Section A Period 1 (1a—2d) Unit 8 How do you make a banana milk shake?

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  • Section A Period 1 (1a2d)Unit 8

    How do you make a banana milk shake?

  • Whats your favorite drink?SpriteCoco Colafruit juicetea

  • Whats your favorite drink?watermilkcoffee

  • fruit milk shake

  • turn oncut upLook and learn.

  • drinkpeel

  • pour

  • blenderyogurt

  • pineapplelemonorangepeachoniongrapetomatowatermelonapplebananastrawberrycarrotingredient n.

  • Write these words in the blanks in thepicture above.turn on cut up drink peel pour put1a______ the milk shake _____ the milk into the blender______ the bananas ______ the bananas______ the blender ______ the bananas and ice-cream in the blenderdrinkpourcut uppeelturn on put

  • Listen and put the instructions in order.____ Turn on the blender.____ Cut up the bananas.____ Drink the milk shake.____ Pour the milk into the blender.____ Put the bananas and ice-cream into the blender.____ Peel three bananas.1b123456

  • cut, , cutcut up, , , Cut up the bananas. = Cut the bananas up. Key points

  • , Wash an onion and cut it up. , cut sth. into ... He cut the bread into four slices. cut down Who cut down the tree?

  • , cut up cut down 1. Look! Some people are ______ ______ trees.2. First, ______ ______ the apples, and then put them into the blender.cutting downcut up

  • turn on , ()Turn on the blender. Please turn on the light. Its dark. ,

  • turn off , () turn up , () turn down , ()

  • ,,, Dont forget to turn off the lights when you leave the classroom. , Could you turn the TV up? Turn down the radio, please.

  • 1. Turn ________ the TV, please. There is important news.2. Dont turn _____ the computer. I want to surf the Internet.3. Its a beautiful song. Can you turn _____ the radio? I cant hear it clearly.on / upoffup

  • 2012 Its time for the weather report. Could I _____ the TV, Dad? Go ahead, please. I also want to know about the weather for tomorrow. A. turn on B. turn off C. turn downturn onturn offturn downA

  • 2012When you leave the reading room, you should remember to ______ the lights. A. turn on B. turn down C. turn offturn onturn downturn offC

  • How to make a banana milk shake?We need these things:three bananassome milkice creama blender

  • Step 1Peel the bananas.Cut up the bananas.Step 2Step 3Put the bananas and ice cream in the blender.

  • Step 4Pour the milk into the blender.Step 5Turn on the blender.Step 6Drink the milk shake.

  • Lets chant.Peel, peel, peel the banana.Cut, cut, cut up the banana.Pour, pour, pour the milk.Turn, turn, turn on the blender.

  • A: How do you make a banana milk shake?B: First, peel the bananas 1c

  • Listen and complete the chart.2awatermelons, apples, oranges honey

    How manybananas,How muchyogurt,

  • Listen again. Write the ingredients under the correct amount in the chart.2borangeapplesbananasyogurthoney

    onetwothreeone cuptwo spoonswatermelon,

  • Do you like fruit salad?Lets make our own fruit salad.

  • To make a fruit salad, what do you need?

  • Clean and put the fruit in a bowl.

  • Peel the fruit.

  • Cut up the fruit.

  • Pour one cup of yogurt into the bowl and mix it all up.

  • Eat the fruit salad.

  • 2c

  • Summary How to make ______?Words and phrases:peel, cut up, putinto, pourinto, need, mix uphow many / much, teaspoon, cup

  • Fill in the blanks.A: I am hungry. Lets make an orange milk shake. B: OK. What do we need?A: We need some oranges and milk.B: How m___ oranges do we need?A: We need three.B: OK. How m____ milk do we need?A: One cup.B: Now how to make it?anyuch

  • A: First, p____ the oranges . Next, c___ up the oranges and then put them in the b______. P_____ the milk into the blender, too. Then t____ on the blender for about 3 minutes. Finally, pour the mixture() into a glass and enjoy it. B: That must be much more delicious. eelutlenderurnour

  • 2dRole-play the conversation.


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