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This presentation shares resources librarians can use to help organize and simplify the research process for both their teachers and students.


  • 1.Retooling Research Fran Bullington NCSLMA ConferenceOct. 5, 2012

2. ResearchCraziesGot You Yet?I Hate Mornings 3. What aspect ofresearch makes you craziest? 4. Warm and Fuzzy On. Planning? Citing Locating and Sources?Accessing Pulling ItInformation? Together? Note Taking? Grading? 5. Retooling Research Wiki 6. Planning: AssistingTeachers 7. Designing StudentProjects to PreventPlagiarism 8. How prevalent is plagiarism? What percent of high school students said they hadplagiarized on school assignments?15%33%50%75%Based on research done by Donald L. McCabe, Rutgers UniversityImage Plagiarism 9. Trends in Info literacy 10. Why Do Students Plagiarize?Andreas View 11. The Four As of SuccessfulStudent Projects Assignments that Matter Activities that Involve the Researcher Assessments that Help by PromotingGrowth and Showing Care Attitude (of the teacher, that is!)From (Director of Mediaand Technology in the Mankato, MN School District) 12. Why Do Students Plagiarize?Kelseys View 13. Providing Structure Teaching students a research process provides them with structure.The Big 6 model suggests 6 steps:Task DefinitionInformation Seeking StrategiesLocation and AccessUse of InformationSynthesisEvaluation 14. Provide Checkpoints Research Paper?You have a five page paper due on Nov. 15th. Include a minimum of three sources. day 134 - 10.01.2009 - high key 15. Checkpoints Ease Frustration Research Paper: You have afive page paper due on Nov. 15th. Include a minimum ofthree sources.Checkpoint #1: ThesisstatementCheckpoint #2: Ten note cardswith at least two source cardsCheckpoint #3: Twenty notecards with three source cards.etc. 16. Provide a Rubric for Guidance What is he expectingme to do? is just what she wants! 17. Provide Examples 18. An Ounce of Prevention... 19. 20. Planning: AssistingStudents 21. Infohio 22. Infohio ASK 23. Research Planning Form 24. Narrowing a Topic 25. Infohio ASK 26. Research Project Calculator 27. Research Project Calculator 28. Research Project Calculator 29. Locating and AccessingInformation 30. Keyword Identification 31. Easy Bib: Keywords 32. Your Dictionary 33. Thesaurus 34. Infohio ASK 35. Gathering Grid 36. Library Catalogs 37. NC WiseOwl 38. Teach Searching Strategies 39. Conducting Searches 40. Feeling betteryet?I Hate Mornings 41. Note Taking 42. Zotero 43. Citelighter 44. Study Guides & Strategies 45. Diigo 46. Evernote 47. Citing Sources 48. Online Citation Practice 49. Bibme 50. Pulling It All Together 51. Essay Map 52. Grading 53. YouTube Tutorial: Video Grading 54. Parody: Before He