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  • FILM MAGAZINE COVERSFilm magazine covers are a very useful marketing technique for promoting films, a magazine cover will usually include a large picture of the main star of the film in costume, and the title of the film. The main film magazines that are sold in the UK are Total Film, Empire and Sight & Sound. In the next few slides I will research previous magazine covers

  • the picture of the main star is very big in the centre of the magazine so this automatically pulls the attention straight to the image. Plus the subject is looking straight into the camera so it feels as if he is looking directly at the reader, which connotes with the actual film where he actually talks to the audience. Exclusive Behind-The-Scenes Story of The Years Hippest Movie this is the subtitle for the magazine to promote the film, offering behind-the-scene is very appealing to audiences as it lets the viewer find out all the details of production, involving them more with the film. the title is big and bold, going across the centre of the cover, it also has a smaller title above which reads IN YER FACE!!, this adds to the readers understanding of the genre and hints to the plot of the film. Empire uses the same title for each magazine but usually the main picture on the cover, covers some of it. This makes the image pop out and the cover therefore has a 3D effect. TRAINSPOTTING- EMPIRE

  • Total film have changed the style of their usual title to fit in with the film Inception which is featuring on their issue. This is really interesting as all attention is on the film rather than the magazine itself. Above the main title there is a sub-heading The mind-blowing issue. This fits in with Inceptions storyline, they have included this line on purpose to make sure all attention is on the film. The main star Leonardo DiCaprio is feature big on the front, the image looks like a still from the film, he has an intense stare on his face and is holding what looks like a gun- this hints to the genre and plot of the film. The title of the film is big and bold across the entire width of the magazine cover. It is in a similar font to the font used in the actual film, which links the magazine with the films themes. Underneath is a smaller subtitle which reads Inside the ultimate head trip which relates to the entire films plot, and suggests that the magazine will be talking about the film in detail. The whole issue seems to be continuing with the inception theme with the mind-blowing and master of mind INCEPTION- TOTAL FILM

  • IDEAS FOR OUR MAGAZINE COVER SUBTITLEPICTURETEXTTEXTI like the idea of layering the images and text boxes over each other as it makes the cover look 3D and therefore stand out. Also from looking at other magazines, I like the idea of using similar font to that of which we used in the film/trailer.

    We will definitely use a big picture of the main character in the centre and the title of the film going across the width of the magazine.

    However I think we should experiment with trying to do something unique with the magazine cover, something perhaps which will relate to the drug theme?

    We are going to have to use a smaller film magazine compared to Empire and Total Film as Euphoria will be an independent film. TEXT

  • FILM POSTERSFilm posters are a traditional form of marketing and promotion for both major and independent films. Studios often print several posters that vary in size and content for various domestic and international markets, and they tend to always include a large image of the main actors and the text on film posters usually contains the film title in large lettering and often the names of the main actors. It may also include a tag line, the name of the director, names of characters, the release date, etc.

    Film posters tend to be exhibited in a variety of places including cinemas, on the side of buses, in the streets, on tubes, at colleges, schools, etc. Some studios will target specific locations depending on the target audience for the film. In the next few slides I will research film posters

  • Mentions other films which the director has done- people who liked the previous films will therefore be enticed, and the viewer gets an idea of the type of film it is by automatically comparing. Again mentions stars and actors of the film which the viewer can then think of the type of film the actor usually stars in, therefore hinting to the genre. Also fans of the actor will be enticed. This close up image of an eye hints to the drug theme in the film, and therefore hints to the genre and plot. the title is big an bold with the word Requiem bigger than others and the word Dream in a different colour. This makes the title much more interesting and stand out. This part in the poster also mentions the director. It is interesting that this poster has two images anyway, but it is also very unique as the two images are very contrasting. At the top is a extreme close up, and the second picture is a long shot. This again links in with the drug effect with the idea of perception. Most posters include information on the production, distributing companies and others which are associated with the film. REQUIEM FOR A DREAM POSTER

  • snatch the title of the film is big, simple and bold at the top of the poster. This is the first place the viewer is drawn to on the film poster. It is interesting how they have done the title in lower case letters, as crime films tend to do their titles in capital letters. the poster shows all the stars that are in the film, the actors are quite big names in the film industry so they are a big seller for the film, so having them all on the poster is a good marketing technique. as well as a picture of the cast, it also includes all their names, again attracting those fan bases. the poster also gives the viewer all the information on the rest of the companies and people that are involved with the movie- production teams, studios, producers, etc. I like the idea of adding a coming soon to our poster. SNATCH POSTER

  • IDEAS FOR OUR FILM POSTERFROM DIRECTOR OF.TAGLINEAs our film is on an independent films budget we wont have big name stars so we wont really be able to use that as our main selling point on the poster. However we do still like the idea of using a picture of the main star as a focal point.

    We will also include a big bold title on the poster, and perhaps a tag line to hint to the plot and genre of the film.

    I like the idea of using different pictures for a multiple of posters also.