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  • 1. Save Yourself from The RAT RACE Life is a race without a finish, before you can winyou will diminish.The rat race goes on, andon, and on, competitors die midst the con.

2. Where would you like to see yourself30 years down the line? 3. 1. Lack Of FINANCIAL PLANNING 4. 2. Value of small happiness in life. 5. How to Escape from theRat Race? 6. Four Quadrant Diagram S B(You own a business and people(You own a job)work for you)EI( You work for a job) ( Money works for you)E= Employee, S= Self Employed, B= Business man, I= InvestorIn which Quadrant would you like to see yourself in? 7. EEmployee( You work for a job) Work for a company or a system for a pay. No control of the system. Do the task assigned and take home a pay check at the end of the month Major portion spend paying taxes.ADVANTAGE :DISADVANTAGE : No control of system Job Safety You work during specified timings Customized Systemconfined by your employer. Benefits like PF, health cards etc. More you work may not necessarily translate into better pay check for you. 8. SSelf Employed(You own a job) Dangerous than E quadrant. Decide to start business dont delegate work. Dont rely on others.ADVANTAGE :DISADVANTAGE : You can plan your work timings No weekends , no monthly offs accordingly Moment you stop working , income You are responsible for your ownreduces work. 9. B(You own a business and people Business manwork for you) Business owners have people working for them. Business owners, generate ideas. Employees, implement them. ADVANTAGE : DISADVANTAGE : Earn income for work done by Risk Factoremployees System earns money for you , incomenot proportional to work done. Tax benefit 10. IInvestor( Money works for you) Shell out money to fuel ideas , make big profits out of the investments. Make money work for them. ADVANTAGE : DISADVANTAGE : Enjoy life using other peoples ideas Minimal disadvantage Seldom work Risk factor while investing Money works for you , multipliesmoney Maximum tax benefits 11. In which Quadrant would like you to be in?S B (You own a business and people (You own a job) work for you) EI ( You work for a job) ( Money works for you)Investor Quadrant 12. Quadrant Business SequenceE SB I 13. Save Yourself fromRat Race B(You own a business and peoplework for you) 14. Is it easy tostart abusiness? 15. Myth that preventspeople from startinga business 16. MoneyInvestment 17. Self- doubt /Lack of Confidence 18. Wish you all the best &Success in future ! 19. By Wasim Raja , CEOPresentation Design by AF Designz


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