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Introduction into DIY / DIWO, the art of making, sharing and collaboration. SATW-DIY.


  • 1. SATWDIY Pilot Workshop
  • 2. DIY Biology | Generic Laboratory Infrastructure * Website * Knowledge Sharing * Instructions * Workshopology * Citizen Science * DIY Lab Instruments * Open Source Hardware * Global network Artists, Designers, Hackers, Researchers, Makers, Teachers, Geeks and YOU Radical Transdisciplinarity
  • 3. How to make Cheese...
  • 4. The NanoBioInterface Laboratory for Surface Science and Technology, ETHZ Marcus Textor, Janos Vrs, Viola Vogel, Nic Spencer
  • 5. Workshops for Artists, Kids and Geeks
  • 6. DIY / DIWO
  • 7. MechArtLab
  • 8. ChipFab
  • 9. Hackteria Open Source Biological Art DIY Biology Generic Laboratory Infrastructure
  • 10. DIY microscopy Repositioning of the lens turns a cheap webcam into a microscope
  • 11. DIY microscopy Build a stable stage for fine focuing, example from ArtSci BLR
  • 12. Haemocytometer PS3 Eye Hacks Collaboration with House of Natural Fiber and UGM, Yogyakarta
  • 13. Blood Sorting Device LowCost Diagnostics Workshop on PointofCare Diagnostics, Nairobi, Kenya, 2012
  • 14. DIY Gel Electrophoresis Box Separation of DNA fragments in electric field by size/charge, or food coloring :) dusjagr
  • 15. Open Questions How can we teach creativity? Student centered? How can designers/artists/scientists/engineers profit from collaborations with each other? Is a transdisciplinary education crucial for innovation, especially in Nanobiotechnology?
  • 16. SATWDIY PreWorkshop
  • 17. SATWDIY PreWorkshop
  • 18. SATWDIY Pilot Workshop
  • 19. SATWDIY A Kit?
  • 20. SATWDIY SummerSchool?