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Activity to look at phases of the moon and why the moon looks different to us on Earth as it orbits.


  • 1. Why does the moon appear to change its shape at different times in the month? Earth Sun Explain that moon orbits the Earth, and takes one month to travel all the way round, demonstrate using balls to show moon orbit.

2. Explain that it depends on where the moon is in the cycle as to how much you seeof the light and shade 1. Put a mug in the middle of a table and ask each person sitting round table to draw it should get 4 different perspectives 2. Repeat with ball with torch shining on it to create light half/ dark half should get the four main phases of the moon new, full, 1 stand last quarters 3. Get children to put their drawing on board or hang on washing line in order Photo credit: Woodlands Junior School Sites used for research