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DESCRIPTION | The services provided at Icarus Jet relieve cost effective methods by providing charter flights to destinations you choose with convenience. From business to executive travel, Icarus Jet offer individuals to travel in comfort and style. The charter flights that we offer are superior when it comes to time, productivity, comfort and various services in between.


  • 1. Saving Money While Traveling In Style

2. Traveling in comfort and style doesnt have to be outrageously expensive. Chartered jet services can be quite affordable for business and executive travel, and the comfort and reliability provided by these flights can be an excellent boost to the productivity of high value employees. Icarus Jet specializes in providing competitive deals on charter travel, offering empty leg and other deals to our clients. 3. FACT: The U.S. comprises more than 49 percent of the market for private jets, with Europe making up 20 percent and Asia at nearly 12 percent Many companies have found chartering private jets to be cost effective. Users of charter jet services also benefit to having flexible flying times. The flight wont leave if you arent present. Compared to commercial flights, private charter flights will greatly increase the time of productivity reducing wait time to traveling destinations, boarding and security checkpoints. 4. Benefits of a charter flight: Luxury aircraft Open schedule flights Fast check in Modern safety High level privacy No loss of baggage Extensive flight entertainment Comfort Flexible destinations Chartering flights are conveniently priced and make time effectively productive 5. Opportunities for big savings on private charter flights can be found on deadhead flights. Deadheads are return flights after a private jet has taken its client to a destination. These flights are often unfilled, meaning the charter company isnt making money. Charter companies offer deep discounts to flyers who will purchase passage on a deadhead flight. FACT: Van Nuys airport logged more than 259,000 private takeoffs and landings in 2012, making it the worlds busiest general aviation airport. 6. Charter jet services are incredibly safe. Charter pilots are well-trained and safety records of jets are extensively tracked by Aviation Research group. Icarus Jet uses only the best pilots and planes for its charter services. Also, when flying charter, you dont have to worry about other passengers creating disturbances or other situations that may delay your flight or imperil your safety. Youll be flying with fellow professionals people you know and trust. 7. No matter where you want to go, Icarus Jet can get you there. Our flight concierge service will find a high quality private jet and top-notch crew to take you wherever your business takes you. 8. One of the great things about using a charter jet service is the level of amenities they can provide. Icarus Jet can provide the food, telecommunications access, on-flight services and other amenities your top level employees need to enjoy a relaxing flight or to work efficiently while in the air. Were flexible, adaptable and work to anticipate your wishes. 9. Deadhead flights offer great value for cost-conscious corporate customers. Also, private charters have an enviable safety and service record to ensure reliable flights. Icarus Jet proudly offers personal concierge services. The services consist of immediate aid towards finding you a vehicle to rent, tickets to entertainment venues, hotel reservations and more to keep you as productive as possible without an end. 10. About Icarus Jet Based in Dallas, Texas, Icarus Jet provides charter jet and jet management services to clients around the globe. Whether its arranging a private flight to a business location or making sure your companys jet is properly fueled, staffed and maintained, Icarus Jet can handle all executive travel needs. Icarus Jet prioritizes safety and customer service, catering to all our clients needs. We provide clients with exactly what they expect from private air travel, from flawless travel plans to the best on-board amenities and service all at a surprisingly attractive 11. Summary: For companies in need of executive travel options, chartering a jet will provide a premier flight experience in style and productivity. Companies who charter take advantage of the outstanding concierge services and deals on the deadhead flights. 12. Photos: All photos taken from client website and Facebook page and Wikimedia Commons.