ro training day organisational structure for the delivery of enhanced appraisal in scotland

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RO Training Day Organisational Structure for the Delivery of Enhanced Appraisal in Scotland. Ian G Finlay Scottish Government Health Directorates. Regulation of Doctors. Reserved power Appointment of ROs Revalidation will be a UK process Scottish Context Remediation is a devolved matter. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • RO Training Day

    Organisational Structure for the Delivery of Enhanced Appraisal in ScotlandIan G FinlayScottish Government Health Directorates

  • Regulation of DoctorsReserved powerAppointment of ROsRevalidation will be a UK processScottish ContextRemediation is a devolved matter

  • Revalidation based on Enhanced Appraisal

    An annual enhanced appraisal over a 5 year cyclePatient and peer feedback (MSF) Based on evidence already present in the workplace for clinical governance Evidence fulfil the framework of Good Medical Practice

  • Appraisal of Doctors in NHS ScotlandPrimary Care

    RobustAppraisers NES trainedAppraisers allocatedSOAR (e-system)

    Secondary CareVariable

  • National Appraisal Leads Group

    Leads - 14 Health BoardsDeveloped an appraisal form- draftE-form SOARAppraisal Handbook -draft

  • Basic Principles of the structure for Enhanced Appraisalin 2011/2012

    Training of appraisers standardised to deliver enhanced appraisal All appraisers must be trained (NES)Appraisers allocated to appraiseeAlign appraisal in primary and secondary care

  • Appraiser selection and training NES have provided appraiser training for primary care since 2002NES funded by SGHD to deliver appraisal training for secondary care (circa 650) over two years (100 now trained)One day or two day coursesConsistent standard across ScotlandBoard level- select appraisers for training

  • Allocation of an AppraiserThe appraiser will be allocated to the appraiseeLocal System to allocate appraisersPrimary care Local appraisal adviserSecondary care ?Appraisal lead, ?CD/AMDAppraiser from same specialty (not guaranteed)Appraisee allowed one objection

  • Who should have an enhanced appraisal?All doctors who hold a licence to practice Consultants and SAS doctorsEmployed non standard doctors?HR and the Pay Roll Compile a local list Doctors who hold a national training number not included

  • Timing of the AppraisalPrimary care throughout the yearSecondary care Align with job planning and pay progressionHelp if throughout the year (10 appraisals/ appraiser)

  • Urgent tasks at Board levelCompile a comprehensive list of all licensed doctors who will require to be appraisedCompile a list of all old style trained appraisersSelect appraisers for NES enhanced appraisal training programDevelop a structure to allocate the appraiser to the appraiseeEnsure that every doctor has an appraisal and form 4 in 2011

  • Delegation

  • NALG - Appraisal steering groupAppraisal lead/Appraisal advisorAMD/CD, HR, LNC,SAS doctors, Universities and lay memberAllocate appraisers to appraiseeMinutes provide governanceResponsible for an annual reportAMD/CD free to deal with remediation issues

  • Structure for the delivery of enhanced appraisal in NHS BoardsROAppraisal Steering GroupAppraisal LeadCD/AMDSelect appraisersList trained appraisersAllocate appraisers APPRAISAL

  • Structure for the delivery of appraisal using CD/AMD ROCD/AMDSelect appraisersList trained appraisersAllocate appraisers APPRAISAL

  • Supporting evidence for enhanced appraisal

    Now Proportionate Meaningful Cost effective Deliver fit to practice

  • Evidence of quality of practice for specialistsColleges and FacultiesMenu of suggested suitable evidenceAppraisee and appraiser discuss and agree nature of evidence

  • Provision of supporting evidence for enhanced appraisal at Board level

    Incremental process

    Description of practice - patient numbersProvision of record of complaints

  • NALG -MSF Sub Groupproposals

    Single MSF Scotland colleague feedbackPatient feedback will be separate and may be specialty specificIdeally should contain narrativeFeedback by a trained personFocus on the administrative structure (cost effective)

  • Proposed structure for MSFAppraisee ( 15 Raters)RatersIT processAppraiserAppraisee

  • Outstanding issues relating to the organisational structure of MSFShould the appraisee see the unedited MSF before the appraisal?What happens if the comments are especially negative?What tool do we chose?

  • Output from appraisalForm 4 to CD/AMDAnalysisSOAR the final common pathwaySatisfactory list to ROUnsatisfactory - MSF (colleague or patient) - Tacking concerns locally

  • Quality Assurance

    Feedback from selected appraiseesFeedback from selected appraisersAnnual reportQIS Tool (pilots Tayside, Forth,Highland)GMC

  • Michaelangelo

  • Michaelangelos David

  • Actions in 2011

    Identify and list at local level all doctors in NHS Scotland who require an enhanced appraisalEnsure that they are all appraised in 2011List all current appraisers - select for NES training Develop the local structure for allocation of appraisers and organisation of enhanced appraisal