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<ul><li><p>Scheduling to Make Your Customers Happy Scheduling your own appointments manually can be quite a hassle. Companies that have to do it </p><p>manually can have quite the ordeal on their hands at times. </p><p>They can be interrupted at any time with a phone call asking them to schedule an appointment. When </p><p>this happens when in the meeting with a current client, it can appear rude and inconsiderate. </p><p>Phone Calls and Customers Some people are easily offended by the smallest things; even by answering your phone to talk to </p><p>someone else can be an offensive action when they thought they were getting exclusive time to work </p><p>with you. This could cause them to lose patience with your services and seek every opportunity not to </p><p>come to you if they can avoid it. </p><p>Now you could make the argument that you do not really need the </p><p>business from a person like that. At the other end though, doesnt </p><p>having their business make your job more profitable? Especially if </p><p>the issue is not over how well you do your job, but how well you </p><p>focus on them in your brief time with them. </p><p>Making a simple adjustment could improve your relationship with </p><p>that and future customers. On the other end, you do not want to </p><p>ignore the phone call. </p><p>You do not want to turn off a new customer. What happens if you missed that phone call? </p><p>You could lose that customer forever as they look down the list of your competitors. Answering that call </p><p>might change everything in regards to bringing business to you. </p><p>Certainly you cannot ignore every call that comes through just because you are in an appointment with </p><p>another client. There is a lot of grey here and the choice can be a tough one to make and an even more </p><p>difficult one to stick behind. </p><p>Web Based Scheduling Software Fortunately, there are a few solutions that you can consider taking part in. One of the best is getting </p><p>involved with web based scheduling software. </p><p>Web based scheduling software gives you the option to send your </p><p>clients to your website to schedule an appointment that will work for </p><p>both you and them. The software allows you to pick and choose your </p><p>availability times, and then publish those times to the web. </p><p>Now that your availability is open, your clients can hop in and choose </p><p>the times that work best for them. Since they can only choose times </p><p></p></li><li><p>that work well for you, they cannot choose an inconvenient time slot. </p><p>Web based scheduling software gives them the freedom to set up an appointment without ever having </p><p>to interrupt you in your work. In this way, your on-site clients will be happy that you devote all of your </p><p>attention on them and your off-site clients still get the customized service they have learned to expect. </p><p>Although there will be a transition period where many of your previous clients will be calling in still. The </p><p>more that you make them aware of your web based scheduling software, the more excited they will </p><p>become to use it. </p><p></p></li></ul>