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  • RTM Treadmill

    1-800-224-6339Intl 631-924-9000


    The RTM600

    RehabilitationTreadmill is designed

    to adapt to specificrehabilitation needs.

    RTM600 Treadmill

    Larger Monitor and Enhanced


    The Clinical Advantage

    True zero starting speed, 400 lb patient capacity,

    retro-walking, forward and reverse, uphill and downhill.

  • I need a treadmill designed for myphysical rehabilitation clinic. It hasto start at 0 mph and not overspeed.It must also allow me to prescribe

    retro-walking, forward and reverse,uphill and downhill.

    Starting Speed - alwaysstarts at 0 mph with 0.1mph speed increments

    Elevation 0-15% grade

    Sturdy FunctionalStandard Support Bar

    12.1" high resolutioncolor touch screen LCDdisplay providesinstant biofeedbackwith audio-visualprompts for the patient


    Heart RateMonitoring by

    Heart Rate MonitoringPolar contact handgrips(telemetry compatible)feature to accommodateunweighing harness

    Open Platform offers unobstructed usewith unweighing systems

    Exact-Track belteliminates belt shift andtracking problems

    Low Profile 7"step-up heightprovides easy patienttransfer

    Reverse Belt Directionfrom 03 mph

    Safety Lanyard when disengaged,belt movementstops immediately


    950-422 Includes Extended Handrails 950-426 Includes Geriatric/Pediatric Handrails950-420 Includes Standard Handrails

  • Speed Range Starts at 0 mph with 0.1 mph speed increments(0-10 mph range); safely accommodates diverse patientpopulations.

    Exercise Profiles - Choose from one of the preprogrammedprofiles or design your own and store it in memory for instantrecall.

    Reverse Belt Direction Ranges from 0-3 mph, promoting kneeextension, ankle dorsiflexion and eccentric hamstring control andallows for up to a -15% decline. Great for eccentric loading.

    Elevation Incline 0-15% grade

    Exact-Track Belt Eliminates belt shift and tracking problems,even for patients with uneven gait.

    Safety Stops A large red emergency button or the detachmentof the safety lanyard worn by the patient will stop the beltimmediately for maximum safety.

    Heart Rate Monitoring Polar contact handgrips (telemetry compatible) ensures proper training intensity.

    Low Profile 7" step-up height allows easy patient on/off andtherapist interaction.

    Display Features 12.1" color touch-screen display, powered by aWindows CE operating system.

    Connectivity Allows connection to color touch-screen monitorand LCD projectors for visually impaired patients.

    The RTM 600 Rehabilitation Treadm ill is the only treadm ill tooffer a true zero starting speed, 1/10 m ph speed increm entsover a range of 0-10 m ph, plus powered incline and decline inboth forward and reverse directions. Extrem ely versatile, perfectfor exercise with acute post-operative, neurologic, pediatric,cardiopulm onary, respiratory, orthopedic/sports m edicine and olderadult patients in need of strengthening and aerobic conditioning.

    Large print screensettings, simple to use,easy to see perfect forthe older adult.

    Five pre-programmed and12 custom profile modesallow patient-specifictreatment protocols freeing up valuabletherapist time.

    1-800-224-6339Intl 631-924-9000


    Quick Start gets you upand going fast with .25mile scaled track views.

    The large LCDtouch-screen displayallows for easyselection of modes ofoperation: QuickStart, Manual Startand Profile.


    The (Biodex) RTM treadmill? I love it! I find the ability to go forward and reverse and increase elevation wonderful for simulating running

    and walking downhill.

    - Steve Hoffman, Owner/DirectorNorthills Orthopedic & Sports Physical Therapy, Pittsburgh, PA

    To read additional testimonials click in at www.biodex.com/rtm600

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    BIODEXBiodex Medical Systems, Inc.

    20 Ramsey Road, Shirley, New York, 11967-4704, Tel: 800-224-6339 (Intl 631-924-9000), Fax: 631-924-9338, Email: info@biodex.com, www.biodex.com


    Orthopedic, SportsMedicine and AthleticTraining Exercise

    Use uphill or downhillwalking and jogging toemphasize specific musclegroups or motions. Useretro-walking to promotethe use of reciprocal musclegroups not normallyexercised during forwardwalking alone.


    Monitor heart rate withPolar contact handgrips.MET level displayed foreasy compliance topatient exerciseprescriptions. Belt speedsas low as 0.1 mph toaccommodate even themost deconditionedpatient.

    Older Adult Exercise

    With the RTMs zerostarting speed for maximumsafety theres no need forpatients to straddle the bed.Simulate uphill anddownhill ramp walking.Retro-walk to reduceflexion contractures withtotal knee and total hipreplacements. Retro-walk isalso great for promotingdorsiflexion. Choose theRTMs dual heightGeriatric/ PediatricHandrails.

    Pediatric Exercise

    The RTMs zero startingspeed and small, precisespeed increments make thistreadmill ideal for use withchildren too small tostraddle a belt. The RTMdual height Geriatric / Pediatric Handrails 24" h and 36" h (61 cm and 91.5 cm)are comfortably positionedfor children and smalladults. Display tilts toensure easy viewing.


    Treadmills have long beenused in therapy andconditioning to encouragepatient compliance. Now,the RTMs zero startingspeed, 1/10 mph speedincrements and speciallyconfigured handrails permitthe neurologically impairedto safely benefit. Likeendless parallel bars, whencombined with the BiodexUnweighing System, theRTM provides neurologicalpatients with a safeenvironment to re-establishfunctional ambulation whileallowing the clinician toremain stationary beside thetreadmill for easier patientobservation.

    SPECIFICATIONS: Dimensions: 86" l x 27" w (218 x 69 cm)

    Running Area: 64" l x 20" w (160 x 51 cm) Deck: 1" thick (2.5 cm) reversible Teflon

    impregnated high density composite fiber Motor: 2 HP with 4Q-Pulse Width Modulation Control Speed Range:

    Forward: 0-10 mph (0-16.9 km/h)Reverse: 0-3 mph (0-4.8 km/h) in .1 mph (.16 km/h) increments

    Elevation: 0-15% grade Heart Rate Monitoring: Polar contact handgrips

    (telemetry compatible) Power: 115 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 20 AMP dedicated line, or

    230 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 20 AMP dedicated line; includeshospital grade plug with 12' (3.7 m) power cord

    Patient Capacity: 400 lb (182 kg) Weight: 395 lb (179 kg) Certification: ETL listed to UL 60601-1 and

    CAN/CSA C22.2 No.:601-1-M90. CE conformity to EN 60601-1, EMC compliance to EN 606 01-1-2.

    Warranty: Two-years parts; one-year labor

    950-420 RTM600, 115 VAC Includes Support Bar

    950-422 RTM600, 115 VAC Includes Extended Handrails

    950-426 RTM600, 115 VAC Includes Geriatric/Pediatric Handrails

    Export models available.


    Orthopedic, sports medicine andathletic training exercise

    Cardiopulmonary exercise Older adult exercise Pediatric exercise Neurorehabilitation exercise

    Certified Quality Management System


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