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  1. 1. Rock poolsBy Gianna
  2. 2. What lives in a rock pool There are lots of creatures that can live in a rock pool such as : periwinkles,crabs,sea slugs, anenomes,small fish and sometimes you may see an octopus!
  3. 3. How marine life use rock pools Marine life use rock pools to survive.They can hide behind rocks and seaweed.Because the rock pools are usually tidal,small fish and other creatures can look for food without a wave hitting them.Periwinkles and other shell fish will use the rocks for moving around safely as well as for looking for food.
  4. 4. How water interacts with rock pools When the tidal water comes in,it fills the rock pools and lets the big fish eat around the rocks.When the tide goes back out again,it takes the big fish back and leaves new water that will have new food for the little animals.