  • TRUE BLUE Pastel Kerry Jackson $120BLUE BUTTERFLYWatercolourLeon Smith$40
  • Composer, Richard MealeOilFrancesca Schmidt-CharterisNFS
  • BLUE LAKE STRADBROKEAcrylicAnn McHugh$70
  • FAIRYAcrylicJudy Black$50
  • FISHY Acrylic Judy Black $50 StormWatercolour$55Francesca Schmitt-Charteris
  • BLUE MOOAcrylicDorothy Cranston$60 WINTER COOL Watercolour Judy Black $95
  • WINGS OF BLUEWatercolour CollageAnn McHugh$80BLUE KANGAROOWatercolourLeon Smith$50
  • MERMAID BLUEAcrylicDorothy Beynon$110TuriOilFrancesca Schmitt-CharterisNFS
  • SHADES OF BLUEPastelDorothy Cranston$50 River & Mountain Watercolour Francesca Schmitt-Charteris SOLD
  • COTTON FLOWER TRUE BLUE BUTTERFLY Acrylic Dorothy Beynon $55Honesty(Lunaria Annua)AcrylicAnna Casey$150
  • HonestyAcrylic onself-framed canvas40x50 cmAnna Casey$150
  • TRUE BLUE FRIENDSAcrylicDorothy Beynon$80 DOLPHIN BLUE Acrylic Dorothy Beynon $70
  • THAT WAS YUMLino CutCarmen Beezley-Drake$50
  • GOURD HaigaChinese Brush and Inkon watercolour paperA4 size framedAnna Casey$50With her own essence this ripened gourdnurtures her successors~Such is life!
  • For enquiries about Central Queensland Contemporary Artistsor if you are interested in buying these works,please contact Carmen07) 49276117These amateur photos may have some distortion or reflectionsThey are in low resolution to prevent image theft.All works are copyright by the respective artist 2011


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