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An initiative by Xperiance 108


  • Women???

  • World Bank Empowerment is the process

    of increasing the capacity of individuals or groups to make

    choices and to transform those choices into desired actions and


    Empowerment is the process of increasing the authority and

    responsibility of individuals or groups to make choices and to transform those choices into

    desired actions and outcomes.

    Mother Teresa It is amazing how women are so wonderfully giving and loving . Their love is

    unconditional and forever

  • From Black and White

  • To COLOR

  • International Womens Day

    International Womens Day came about due to several historical occurrences. It is the symbolic culmination of both the long public struggle for womens rights and the more private struggle waged everyday by women that have made the celebration of this day possible

    International Womens Day is celebrated for Womens achievements throughout history & across nation

    International Womens Day is aimed to remove discrimination against all women across nation

    International Womens Day is also the UN day for Womens Rights & International Peace

  • Women Empowerment

    Women Empowerment refers to increasing the spiritual, political, social, educational, gender, or economic strength of individuals and communities of women.

  • Six Dimension of Empowerment


    Value of People


    Concept of Power



  • Women Empowerment (illusion!!!)

    What are the reasons for this sorry state of affairs ?

    Issues may be various and varied, however a few basic issues

    deserve specific mention :

    Lack of awareness

    Lack of social and economic empowerment

    Lack of political will

    Feebleness of accountability mechanisms

    Lack of enforcement by the police force

    Lack of gender culture

  • Treasure Hunt IWD 2015

  • What do you call a person who rides a Motorcycle?



    Rider.. Macho..

  • But we call them..

    Stunning Rider

    Beautiful Hunk

    Gorgeous Stud

    Macho Woman

  • Confused??

  • Yes! Its Only WOMENs RIDE..

  • The Game

    20+ Teams

    108 Kms Ride

    100+ Women Bikers

    1 Winning Team

  • Treasure Hunt IWD 2015

    Treasure Hunt 2015 is schedule on 7th March2015 to celebrate the International Womens Day

    An exemplary platform to all the women bikers to participate

    To showcase the world that women can walk, run, drive and RIDE with Pride!

    108 kms of pleasant journey with individual and group tasks

    Grand winning presentation ceremony with Celebrity

    Followed by a rocking musical show at Bhaje, Lonavala

  • Supported by a cause Safety of Girl Child

    SAMPARC was started with a very humble purpose to give a new identity to the orphan, destitute & children of sex workers to grow under community umbrella.

    SAMPARC is a brainchild of Shri Amitkumar Banerjee & Smt. Lata Pande who realized that an organisation needs to be started so that children should not be identified as children of sex workers or orphans or a destitute child. With this sole purpose SAMPARC was started in 1990 at the footsteps of famous Bhaje Caves with 7 orphan children near Lonavala which now grew to 2000 children.

  • The Bikerni was kickstarted by Urvashi Patole on January 15, 2011. Her aim was to create a platform for women motorcyclist and for those who aspire to ride motorcycles. A dedicated team of women laid the foundation of The Bikerni in cities all over the country. The Bikerni's mission is to create an equal platform for women motorcyclists in the motorcycle community and to empower women all over India through the field of motorcycles. The members of The Bikerni have numerous records to their name and are well respected in the biking community as the front-runners of the women motorcycling movement.

  • Proposed Venues

    Worli Pune Malavali, Lonavala

  • The Route

  • The Joy of Tasks during Journey

    A sampling of some of the tasks which a team has to complete during the Treasure Hunt, Ride with Pride:

    Find a specific page in a specific book at a library (and go to the actual place being described on that page for your next clue)

    Shoot a bulls-eye with a paintball gun Push a teammate in a wheelbarrow around an obstacle course Ride a child's tricycle around a track without spilling a drink Look at a wall of wood blocks with various symbols then run back to another

    spot and turn over those same symbols on a similar board of wood blocks Take a picture of your team in front of specific local landmarks like a statues, a

    store, with a policeman, etc. Answer a sheet of trivia questions Buy a certain item in a store (like a dessert for the dinner after the Road Rally) Find a headstone with a specific name in a graveyard and write down the birth

    date Take a picture in front of a specific road sign

  • Master Class

    One night accommodation will be arranged for all bikers

    Garage Class for riders

    Self Defense for Women's

    Stalls for Bike accessories

  • And

    By coming together to support each others goals & dreams, women not only enhance their own lives but they empower us

  • Thank You