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<p>Rotary U</p> <p>Rotary UMay 16, 2013Share Success Rotary ShowcaseHumanitarian Service Projects:+ Community Service+ International Service </p> <p>Peter, any change that I made I color coded RED1AGENDA</p> <p>Intro of your D-5170 resource people (1)Types of service projects (1) -2Character4istics and Examples of Community Service projects (18)-20Characteristics and Examples of International Service projects (13) -33How to get started with an International Service project (3) -36Available District and Rotary Foundation grant money (2) -38Questions (5)</p> <p>2 Your D-5170 Resource People</p> <p>Community Avenue of Service Chair:Ginny Lear (Palo Alto)International Avenue of Service Chair:Jeboy Koshy(Fremont Warm Springs Sunrise)Plus other program &amp;/or project chairs</p> <p>Note: Peter, may be we can list on a separate slide other Project Chairs and their Project Name. Example: Jolean Faces of Smile. I will not read them but point out to our brochure.</p> <p>3Community ServicePresented by Bruce Barsi, Mountain View RotaryLets get started and make it a winner!Examples from MV Rotarys Cops and Gobblers project</p> <p>Cops and Gobblers</p> <p>Whats The Need?How to identifyClub member(s) passionCommunity input (schools, city, social service, etc)Other clubs projectsIs it doable?Member interest and commitmentFundingManageable scope</p> <p>Whos Gonna Do It?Visioner Passionate member takes leadOrganizer Needs to plan &amp; get things rollingAsker Finds the fundingInspirer Involves the massesPromoter Gets the word outSpread it outDont all have to be Rotarians</p> <p>PartnersLook to the community, i.e., Challenge Team, Community RoundtableAsk family and friends to helpOther Rotary ClubsDont forget the InteractersFolks benefiting from the projectVolunteer groups, i.e., GoVoluntr, One Brick, HandsOn Bay Area, even Craigslist</p> <p>How Do We Pay For It?Figure out how much you need a budgetClubs fundsFundraiserDistrict Designated Funds (DDF)And everywhere else businesses, foundations, other clubs (Kiwanis and Lions too!), community groups, individualsPeople want to give to a good cause, just ask!Get It DoneTake the plungeTry to stay on scheduleMake sure folks have something meaningful to doAsk for feedbackBe flexible; change things if you need toDont stress out about it; it wont go totally as planned; but itll be great anywayHAVE FUN!!!!!</p> <p>And Then What?Debrief what went right and what needs to get betterFeedback from partnersSay thanks you to all Very Important!Do we want to do it again? Can we?If yes, start planning nowThink succession unless you want it for life</p> <p>Show It Off!Let the media know in advance they love this stuffSend out a press release with photosFollow up with a phone callAdd it to Rotary Showcase on the RI websiteThe District Showcase is coming soonYour partners and participants will spread the word for you</p> <p>Partners For Elder Generations</p> <p>Presented by</p> <p>David Smith(Los Altos)</p> <p>21 </p> <p>Presented byDavid Smith(Los Altos Rotary Partners for Elder Generation Chair)The mission of the Partners for Elder Generations (PEG) committee is to support and enhance the quality of life of 50+ individuals.</p> <p>22 </p> <p>For the last 3 years the PEG Committee has organized and promoted an Encore Event in late MarchThe catalyst was a talk by Laura Carstensen, Director of the Stanford Center on Longevity Her message You have been given a gift of 30+ years of life so plan to use it wisely</p> <p>23 </p> <p>Encore Event Two Primary GoalsBring together 26 non-profit organizations that primarily serve the local communities and rely on volunteers for their service goalsEngage young seniors (50+) to get involved and identify a passion to make the world a better place and pursue healthier lifestyle</p> <p>24 </p> <p>BudgetRevenue - $7,500Donations of $500 - $2,000 from four organizationsDonation of $2,000 from the Town of Los Altos HillsCity of Los Altos facilities at no charge &amp; Senior Center Staff PartnershipRaised $800 by organizing focus group sessions for a technology startup Expenses ($6,700)Advertising Lunch</p> <p>25 </p> <p>Non-Profit DisplaysProgram (with Lunch) 120 160 Attendees</p> <p>26 </p> <p>2012Panel of Encore CareersMaking an Impact2013Alex Tarics Worlds Oldest Living Olympic Gold Medalist27International Project Characteristics Driven by an International club as Host Club Partner w international club as Sponsoring ClubTypically Sponsoring Club only does fundingMinimum Total project cost $30K and max $200KMinimum required Global Grant $15K</p> <p>28 Two Examples of Successful International Projects</p> <p>Faces of Hope - Guatemala Presented by Don MacKenzie (Palo Alto University)</p> <p>Adopt a Village - UgandaPresented by Lorena Tuohey (Morgan Hill representing Area 6)</p> <p>29 </p> <p>Faces of HopeGuatemala</p> <p>Presented by</p> <p>Don MacKenzie(Palo Alto University)</p> <p>30 </p> <p>32</p> <p>33</p> <p>38</p> <p>CindyScotts Valley Rotary</p> <p>TomLos Gatos Morning Rotary</p> <p>40</p> <p>RoseSan Leandro Rotary</p> <p>41</p> <p>42</p> <p>43</p> <p>44</p> <p>Jose</p> <p>Elder4 months - 16 months</p> <p>Oliver</p> <p>47 </p> <p>Faces of HopeDistrict 5170 Rotarians &amp; Guatemala Metropoli Rotary Clubworking with:Surgecenter of Palo AltoObras del Hermano Pedro Hospital </p> <p>Adopt a VillageUganda</p> <p>Presented by</p> <p>Lorena Tuohey(Morgan Hill, representing Area 6)</p> <p>49</p> <p>Uganda </p> <p>From KampalaTo Lira</p> <p>25 each of heifers, chickens and piglets25 each of heifers, chickens and piglets53</p> <p>400 mosquito nets400 mosquito nets54</p> <p>500 each of notebooks, pencils and pens500 each of notebooks, pencils and pens55</p> <p>1,000 tree seedlings1,000 tree seedlings56</p> <p>25 water harvesting tanks25 water harvesting tanks57</p> <p>2 deep drilled water wells2 deep drilled water wells58 How to get started with a project International ServiceForm a committee in your clubBefriend an international club Learn of a community need in their communityForm a partnership with that club to devise a project to address that need (be sure it fits one of 6 TRF Area of Focus)Seek out other D-5170 clubs to join youDevelop a budget &amp; apply for matching GG from TRF</p> <p>59 DDF Grant Money Available for Approved Projects </p> <p> All D-5170 clubs are allocated DDFTwo types of grants: District Grant (DG): For Community project or small International projects Global Grant (GG) : For International projects ($30k - $200)Clubs determine % of DDF going to DG and GG; check District Allocation sheet for your clubGlobal grants are matched by TRF For TRF Grant application ask for help from your Foundation Chair , Grant Resource Leaders and District Foundation committee. </p> <p>60 Rotary Showcase </p> <p>When your project is completed,Post it on the Districts Rotary Showcasesite</p> <p>61Rotary UMay 16, 2013Share Success Rotary ShowcaseHumanitarian Service ProjectsQuestions ?</p> <p>62</p>