road with the uop shadow can-am tribute, road america celebrates the 50th anniversary of the...

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  • CAN-AM Series UOP Shadow Tribute and Corvair Reunion 800.365.7223

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    Brian RedmanU.S. Formula 5000 Champion

    & IMSA Camel GT Champion

    R O A D A M E R I C A


  • Features and Paddock Highlights

    2016 is a special year for the WeatherTech International Challenge with Brian Redmanpresented by HAWK as Road America is hosting the legendary Shadow racer and Corvairalong with celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the Canadian-American Challenge orCan-Am Series. Shadows were developed at a company founded by Don Nichols in 1971called Advanced Vehicle Systems. They were originally designed by Trevor Harris andentered under the Shadow Racing Inc. banner. The rst Shadow, the Mk. 1, was enteredin the Can-Am series with George Follmer and Vic Elford behind the wheel. The Mk.1featured an innovative design, using very small wheels for low drag and although the carwas quick, it was not the most reliable car in the eld. New designs piloted by JackieOliver and Brian Redman saw impressive results in the early 70s before embarking intoFormula 1 and prior to the Can-Am Series being shortened in 1974. Since its retirementfrom competition some Shadows remain and continue the legacy at vintage events suchat the WeatherTech International Challenge with Brian Redman presented by HAWK asa testament to their impressive design and performance from the glorious Can-Am era. Road America will also be hosting a Corvair reunion during the WeatherTech International Challenge with Brian Redman presented by HAWK. Yenko Sportscars, operating in a smallshop out of the Yenko Chevrolet dealership in Canonsburg, Pennsylvania, produced a handful of potent Stingers, Corvair-based sports cars built with the singular purpose of goingracing. The car was competitive straight out of the shop, and in 1967, drivers in Yenko Stingers claimed the SCCA D Production national title and 10 SCCA divisional titles.

    Along with the UOP Shadow Can-Am Tribute, Road America celebrates the 50th Anniversary of the Canadian-American Challenge or Can-Am Series. This is perhaps the most fondlyremembered racing series ever, as it had minimal rules. Two seats, fendered bodywork, and that was about it. Unlimited engines, fat tires, unimaginable speed. The McLaren teamruled the early years. They won ve years in a row at Road America, twice with Bruce McLaren and once each with Denny Hulme, Peter Gethin, and Peter Revson. In each instance therace was no contest, as the orange McLarens simply were the ones to beat. Their stranglehold on the Can-Am was broken in 1972 when Porsche practiced extreme excess in theirdesigns. Porsche built a twin turbocharged ve-liter at 12 engine that put out well over 1000 horsepower. They hired Roger Penskes team to run the car, and as expected, they wonas they pleased. George Follmer took the win at Road America in 1972 and Mark Donohue in 1973, each winning the season championship. The Can-Am was last held in 1974, itsdemise essentially due to its success. That is, with virtually no rules, only one or two teams could reasonably win, so the rest went home. But while it lasted it was most memorable.The fans reacted accordingly with the biggest crowds ever at Road America until the top CART years of the mid 1990s which is exactly why Road America and fans alike enjoy thereturn of the Can-Am cars every year during the WeatherTech International Challenge with Brian Redman presented by HAWK.

    Historic Can-Am Request for Entries NOW OPEN!The Historic Can-Am 50th Anniversary Features are presented by Victory Lane Magazine sanctioned by the Historic Can-Am Association and organized by Victory Lane MotorsportsMarketing. Road America and the Historic Can-Am Association invites all Historic Can-Am cars to enter and enjoy the many unique owner/driver and crew benets.After all, you are the stars of the weekend!**This is an opportunity to race in the True Spirit of Vintage Racing on the greatest Can-Am road circuit in North America. It is hands down almost every historic Can-Am racers favorite with its 4.048 mile length, three generous straights, the famous carousel turn, medium speed turns, the undulating thunder valley, elevation changes and legendary history. This is an original Can-Am Series circuit.**Two special Saturday Historic Can-Am 50th Anniversary Feature Races with awards and pre-race ceremonies. One race for Tube Frame, USRRC and Small Block Monocoque cars plus one for Big Block and Unlimited Cars.**The Sunday afternoon 30-minute feature race festivities will start with all the pomp that accompanied the original series. Pre-grid 2 by 2 in the hot pits. Then the Canadian and United States National Anthems are performed to rev up the crowds and crews.** All the feature races are your opportunity to enjoy what we all like best, racing with other Historic Can-Am cars.**Big awards ceremony at the Road America podium with all drivers, crews, and spectators for all three races with Class Awards. On Sunday there is the Denny Hulme award for Best Spirit and the Victory Lane Magazine Historic Can-Am cup for the years contribution to the Historic Can-Am movement. Class trophies include USRRC, Tube Frame, Small Block Monocoque, Big Block and Unlimited (turbo).**All Can-Am Features are for Historic Can-Am only cars and their owners/drivers. Extensive drivers meetings are held beginning with the Thursday evening welcome meeting to emphasize sportsmanlike racing, to review on-track issues and introduce all drivers. Crews are invited.**No-extra charge Thursday test session is included in the entry for those new to the track, a car or for extra reliability checks.**Eligibility: All original Historic Can-Am cars that ran the original 1966-1974 series or those that could have qualied under period rules are invited. Period correct induction and ignition is required. No modern electronic engine management systems. For eligibility questions call HCAA Chairman Dan Davis, 650-321-1411 (CA) **Saturday evening 50th Anniversary Celebration Banquet and Original Participant Bench Racing and Honors available only to Historic Can-Am owner/drivers, wives,crews, past participants including drivers, crew, sponsors sta etc. at the on-site Road America Event Center. A $50 ticket is required and available when you register.**All drivers and Crews are welcome each day Friday, Saturday and Sunday to a continental breakfast plus all day beverage hospitality.**Driver and Crew lunches Saturday and Sunday.**Historic Can-Am participant shirts. A Can-Am only all paved paddock with adjacent Historic Can-Am marquee. Special artist signed event poster depicting the theme to all Historic Can-Am entrants.**Historic Can-Am hospitality marquee for hospitality, communications, crew meetings, and the site of past Can-Am participant autograph sessions.**A participant DVD will be produced and will be available to every Historic Can-Am entrant. **There will be a special Spirit of Can-Am Display for invited original Can-Am Milestone and Innovative cars that will not be racing. Contact HCAA Chairman Dan Davis 650-321-1411 (CA) or George Bruggenthies 920-892-4576 (WI)Enter Now! Number choices are assigned in order of paid entry. We need your entry info for publicity and for the program.Historic Can-Am AssociationDan Davis, Chairman

  • ScheduleWEDNESDAY JULY 13

    8am 5pm10 am-6 pm

    1 pm-7 pm

    Testing by race group Limited participationCompetitor Registration & ParkingTech Inspection Scale House next to Garage

    THURSDAY JULY 14 7 am-5 pm

    7:30 am-5 pm8 am-5:10 pm

    Noon-5 pm

    6 pm-7:30 pm

    Competitor Registration & ParkingTech Inspection Scale House next to GarageTesting by race groupKarting $20 per session or $250 per personweekend passes. Road America Motorplex.Must be 14 or older.

    Road America Welcome ReceptionRoad America Center. Beverages & Hors doeuvres.Co-sponsored by Road America and Muscle Car Restoration.

    FRIDAY JULY 15 7 am-4 pm

    7:30 am-5 pm7:30 am-11:45 am

    9 am-5 pm

    9 am-5 pm

    11 am-11:45 am

    12:15 pm

    12:30 pm

    1:15 pm-5:30 pm4:30 pm

    6 pm6 pm-8 pm

    Competitor Registration & ParkingTech Inspection Scale House next to GaragePractice by race groupAutomotive Art & Vendor Fair in thePaddockSpectator Karting $20 per session atRoad America Motorplex. Must be 14 or older.

    Autograph Session with Brian RedmanCan-Am tent

    Track TouringSign up at Registration Building by 11am

    Mandatory Drivers MeetingRoad America Center

    Qualifying Session 1Race Car Concours Staging for ConvoyGate 5 behind Canada Corner

    Race Car Parade to Elkhart LakeNationwide Concours dElegancefor Race Cars

    SATURDAY JULY 167:30 am-4 pm

    7:30 am-11:45 am9 am-5 pm

    9 am-5 pm

    10:30 am-11:15 am

    12:15 pm

    1:15 pm-5:30 pm6 pm-8 pm

    Competitor Registration & Tech InspectionQualifying Session 2Automotive Art & Vendor Fair in thePaddockKarting $20 per session at Road America MotorplexMust be 14 or older.

    Autograph Session with Brian RedmanCan-Am tent

    Track TouringSign up at Registration Building by 11am

    Qualifying RacesNationwide Concours dElegancefor Sports CarsPlease pick up placard from Registration prior todriving your Sports Car downtown

    SUNDAY JULY 177:30 am-Noon

    7:30 am-9:30 am9 am-5 pm

    9 am-5 pm

    9:00 am-5:15 pm10 am

    10:30 am-11:15 am


    12:15 pm

    1 pm1:45 pm

    Competitor Registration & Tech InspectionWarm-Up SessionsAutomotive Art & Vendor Fair in thePaddockKarting $ 20 per session at Road America MotorplexMust be 14 or older.

    WeatherTech Featured RacesNationwide Concours dElegance- Best of ShowVendor Row in the Paddock