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  • SEED LTD.DSP ToolsSEED DSP SolutionsSEED & DSPAgenda

  • What is TI DSP Third Party A Company that has a synergistic product to TI that helpsend customers get to market faster development of: Hardware application boards targeted to a specific application or end-equipment Software algorithms Application software Development Tools Design Consulting System Solution Provider

  • What is TI Product Reseller A Company that has value to TI that supports end customers to design and product of: Hardware application boards targeted to a specific application or end-equipment Software algorithms Application software Development Tools Design Consulting System Solution Provider DSP stock DSP channel

  • Who is SEED? SEED is a Company that can give you technical support on DSP solutions, and also has many products to help youget to market faster. SEED is TIs Third Party & Product Reseller. SEED means DSP SYSTEMS & DSP CHIPS.Special Electronic Equipment & Device


  • SEED Growth Roadway1993First DSP Emulator born in China from SEED1995SEED Ltd. established1996Signed agreement with TEKTRON to be subdisty1997Signed agreement with ELECTROCON to be DSP technical support & subdisty1997Began to discuss with TI about tools localization1997First TITAN born in China by SEED1997SEED & ELECTROCON got award for DSP revenue for China from TI1998 Became First TI DSP Third Party DSP revenue explode Become TI Product Reseller2000 Overfulfil the sale target of DSP

  • SEED Ltd. OrganizationHeadquartersBeijing

  • What does SEED do? DSP tools Emulator, EVM, Software Chips: DSP, RAMs, ROMs, PLDs OEM: DTMF Module Caller ID Transfer Module Industry Control Module Security Communication Module DSP System Design Industry Control Set-top box Internet security Technical Support Training/Consultant Design help

  • Emulator: SEEDXDS/PP TMS320C2xx/3x/C4x/C5x/C54x/C6x/C8x Application System (EVM): SEED-C25ES SEED-C30ES, SEED-C30PS, SEED-C30NT, SEED-C31MT SEED-C50ES, SEED-C52PS SEED-C32SS, SEED-C32PSM SEED-C5402PS DSPs A/D & D/A: SEED-ADG12-16bit A/D, D/A SEED-ADM SEED-C52PSTMS320C52 & A/D, D/ADSP Tools from SEED

  • Scan-Based Emulators: SEED-XDS/PPSystem-level integration, debug and testFull-speed execution/monitoring of the DSP via a serial scan interface Parallel processing developmentJTAG 1149.1 IEEE (and MPSD for C3x) interfaceISA plug card or parallel port3.3/5V CompatibleXDS-510 or XDS-510PP CompatibleCCS supportSupport all TI DSPNote: If you use a 3.3V DSP, You must use a 3.3/5V compatible emulator.You must not input form a 5V device directly.

  • DTMF/MFC ModuleRX 0-15TX 0-15TIMINGCONTROLERDual PortTMS320F206E1 InterfaceHost Process

  • Power Security Control SystemI/ODSP SpectrumProcessingMemoryA/DI/OSerial Port

  • Electric Signal Monitor SystemA/D AI/ODSPA/D BA/D CA/D DRS232/485


  • Set-top Box

  • Motor Control SystemI/ODSP SpectrumProcessingLED/KeyA/DI/OD/A

  • Signal Analysis SystemA/DPCUSBDSPADSPBD/ADual Port

  • SEED & DSP SEED is different with distributor: Technical base Base on DSP mass market Professional engineers Solutions Telecommunication, Industrial Control, Data encrypt Design House Developing tools Aim on helping customer design DSP successful Speed up customers design Stock of DSPs and other ICs

  • SEED & DSP SEED is different with other third party: 7 years experience on DSP Emulator Rich experience on DSP Systems System Solution DSP, PLD, PCI, USB, Analog Design House Product Reseller DSP, Analog, Logic Distributor SRAM, Flash, PLD Branch Office Business, Technical support, Datasheet, Local Contact Stock ICs Design SamplesDSP, PLD, Analog

  • What is SEED Support on DSP? First TI DSP Third Party in China SEED is the best Product Reseller SEED help customers to use DSPs SEED also support system solution for customersSRAM, FLASH, PLD, USB, PCI, A/D, D/A SEED can speed up your DSP design Lower price tools Stock samples Fast support Professional technical support Design examples

  • SEED Web


  • SEED means DSPYou can find: Tools for DSP, USB, PLD, PCI Chips of DSP, USB, SRAM, Flash, PCI Solutions for telecomm, control, internet Support for DSP, analog, USB, PCI

    On-line emulator:Full speed monitorsoft and hard break-pointTrace and step overOn-line register/memory changing and monitorHigh level language debuggerMultiply chips debuggerNo resource using


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