satire: an introduction. what is satire? satire is a literary form in which human follies or vices...

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Satire: An Satire: An Introduction Introduction

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  • Satire: An Introduction

  • What is satire?Satire is a literary form in which human follies or vices are held up to ridicule or scorn. Satire often pokes fun at or ridicules some aspect of society or a topic of interest in order to prove a point. It uses humor with an edge.

  • Where would I find satire?In cartoons like Sponge Bob or The SimpsonsIn cartoons on the editorial pages of publicationsLate night tv shows like Saturday Night Live or The Jon Stewart ShowIn music in songs by artists such as Weird Al and Cletus T. Judd

  • Characteristics of SatireSatire is easily dated because it is often inspired by current events. It may be hard to understand if one is not familiar with the event that is being referenced.It uses edgy humor in an attempt to reform or change human behavior or values.It compares reality to what is ideal, but why is this problematic? Any individual or issue could be fair game for the writer of satire.

  • Major Devices of SatireParodya take-off or imitation of a work of art or literatureUnderstatementsaying less than what is really mean Oh, those chemo treatments were a piece of cakeExaggerationoverstating or expanding the facts relating to an issue

  • More Devices of SatireSome satire contains hyperbolesextreme exaggerations.Negative comments or insults may be made regarding issues related to society (politics, health care, racial issues,etc)

  • Major Devices of Satire Irony is the tension between what the audience expects to happen and what actually happens.A. Dramatic ironythe audience knows something a character does notB. Verbal ironya character means the opposite of what he or she saysC. Situational ironythe outcome of the situation is opposite of what is expected

  • Major Devices of SatireSatire often contains stereotypes, which is a generalization assigned to an entire group.What stereotypes of Kentuckians are represented in this photo?What stereotypes are often applied to teenagers today?

  • Major Devices of SatireReversal, which is presenting the oppositeof normal order.

  • Major Devices of SatireIncongruity: Presenting things that are absurd in relation to the surroundings.

  • Understanding SatireTo understand the message of satire, its important to ask yourself these questions: What is the issue being targeted in the work?How does the creator seem to feel about the issue?What does he seem to think should change about the issue?

  • Understanding Satire: What is the message in this?

  • Cartoon Analysis