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RESEARCH Coursework by Sigrid Oberg

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  • 1. RESEARCH Coursework by Sigrid Oberg

2. CLASSIC ROCK What characterizes the rock genre on this magazine front cover is the dark background and text with a colour that makes a strong contrast from dark to bright. Black and red are also very typical when it comes to rock. The picture of the man is placed in the middle and because it is a medium longshot we can see his style and how he is dressed and can easily recognize the rock influence. The fonts that is used is also very remarkable, especially the main headline `Guns N` Roses` because of the small details on each letter. Each headline is written in a bigger size than the text under. They give you the main info of what the articles in the magazine are about and the text under makes you very curious and makes you want to read about it. Small buzz words such as exclusive is also used on the front cover. This is to make the audience feel like it is something special, something you dont find in every magazine and makes people feel more involved. Up in the left corner you can see a note where it says FREE CD. The note stands out cause of its yellow colour and that its lapping the masthead. This is to attract people to buy the magazine and is quite a good sales trick. The sunglasses, the leather west, with his head tiltet to the side and the chiarosairo lightning gives the man a `bad boy` look. 3. CLASSIC ROCKThe main target for this magazine is clearly people who likes rock, especially classic rock. That you can tell both because of the Title of the magazine and the text of what`s in it. The layout is also important to show what the magazine is about. Also here you have strong contrasts between bright and dark colours. Unlike maybe a pop magazine, rock magazines often has very few colours, in this case its only black, white and red that are used. The black is often taken from the rock image andThe black is often taken from the rock image and style which a rockabilly person would wear. The red colour is often used to attract the audiences attention. These colours also makes the layout look very simple, but at the same time a bit tough, stylish and cool. The picture of Jimmy Page is centred in the middle of the page and his head is placed over the masthead. In addition to that it is placed a text what says Led Zeppelin with big letters right over the picture of Jimmy, in the middle of the magazine. This show that it is two big articles in this issue of the magazine. One about Jimmy and one about Led Zeppelin. The picture of Jimmy is also edited in a certain way where his face is half black and half white with a strong contrast. This may be to represent his music, since rock music is a mix between soft and rough. The fonts are repeated and along with the font size it creates a nice layout and it manages to drag the audiences sight right where they want it to be. First the most important and exciting stuff with a big font size and then the rest written under each headline with a slightly smaller size. The FREE CD note in the left top corner attracts the audiences attention and is a good way to make people buy the magazine. 4. MY ROCK This magazines main target is first of all people that are into rock music, maybe a bit rougher than normal. It is a clear contrast between the colours but there are still a good match and the green colour doesn`t stand out that much. The picture is in a medium long shot and the person is placed in the middle with many details such as insects around him. Everything in the picture is kind of mysterious and the colour are dark. Because of his long hair and a angry face expression he gives a impression of darkness and rock. The masthead, title of the magazine, is written in a big fat font in black with white letters in the O. This doesnt make it stand that much out and the audience will give their attention to what the articles is about instead. The text doesn't really say much and the magazine seem to try to catch the ones who already are interested in the different bands they are writing about, rather then to write long and interesting sentences to make other people read the magazine. A bit down on the right side there is some text written in black on a white background, that attracts more attention because of the contrasts between the colours. 5. CONTENT PAGE Again, the dominate colour are red, white and black. The layout give us a retro feeling. This in most because of the picture of Bruce Springsteen's back, wearing jeans and a leather jacket and has a guitar hanging on his back, that are chosen to be in black and white. All this and because of that he has his hands in his pockets and his legs from each other this also represents Bruce Springsteen in a very cool, slightly bad way. 6. CONTENT PAGE Many content pages has many small different pictures and numbers written different places all over the page. This content page has a very tidy and nice layout. The text colours are matching the background and the mans clothes. Everything is black, white and red, and that is colours that are very known in the rock world. The side numbers and the main headline are written in red, the headlines are written in a bold white font and the under text is written in a smaller and thinner font size than the rest. This keep the layout organized and makes it easy to read. The picture is of a man standing bent towards the camera and the shot is taken a bit above eye level so the person's face and hand stands in focus. His clothes, the tattoos and the way he act in front of the camera, with the face expression and the way he stands, also represents the rock genre. 7. CONTENT PAGE Even though this content page looks a bit messy you can see a clear structure. The text is in the first column and in the second and third there are pictures. The colours goes well together, as in many other magazines the colours consists of black, white and one specific colour that is often repeated in both images and text. This makes the page look more tidy and stylish. There are three smaller pictures, two slightly bigger pictures and one big picture. The size of the pictures is based on how important the article is. The biggest picture is placed in the middle of the page and has ` EXCLUSIVE` written on it. This makes the readers think that this article is special and are really worth to read. The main headline in bold letters and in a big font size, so its easy to see what magazine it is and what it is about. Down to the left it is an orange rectangle with a green plus sign on it. Because the background of the box is orange it attracts the readers sight. 8. DOUBLE PAGE SPREADS This double page attracts the viewers attention immediately because of the big headline and the strong colours. With the rough layout the magazine seems to aim more at people who are into rock, especially men, because of the masculine colours and shapes. The main headline is in a very big font size and `BACK` is written in green and is bold. This highlights what the article is about and the readers may find it more interesting because it seems more exclusive when it is added extra effects on some parts of the headline. Under the main headline you find the introduction to the text. The band name is written in a bigger font size at the top in green and are used as a headline, but is still a part of the text. When you read the introduction you get a feeling of what the main article is about and because it ends with `` it gives a hint that it is more interesting stuff to read in the article and that it is a continuation of what we just read. The band members are covering a whole page and a small piece of the second one. This could have been done to make it look like its lesser text. Maybe their target doesnt like to read that much, and then a big picture is a good way to make the text look small. The four band members are also placed so they form a triangle shape and are kind of including the audience more. 9. DOUBLE PAGE SPREADS Typical rock layout. Black, white and a colour that stands out. This double page also has a noticeable sidebar to the right. There you can read about new MCR tracks, a teaser of what's coming. In the left upper corner it is placed a textbox with `NEWS` and `WORLD EXCLUSIVE`. This is to attract readers and let them know that this is important and exciting news. The headline is written in a big, more special font and attracts the viewers attention quick. It is a pull quote from the text Also here it is used a lot of pictures of the band so we know what the article is about without reading 10. DOUBLE PAGE SPREADS This double page spread has a typical layout. Each page has three columns and a sidebar with background information. The main headline is written in a big font size and in a very retro font. The black background and the black and white picture, the pink details and the word ` teenage head` makes references to drugs and this appeal to a young male audience. The introduction is written in yellow and with a bigger font size than the actual article and introduces us to what we are going to read about. The whole layout is a very retro and old fashioned and the text is about looking back to music in the 70`s. In the middle of the two first columns on the second page there is a picture of a poster of Jefferson Airplane who was very big back in the old days.