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  • SCIENCE — ASTRONOMY MOON Tides Spring Tides Phases of the Moon (simple) Lunar Eclipse Phases of the Moon (p1) Phases of the Moon (p2) Phases of the Moon (p3) PLANETS Orbits of the planets (p1) Orbits of the planets (p2)


  • SCIENCE — ASTRONOMY SOLAR SYSTEM Solar System-- Solar System-- Solar System-- major components (p1) major components (p2) major components (p3) Solar System-- Solar System-- Aristotle's model of the major components (p4) major components (p5) solar system Solar Intensity & latitude (p1) Solar Intensity & latitude (p2) Moon, Earth & Sun Moon, Earth & Sun Moon, Earth & Sun relationships (p1) relationships (p2) relationships (p3)


  • SCIENCE — ASTRONOMY SPACE EXPLORATION Satellite in Geosynchronous International Space Station Hubble Space Telescope Orbit Space Rover Rocket Engine Rocket STARS Stars closest to the Sun Stars of autumn Stars of spring Hertzsprung-Russell Stars of summer Stars of winter Diagram (simple)


  • SCIENCE — ASTRONOMY STARS Hertzsprung-Russel Black Hole Stars-three main life paths diagram (p1) Hertzsprung-Russel Hertzsprung-Russel Hertzsprung-Russel diagram (p2) diagram (p3) diagram (p4) Structure of an old Structure of an old Structure of an old high-mass Star (p1) high-mass Star (p2) low-mass Star (p1) Structure of an old low-mass Star (p2)


  • SCIENCE — ASTRONOMY SUN Structure of the Sun The Sun (p1) The Sun (p2)

    Size of the Sun compared with other stars Solar Eclipse Radiation & Conduction

    Energy of the Sun (p1) Energy of the Sun (p2) Solar Energy (p1) Solar Energy (p2) Reflected Solar Radiation (p1) Reflected Solar Radiation (p2)


  • SCIENCE — ASTRONOMY SUN Solar Radiation & Solar Radiation & Solar Radiation Conduction (p1) Conduction (p2) SCIENCE — BIOLOGY ADAPTATION Structural adaptations, teeth Feet adaptations


  • SCIENCE — BIOLOGY GENETICS Mendel’s gene hypothesis RNA

    MICROORGANISMS Binary Fission Bacteria (p1) Bacteria (p2)

    Viruses (p1) Viruses (p2) Protists - network tree


  • SCIENCE — BIOLOGY MICROORGANISMS Amoeba, feeding Bacterium Cilia, Flagellum Euglena Paramecium Virus Conjugation


  • SCIENCE — BIOLOGY PHYSIOLOGY Worm Fragmentation SCIENCE — BOTONY PHOTOSYNTHESIS Photosynthesis and Cellular Respiration cycle Photosynthesis, simple PLANTS Cockleburs Grain Kernel Plant characteristics


  • SCIENCE — BOTONY PLANTS Reproductive structure Tomato Plant formation of a flowering plant SEEDS Bean Seed anatomy Corn Seed anatomy Germinating been seed Germinating corn seed


  • SCIENCE — CHEMISTRY ACIDS Methanoic Acid pH scale (p1) pH scale (p2) Acid-base indicators Acid-base indicators and ph colour change (p1) and ph colour change (p2) ALCHEMY Alchemy Symbols (p1) Alchemy Symbols (p2) Alchemy Symbols (p3)


  • SCIENCE — CHEMISTRY ATOMS Electron cloud model of a Carbon atom Helium atom Model of C4H10 Polyatomic Ions NA and CI Ions Nuclear chain reaction

    Ernest Rutherford's

    Atoms - charged Atom - uncharged atom experiment Structure of a typical Atom Energy levels of the Hydrogen Atom


  • SCIENCE — CHEMISTRY ATOMS Acetate Ion Atom model Bohr model Atom Model-Labeled Noble Gases (p1) Noble Gases (p2) Rutherford's planetary model Nucleus of an Atom Potassium Atom of the atom


  • SCIENCE — CHEMISTRY BONDS Van der Waals radius and Metallic Bonding covalent bond radius Covalent Bond Hydrogen bonds Formation of Water Covalent Bond - Carbon Dioxide Covalent Bonding (p1) Covalent Bonding (p2) Covalent Bonding (p3) Lewis Diagrams of Chemical Bonding


  • SCIENCE — CHEMISTRY COMPOUNDS Ethane & Propane Ketone--Propanal Ketone--Propanone


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