Happy Employees = Happy Customers

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<ul><li><p> emailvincenow@gmail.com The + Outlier </p><p>Making it Easy for People Creates Pareto Optimality </p><p>Thats Jim a happy satisfied customer at </p><p>my restaurant. </p><p>The Building Blocks of Service Quality </p><p>Reliability </p><p>Responsiveness </p><p>Assurance </p><p>Empathy </p><p>Delivery of Tangibles </p><p>Happy Associates Equals Happy Customers </p><p>The motto: For All Your Favorites. Attention to all store atmospherics, offering the best food, friendly service, in a clean well maintenance comfortable environment, and making it easy for people are constant goals. </p><p>Research shows happy employees are more productive employees. Employees are on the front line and one of the 1st. touch points. They were very well taken care of in both job context, and job content. This created value congruence when encountering the customers expectations. In the Affective Events Theory employees emphasize emotions and cognitive aspects that in job performance make them committed in pursuit of the goal. </p></li></ul>