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memo for FDI Moot


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CLAIMANT:Posiedon Petroleum and Natural Gas Limited (PPNGL) Southeria


RESPONDENT: The Government of the Republic of Southeria


ABBREVIATIONS5STAETEMENT OF FACTS7ISSUES RAISED10SUMMARY OF ARGUMANTS111.The Tribunal has jurisdiction over the claims submitted by the Claimant.141.1.Jurisdiction has to be determined solely based on criteria mentioned in the BIT.14A.The Tribunal has jurisdiction Rationae Materiae.14B.The Tribunal has jurisdiction Ratione Personae.15C.The Tribunal has jurisdiction Ratione Voluntatis.162.Respondent has breached its obligation to provide fair and equitable treatment162.1.The FET standard in Article 3 of the BIT is an autonomous standard172.2.The respondent has violated the said standard on certain grounds18A.Legitimate expectations and stable predictable legal framework for investment19B.Good faith21C.Arbitrary23D.Respondents measures were unreasonable243.Respondent has violated the Article 5 of the BIT by illegitimately expropriating the claimants property without providing compensation253.1.The actions of the Respondent constitute an indirect expropriation25A.By introducing retrospective tax laws25B.By attaching Eiropa PPNGLs shares in Southeria PPNGL and restricting any sale of share.273.2.Even if the taking is lawful, Respondent owes full and effective compensation as the BIT does not contain any exception to the payment of Compensation283.3.The Police power exception cannot be taken by the Respondents304.Respondent cannot invoke the BITs essential security clause to justify its actions314.1.Respondent is precluded from self -judging article 11(2)31A.Article 11(2) is not self-judging because it is not explicitly declared to be.31B.To interpret a BIT clause as being self-judging would violate international rules on treaty interpretation32C.Treaty provisions that allow international actors to act as judges in their own causes are invalid334.2.Articles on State Responsibility are applicable when determining whether necessity to take action for the protection of essential security interest existed344.3.The Respondent failed to fulfil the conditions set out in Article 25 of Articles on State Responsibility35A.There was no grave and immanent peril35B.The conduct of the Respondent cannot be accepted as the only way36Prayer38



Vienna Convention on the Law of treaties (entered into force 23 May 1969)15, 27, 32

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ASRArticles on State Responsibility


BITEiropa - Southeria Bilateral investment treaty

CILCustomary International Law

DTAADouble Taxation Avoidance agreement

FETFair and equitable treatment


ICCInternational Chamber of Commerce

ICJInternational Court of Justice

ICSIDInternational Convention for settlement of Investment Disputes

ILCInternational Law commission

IMSInternational Minimum Standard

IPOInitial Public Offering

NAFTANorth American Free Trade Agreement


PPNGLPoseidon Petroleum and Natural Gas Limited

UNUnited Nations

UNCITRALUnited Nation Commission on International Trade Law


VCLTVienna Convention on law of treaties


IPoseidon Petroleum and Natural Gas Limited (PPNGL) Southeria is one of the largest and arguably the most prominent independent oil and gas exploration and production companies in Southeria, operating in Southeria since 1996.The group has been operating in Southeria for about 15 years It has made extensive discoveries of oil and natural. PPNGL Southeria has also considerably increased its assets in the form of refineries and oil and natural gas transport rolling stock. In 2007, Eiropa PPNGL listed the Southerian part of its business, PPNGL Southeria Limited, on the National and Tongo Stock Exchanges of Southeria raising US$2 billion and retaining 62% holding.IIThe same year the Poseidon Holding company of which Eiropa PPNGL has been the principal subsidiary, decided to reorganize the structure of the group assets by permitting its Australian subsidiary, PPNGL (Aurora), to acquire controlling shareholding in the Eiropa PPNGL, with the result that the Eiropa PPNGLs stake in PPNGL Southeria was to be reduced to 10 percent after the transaction. In 2011 PPNGL (Aurora) sold 40% of PPNGL Southeria shares to Upanishad Resources Private Ltd, a global natural resources company, for approximately US$7.5 billion, retaining a 22% holding. In 2012, it further sold an aggregate 11.5% holding in PPNGL Southeria Limited for a net cash consideration of US$1.3bn, retaining 0.5% shareholding.IIIPPNGL Southeria filed a dispute notice against the Southerian Internal Revenue over a $1.6 billion tax claim for the fiscal year ended March 2007. The dispute notice was filed under the terms of a Eiropa-Southeria Investment Treaty, and the Southerian Government and PPNGL Southeria immediately started negotiations to find a resolution to the dispute. The tax claim related to transactions carried out to reorganise the companys structure in 2007 leading to British Petroleum (Aurora) acquiring controlling shareholding in the British PPNGL, with the result that the Eiropa PPNGLs stake in PPNGL Southeria was to be reduced to 10 percent after the transaction.IV The tax departments investigation, which started in January 2014, has meant that Eiropa PPNGL has not been able to proceed with the sale of its 10% stake in PPNGL Southeria, valued at about $700 million. Eiropa PPNGL was in fact generally restricted from any sale of its stock (valued at US$1.1bn as at 30 June 2014) to PPNGL (Aurora). As a result of the tax notice and embargo, Eiropa PPNGL shares were seen opening down 25% on the day that the news of the dispute went vira

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