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1 Kitchens6 10 13 14 16 10 simple cabinet repairs Installa newsinkandfaucet Reglue loose laminate Convert woodcabinet doors gtass to Five-minute Lighting makeover Ro[[-on stainless steel Addkitchen rollouts 1 7 Stopfaucetdrips 24 Fixa drippy sinksprayer 25 Unclog kitchen a faucet aerator Fixan erratic sinksprayer 26 Prevent kitchen drains fromclogging porcelain Repair chipped Ctean stinkydisposer a Correct crooked a fridgedrawer

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BathroomsMake overa bathroom for less than $500 your Upgrade bathroom with newaccessories Top9 bathroom upgrades grab Mount-anywhere bar anchors Water-smart bathroom Tighten fl.oppy a faucethand[e 0penshelving bathroom for storage A newlookfor old tubs andshowers 39 40 45 46 Hang mirror a Stopa running toitet Clean sluggish a toilet Hot gluefor tile accessories Restore flow to a clogged free faucet World's cheapest bathroom project expansion Shower valveconversion cover-up and Mount towelbaron ceramic a ti[e Clean ctogged a showerhead


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Easy watersoftener fixes Extend Lifeof yourwaterheater the

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Stopwashing machine walk Clean refrigerator doorgaskets

3 walls Floors &Make overa wa[[for lessthan $300 Transformroomwith trim andpaint a for lessthan $400 Paintrolting techniques Repair corner bead Fixbadwallpaper seams Use aluminum quick for wallrepairs Regrout bathroom tiLe wa[[ 2 60 61 62 Basement waterproofers wa[[ FixnaiIpopsin drywall. Fixsqueaky floors Cosmetic for carpet fix Remove toughstains fromvinylflooring Restore dentedcarpet Fixtoose seams viny[ftoors in Remove candte fromcarpeting wax Stiffena bouncy ftoor

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4 Windows Doors &66 67 68 69 70 71 72 windows backto life Bringtired-looking Easy-to-i nsta[[windowsi lts replacement Window crank glasswindow Louvered fixes Clean toughglass stains Stopdoorrattle Adjusta stickingbifold door Trima doorthat binds carpet on sptittrim Repair Fixa loose doorhandle 73 74 75 78 79 80 83 84 85 hinge Sitence squeating a Fixa loosehinge 2 fixesfor doorlatches Instatla stormdoor Fixa sticking slidingdoor Free stickingstormdoor a for Cures stickingdoors Fixa dentedsteeldoor Replace torn screen a Adjusta stormdoor pet Mask clawscratches

86 87 88

Removing radon Testing lead for in Installa peephote a door Addinexpensive and windowalarms door Instatla smal'l safe

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Fittering pollen out sca[d SimpLe-to-insta[[ protection tree Christmas safety Secure tippy furniture


Exteriors Decks &106 109 110 111 3 garage doorfixes vinytsiding Replace damaged Reptaceshingle a pLumbing ftashing Reptace vent

for 92 Instantcurbappeat under $200 repairs 96 Deck 1 0 0 Deck rescue 1 0 4 StripfLaking deckstain 1 0 5 Quick for leakymetalgutters fix Bettertractionon concrete

112 Ridyour home pests of 113 Sealup pipepenetrations keep pests out to

114 Stopmoles fromtearingup youryard Keep raccoons out

Energy-Saving ucts& Fixes Prod116 120 121 122 125 126 127 cashout the window! Stopthrowing Stopwindowand doordrafts Switch CFL to bulbs Warm a coldroom up filter reminder Furnace Heat-reducing window [m fi your weather Replace strip Cutenergy bittswith a program mable thermostat 129 Monitor electric usage Stopa draftin 60 seconds 1 3 0 Installa dimmer switch joists andcut heatloss 1 3 3 Insulate rim 128

134 137 138 139

10 tips to save$$$on gas 5 thingsto checkbeforea roadtrip Reptace broken a taitLight save$95 and Repair maintain and weather stripping

14O Install a newcabinair filter your 142 Recharge car'sACand save$50 1U 5 thingsto lubricate before winter Switchto winterwiperblades


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get: You'[[O O O O O Linksto greatDIYarticles Lotsmorehints& tips previews upcoming Sneak of issues Corrections ctarifications and Seasonal reminders more! and

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10 simpte cabinet repairs

10 Install newsinkandfaucet a 13 Reglue loose laminate 14 Convert woodcabinet doors to glass16


Five-minute lighting makeover Rotl-on stainless steel Addkitchen rollouts Fixa drippy sinksprayer Unctog kitchen a faucet aerator Fixan erratic sinksprayer Prevent kitchen drains fromclogging porcelain Repair chipped C[ean stinkydisposer a Correct crooked a fridgedrawer

1 7 Stopfaucet drips 24 25



doorsAdjusthinges onmisaligned doorslf yourcabinet doors out of square you are and you haveEuropean-style hinges, canusethisfix. Eur o hinges ed e s i g n efo r e a s y d j u s tm e n t. ar d a y D on' tlet t heirc om p l e xo o ks c a re o u ;a l l y o u l have do isturn a fewscrews, anymistakes to and y ou m ak ear eeas y c o rre c t. h eEu roh i n g e T to s hownher eadjus tsn th re ed i re c ti o n Oth e rs i s. Either way,it'sa trialadjustin two directions. fight.n the door screws and the 1 Cnecf the fit of the door after process: makeadjustments, and-error You close ! I mounting screwsbefore you make 3 eachadjustment.With doubte the doorto check fit,thenadjust the again until any adjustments. doorslike these, perfect the fit of one Thenadjustthe door first, then atign the other door. depth screwand side screw. it'sright. lf thedoorisn't flush withthe doors nextto it, you adjust depth screw. Thisscrew moves doorin or out. moves doorfrom sideto side. somecases, have In the the the to S om e dept h c r ewmo v e e d o o ra sy o utu rnth e m. utw i th s s l oosenthedepthscrew sl i ghtl ytoadj ustthesi d escr ew. th B most,you to loosen screw, have the nudge doorin or outand the lf thedoorisflush andparallel other with doors too high but lf thentightenthe screw. yourhinges don'thavedepthscrews, or low, the mountingscrews raise lower mounting use to or the plates. startwiththesidescrews. Loosen screws both hinges, the at slidethe doorup or parallel adjacent plates lf the door is crooked-not standing to mounting downandtighten screws. the Some adjust by doors square with the cabinet-adjust side screw. or the This turning single a screw.

T Adjustor replace & bad latchesMost newer cabinets self-clo

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