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  • Think 100% Australian Made

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    2014 - 2015

  • Hello,

    We are a professional, friendly team of engineers, designers and horse lovers dedicated to designing and creating the best Rural and Residential fencing systems on earth. Over the past 14 Years, through innovation and perspiration, we have become one of the leading designers and makers in polymer fencing. Our repeat customers include high profile Thoroughbred Breeders, Racing Clubs, Metropolitan and Regional Councils. To create the worlds best fencing systems we use only the best plastic processing technologies and materials. All of our raw material, production and design is local, which makes us one of the leading manufacturers in Australia. Every fence design is exclusively tested and proven, every piece carries our quality guarantee. Every one of our products are made in Australia and proven in Australia. Were proud of that.


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  • Timberline

    The Natural Beauty of Wood. The Durability of Plastic. Timberline is the post and rail for the 21st century. Created from non-toxic vinyl, Timberline combines the visual beauty of fresh painted timber with the strength and resilience of highly advanced extrusion technologies.

    The Technical StuffOur Timberline system has an outer layer containing a higher concentration of UV inhibitors and pigments that colour and protect the plastic from harmful UV rays. This system allows us to add extra impact modifiers throughout the inner layers that give Timberline many important advantages over ordinary plastic fencing systems.

    It never needs painting, it will never rot, and it is impervious to termites and woodborers.

    Installation is simple, using special interlocking tabs that join the rail to the posts, so there is no need for specialised tools or fixing parts consequently maintenance is minimal.

    We have created a range of natural wood -like colours and textures, inspired by the Australian outback.

    They look great, and are also 100% recyclable.

    Shh... Dont tell anyone its plastic


    WhiteNight MistWoodgrain

    PineRed GumBeech

  • 2.

    WhiteNight MistWoodgrain

    PineRed GumBeech

    This is PVC Horse safe fencing that can be electrified! No more messy woven rope or dangerous wire needed to electrify your PVC fence. Electroline has two built-in conductive edges that can be electrified with a standard electric fence energiser. The culmination of years of meticulous development by Think Fencing, Electroline uses Nano-technology found in the aerospace industry that enables an electric charge to transfer along a conductor and through the polymer.

    The conductive carrier has a breaking strain equal to that of the PVC, meaning that in the event of an impact there is no exposed dangerous wire that could cause injury. The rails are easily joined with off -the -shelf terminal connectors.

    The base structure and design of Electroline is the same as our tried and tested highly popular Timberline range, and is available in the same range of colours and textures. And naturally, it carries the same warranty.


    Think Highly Advanced

    INTRODUCINGThe Worlds Most Advanced PVC

    Fencing System

    PATENT #2014903555 AUSTRALIA, USA, EU

  • Zappa Rail

    Zappa Rail is an innovative fencing solution featuring two high tensile wires built into the top and bottom of a flat rail. This remarkable rail can be easily electrified using a standard electric fence energiser. Thanks to the innovative polymers we employ, Zappa Rail its strong, durable long lasting, and very safe. If a horse kicks it or charges into it, the rail will act like a safety belt, flexing to absorb the impact.

    MOUNTINGZappa Rail is attached to your post of choice using our special bracketing system, which allows the rail to contour gradients of up to 22.5 degrees!

    STRAININGMake sure you have a strong end assembly that you can fix your insul-strainer onto. The Insul-strainer is simple - just slide the Zappa rail into it and tension it up with a spanner. And because its permanently mounted to your end assembly you can easily re -tension it if needed.

    Think Electric

    WhiteNight Mist


  • WhiteNight Mist

    Equirail is a handsome and cost effective fencing solution. It is made from such strong polymers that wire re-enforcing is unnecessary. So its also super safe. This smaller, non-electrified version of the Zappa Rail has a breaking strain of 800kg. It is ideally suited for use with Zappa Rail, or any new or existing fencing systems.

    The Equi-tensioner is a simple device permanently fixed to your post, the Equirail slides into a central slot and is cranked up by hand to the desired tension. And like its bigger brother it is easy to install, highly visible and never needs painting. Perfect for adding life to an old fence or to create a cost effective new fence.

    MOUNTINGEquirail attaches to your post of choice with a one piece bracket system that allows the Equirail to easily slide through the bracket. So any impact is absorbed along the entire fence run.

    STRAININGBecause Equirail does not have wire built into it, you dont need a heavy end assembly. Provided you have a post fixed into the ground that the average person cant pull over, it will be strong enough.

    Think Cost Effective

    Equi Rail


  • Think No Painting... Ever


    We designed an extensive range of picket styles and configurations to suit every home - from the ultra modern to traditional period styles. Made from super durable high tech composites, our picket fences retain their good looks year in, year out. And our unique design means our picket fences look just as good from the front or back.


    Your new picket fence will arrive with all posts and rails labelled.

    After your posts are concreted in the ground, just slide the rails into the posts and the pickets into the rail.

    Our special interlocking tabs are all you need - no specialised tools or equipment needed.

    Want to design your own fence? Log onto our website and click on the visualizer icon.


    WhiteNight MistWoodgrain

    PineRed GumRidge Grey

    Winter Green Red OakBeech


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    Jabiru Fence

    Toucan Rosella



    Bellbrae Fence

    Picket Designs

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    Mystique Paneling

    Mystique Paneling is based on a single focus -

    Clean, uncluttered good looks combined with brilliant functionality.

    Absolutely Fantastic, best fence I have ever seenGeorge Dimitroudis - Drysdale Simply, it is the perfect fence panel to provide absolute privacy - ideal for side fencing, feature walls, or as an acoustic barrier.


    We created special angular panels that clip together, with an air void in between the panel walls to reduce sound penetration. Independent testing proved that Mystique Paneling can significantly reduce the level of sound transferring through your fence.

    Scratch resistance. The colours we use on our fencing products are not just a coating, they are a specific layer of Mechanically and Chemically bonded polymer that has been incorporated into the profile during manufacture. The result is colour that lasts a lifetime, and is scratch and scuff-resistant.

    Think Wow Factor

    BeigeWhiteNight MistWoodgrain

    PineRed GumRidge Grey

    Winter Green Red OakBeech

  • Bellbrae Screening

    Bellbrae Screening is simple and elegant, making it perfect for boundary fences, patios screening, carports, or just to hide cluttered corners. The Slat style of Bellbrae screening allows breezes and a natural light flow, while increasing your household privacy in a clean-lined modern manner.


    For installations on surfaces such as Brick or Timber, Bellbrae Screening can be attached using Think Fencings Unique Pollock Channel that simply bolts or screws onto almost any surface. And the slats simply slot into place.

    Think Smarter Screening

    BeigeWhiteNight MistWoodgrain

    PineRed GumRidge Grey

    Winter Green Red OakBeech


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    Q: How do I install a Think Fencing Post?A: First mark out the correct post spacing. Next augur or dig a hole 300mm wide by 650mm deep. Fill the hole with a wet mix concrete mix and push the post into the concrete mix allowing the mix to flow up into the inside of the post.

    Q: How do I install a Gate Post and fit a gate?A: First mark out the correct Gatepost location. Place the post in the hole and mark out the hinge location. Fit the hinge to the post making sure you have sufficient adjustment to correctly position the gate once the post is set.

    Place the post in the hole and fit the rails into the post. Before the rails are slid into the post block the ends of the rails with adhesive tape. Brace the post if required. Drive a single 12mm Steel Re-enforcing bar through the centre of the post into the soil then core fill the post with a wet mix concrete. After the concrete has set you can bolt the gate to the hinge.

    Q: How long will my fencing last?A: Think Fencing has been manufacturing PVC composite fencing for over a decade in Australia and has tested its fencing systems in the harshest of conditions. Think Fencing employs modern tech