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  • Welcome to FencelineI would like to take this opportunity of introducing to you, ourcompany products and services - from the many facets ofscaffolding including Marquee bases and Signage, to TemporaryFencing, Crowd Barriers,Traffic Barriers and Picket Fence forthe hospitality sector.We are an experienced company and our team have over10 years experience within our field, strengthened by our indepth knowledge in the scaffold sector of the event industry.We currently employ 25 site-based operatives of which 100%are CIRS Certified. We believe this is essential to meet todayshealth and safety conscious working practices.

    This, along with our NEBOSH trained Contracts Managerwho carries out all risk /method statements and site safetyvisits, are reasons why our record in health and safety isexemplary.I hope our company is of some interest to you, but shouldyou require any further information, please do not hesitateto contact us.Meanwhile, I look forward to the possibility of working with you.


    Temporary Fencing

    In-ground Fencing


    Crowd Barriers

    Police Barriers

    Front of Stage Barriers

    Plastic Linking Barriers

    Traffic Barrier System


    Hoarding Panels

    In-ground Hoardings



    Temporary Roadway

    Ground Mats

    Fast Cover




    Temporary Fencing 2m high x 3.5m wide

    The GS7 Anti-Climb fencing has a special close mesh apertureand is ideally suited to areas with general public access.

    The fencing is suitable for perimeter fencing, preventingunauthorised access to events or restricted areas such aselectrical or security areas and many other sensitive locations.There are also other optional extras such as pedestrian gates,vehicle gates, and anti-lift devices to create a secure fencelineon virtually all types of terrain.


    In-ground FencingThe in-ground system comprises of a scaffolding tube that can beconcreted in place to a depth suitable to the ground conditions.

    The fencing panels are then fastened to the tubes, offering afirmer, semi-permanent fix. Due to its flush fitting it is ideal forthose contracts where inner working areas are at a premium.

    Temporary fencing with netting (left) and sheeting (right)









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    In-ground fencing providing tree protection



    NEW! Fast Cover Flooring - see page 11


    Crowd BarriersCrowd control barriers for crowd restraint, organisedqueuing, arenas, walkways, field events, road races,demarcation and hazard protection.

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    1m high x 2m wideLinking system design creates secure joints even on unevenground - over kerbs, up slopes and across rough terrain.Unlocked or locked mode configurations also preventsunauthorised dismantling.


    Unlocked or locked mode configurations preventsunauthorised dismantling

    Chaper 8 compliant Complies with BS 7818 specification for pedestrianrestraint systems, making it ideal for event managementand pedestrian usage Advertising signage and reflective can be fixed to front

    and back Also suited to construction applications aroundtemporary excavations and road works

    Can also be used with link boards to extend barrierconfigurations

    Can accept warning signs and contractor informationboards

    Blow moulded 1 piece barrier constructed from toughhigh density polythene

    Weighs 10kg Designed for secure stacking and easy transportation

    Plastic Linking Barriers

    Police Barriers 1.5m long

    The 1.5m barrier is a heavy duty steelconstruction used in situations wheresome crowd pressure may occur. They have a triangulated base that is placed on the oppositeside to the expected crowd pressure. This enables the barrierto withstand a greater pressure than your standard barrierwhich makes it ideal for demonstrations, football matches,pop concerts and where high security is needed.

    Front of Stage Barriers Anti-slip security platform Round top rail Acoustically transparent Tested to 8.3kN For use indoors and outdoors Easy handling

    Front of stage barriers can providean ideal barrier system for all typesof events including pop concerts,firework displays, film locations,film premieres, demonstrationsand public order events.


    Hoarding Panels 2.0m or 2.4m high Suitable for events orconstruction

    Fully welded galvanised frame infilled with plastic coated profilesheeting. This is ideal for screening off toilets, backstage,compounds or perimeter enclosure or areas where a visualexclusion area is required for privacy. Optional extras include pedestrian and vehicle gates and infill panels. These screeningpanels also provide privacy and additional security on contractswhere a discrete and safe environment is required. They canbe used on events or construction.

    The profile sheet can also be coated to corporate requirements.

    In-ground HoardingsThe in-ground system comprises of a scaffolding tube that can beconcreted in place to a depth suitable to the ground conditions. The hoarding panels are then fastened to the tubes, offering afirmer, semi-permanent fix. Due to its flush fitting it is ideal forthose contracts where inner working areas are at a premium.Useful where excavation cannot be made.

    SteelshieldPrimarily used as a perimeter fence, Steelshield also hasmany uses within venues, such as securing "back stage" areas.The speed at which the fence is erected in time-criticalsituations makes it an ideal solution for places like publicparks and city centre venues where any disruption to thedaily routine must be kept to a minimum.

    Tested to current Europeanstandards, the Traffic BarrierSystem is suitable for use onlow speed highways wherevehicle speeds are restrictedto 30mph. The base unit is asteel barrier consisting ofhot dip galvanised elements,powder coated in highlyvisible safety colours.Individual base units are

    150cm long x 50cm wide x 42cm high and weigh 60kg. Eachunit links together via vertical pins. The various top sectionscan be added as specific jobs demand. Specially adapted unitsenable the system to rotate up to 90.

    Non permanent fixing

    The high visibility base units are mounted unfixed to theroad, with an anchorage at the terminal sections only. Terminalanchorage is achieved with a steel buffer filled with sandbags.No coring or drilling into the road is necessary,


    The Traffic Barrier system provides protection to vehicledrivers, workforce and pedestrians. This is where future safetylegislation will be focused, concentrating on Duty of Care andIndustry Best Practice.

    Increased pedestrian safety Anti-vandalism design Accommodates 90 bends Wind resistant High visibility Anti-climb fencing Simple Assembly Vehicle roll-on roll-off stability

    (when an errant vehicle drives onto the base of the system, it helps stabilise the barrier during impact.)


    Pedestrian Guard 1.1m high x 1.5m wide

    An anti-vandal pedestrian system suitable for footpath protection.

    Site Guard 2.0m high x 3.0m wide

    Anti-climb, thick mesh, galvanised fencing - high security gates alsoavailable.

    Traffic Barrier System

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    Temporary RoadwayOur roadway panels offer the safest, most environmentallyfriendly and cost effective solution for temporary roadwaysavailable in the market. Having listened to customers, ourengineers have developed a brand new 5th Generation roadwaypanel design which addresses their concerns providing manyuser friendly features that will benefit customers and endusers alike whether that be a 1000 tonne crane or just afew pedestrians:


    Improved anti slip resistant finish

    All bolts and connectors are flush with surface finish bolts therefore no trip hazards

    Standard and camber panel traction in both directions

    Single roadway panel design suitable for curved installations (in conjunction with rubber cover strips)

    Additional centre panel joint for smoother surface and increased stability

    Ground MatsGround Mats provide temporary ground protection, tractionand access over sand, mud and marshy areas whilst protectingyour personnel, quipment, vehicles and turf.Ground Mats are a simple and very easy to use system. Whenlocked in place they form temporary roadways and car parksfor vehicles and trucks as well as solid surfaces for events,drilling, civil engineering and other industrial applications.


    Lightweight mats are easy to move around by using theHandy-Hook and easy to lay by hand

    Quickly connect together using No-Tolls joiners

    Eliminate cost of continually replacing slippery,splintered plywood boards

    Super tough 100% recycled polyethylene plastic thick,yet flexible enough to confirm to ground contours

    Reversale tread so they can be used either as a walkwayor for heavy duty equipment

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  • Pedestrian walkway

    1 load of Ground Mats = 32 loads of stone!A large artic lorry can hold 500 Ground Mat - enoughto make a 600m roadway. To do that in stone, 3m wideand 2500mm deep requires excavating and shifting450m3 of earth and bringing in approximately 32 x 25tonn lorry loads of stone. Then reversing the wholeprocess afterwards.

    Thats sixty four lorry journeys compared with just two for Ground Mats!

    10 11

    Core Thickness 14mm

    Width 1217mm

    Length 2433mm

    Weight 39kg

    Load Rating Vehicles up to 120 tonnes

    Material 100% recycled