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Talk by me (April Dunford) at MeshU 2009 on Segmentation, positioning and storytelling.


Segmentation Positioning Storytelling

Segmentation Positioning StorytellingApril DunfordRocket Launch MarketingAbout MeNortels Incubation ProgramIBM Infosphere $250M in 2 years4 acquisitions + Ascential $1.2BGlobal Marketing Siebel Product Marketing at Janna Systems Acquired by Siebel $1.8B

WHAT you say is as Important as HOW you say itHave you created the Paris Hilton of websites?

The focus on Social Media and design has in some cases taken the focus off of describing the value you bring to customers 3Who is Your Target?Dude, were the next YouTube, our target is everyone.

Why Targeting Everyone is a Bad IdeaFocus resourcesMaximize impact

The point of a decent segmentation is to focus the companys efforts.Marketing lead generation, sales support materials, messaging/positioning - it has to be focused on someoneSales Target account lists, demos, sales presentationsProduct Mangement is going to use that segmentation to develop use case scenarios and buyer personas to drive the development of the product5Dont Customers Segment For Me?I dont need to figure out what market to sell to, the market will come to me.

Admit it - Youre Segmenting Youre just doing a crummy job of it

I Have No Clue How to Pick a SegmentPick the segment it was designed forPick a business problem AND pick a vertical

SizeGeneral Problem?Product FitCompany Fit

IBM 20BOracle 18B8Pick Segments but Dont be a Moron Its OK to shift focus (just do your homework first)

Is the segment large enough to be worthy of your focusIs there a general problem across the segment (not just a 1 off)Is it a good fit for your productIs it a good fit for your company9How Do I get Free Market Data?Google (seriously)Ask experts (Twitter is your best friend)Steal it

Value Proposition(for YOUR customer)What is it?Why do I care?Sez who?

StoryPositioningStop making your customers guess why you are better than the other guys

The Canadian ProblemSales is not a dirty word

StorytellingTell me a fact and Ill learn. Tell me a truth and Ill believe. But tell me a story and it will live in my heart forever.Characteristics of a Good StoryClearly illustrates unique valueShort, easy to tellMemorableRelevant to your customersIllustrates concrete results

Youve Got Great Stories to TellCustomer SuccessCompetitive WinsCompany Creation

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