safety awareness in metro science labs. 1. be familiar with the lab space know where to find...

Download Safety Awareness in Metro Science Labs. 1. Be familiar with the lab space Know where to find eyewashes safety shower spill kits first-aid kits fire blankets

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  • Safety Awareness in Metro Science Labs
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  • 1. Be familiar with the lab space Know where to find eyewashes safety shower spill kits first-aid kits fire blankets exits shut-offs goggles lab coats/aprons fire extinguishers fire alarm fume hood broken glass disposal biohazard disposal MSDS sheets phone/emergency numbers All of these items will be found in Lab #1.
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  • First Aid Kit
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  • 2. Students should never be in the lab unsupervised. If the teacher needs to leave the lab you should stop working until they return For safety and security concerns labs will be locked when not in use
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  • 3.NO food or drinks are allowed in the labs The use of chemicals and biological microorganisms is not a safe environment for things the students might be eating or drinking. This includes instructors and students.
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  • 4. Wear goggles! Eyes can be damaged by Particle impact Damaging radiation Liquid contact Can happen in any class Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Science
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  • This could be you!
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  • Safety Shower & Eye Wash Station
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  • Something to ponder You can eat with false teeth You can dance with a wood leg BUT You can not see with a glass eye.
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  • Care of goggles Goggles should be clean when you take them from the cabinet. Clean the lenses w/lens wipes only Clean the plastic part that sets against your face w/an alcohol wipr
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  • 5. Appropriate attire must be worn No open-toed shoes or bare midriffs Must wear socks w/open healed shoes Sleeves should be pushed up or snug around the wrist (nylon melts) Protective clothing (lab coats & aprons are available)
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  • Lab Coats, Aprons, Latex Gloves
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  • 6. Keep hair tied back Hair burns Hair could get tangled in lab apparatus (i.e. physics)
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  • Fume or Exhaust Hoods
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  • 7. No students in the prep areas Please do not enter the prep room areas. These are work areas for faculty and lab assts. If you need a teacher or lab asst. please knock.
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  • 8. Accidents Inform your instructor of any and all accidents no matter what. They will help you determine what action to take.
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  • Spill Kits
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  • Mercury Spill Kit
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  • Biohazard Disposal and Bodily Fluid Spills
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  • 9. Label any containers remaining after your lab is complete. Just because you know the identity of a clear colorless liquid doesnt mean everyone does, and water is not the only clear colorless liquid Do not leave anything unlabeled
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  • What is it?
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  • 10. Disposal of broken glass Inform your instructor if you break a piece of glassware. They will assist in cleaning it up. All broken glass goes in the Glass Disposal boxes located in the labs. NEVER put broken glass in the trash cans.
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  • Broken Glass boxes are available
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  • 11. Fires If you do have a fire inform your instructor immediately For a large fire pull the fire alarm A fire blanket and extinguishers are in the lab Be familiar with how to use a fire extinguisher
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  • Fire Alarm & Exits
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  • Fire Blanket & Fire Extinguisher
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  • HOW TO USE A FIRE EXTINGUISHER: Remove the pin: twist it free of the plastic string and pull it out; Aim the nozzle at the base of the fire; Keeping your hands off the black cone (it gets very cold), press the lever.
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  • PASS Pull the Pin, Aim, Squeeze the handle, Sweep
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  • Emergency Shut Offs For Gas under sink of instructors desk at front of the room For Gas & Electric Red button in main hall
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  • Posted Phone Numbers Emergency phone numbers are posted in both rooms 235 & 236 The nearest phone is in the classroom room 235 Usually cell phones are also available.
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  • MSDS Sheets = Material Safety Data Sheets
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  • 12.Cleanliness is next to Godliness Clean up your glassware at the end of lab Once glassware is removed from the shelves for use during a lab, it should NOT be returned to the shelves It should be rinsed and placed in the drying area Lab staff will re-shelve the glassware
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  • We are here! N
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  • Lets Review
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  • What about this situation?


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