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<p>SIVARAJA. GMobile: +91-7708687883 Email:</p> <p>ObjectiveLooking forward to a challenging environment in data analytics, to provide valuable business insights and contribute towards the development of the organizationToolsAnalytical Tools: R, SQL, Rapid Miner, SPSS, MS ExcelDatabase Tool: IBM DB2Visualization Tool: Tableau Web scripting Tool: HTML, CSS, d3.js</p> <p>TechniquesPredictive Modelling: Linear, Multilinear &amp; Logistic Regression, Time Series &amp; Forecasting. Dimensionality Reduction: Principal component analysis.Learning: Clustering, Decision Trees, KNN, SVM &amp;Nave Bayes. </p> <p>Data Science &amp; Visualization Capabilities Experience working with multiple business domains Health care, Finance, Energy, etc., Knowledge of statistical concepts like correlation, regression, ANOVA, chi-square, normality test, t-test, hypothesis testing etc., Data preparation, Modelling and Visualization in R programming and Data extraction through SQL coding. Experienced in Rapid miner tool and Application of Supervised and Unsupervised Machine learning algorithms like Linear &amp; LogisticRegression, Decision Trees, Clustering, Classification, Correlation Analysis, Anomaly detection. Assistance in translating business problems to analytical frameworks: Extract insights from machine data available and provide data analysis, synthesis &amp; presentation support. Ensured all deliverables to meet the client expectations in terms of scope, speed &amp; quality. Proficiency in data analysis using statistical methodologies and tools. Built and publish Tableau reports utilizing complex calculated fields, filters &amp; parameters. Experience in creating worksheets, visualizing interactive dashboards and Story board which conveys story through all the worksheets and dashboards. Achieved 70% score in Tableau v9 qualification certification</p> <p>ExperienceTotal work experience of 40 months Jan 2015 to till date Data Scientist in CYIENT Insights Private Ltd, Hyderabad June 2012 to April 2014 - Assistant Professor in M.A.M Business School, Trichy</p> <p>EducationDec 2014P.G certified in Business Analytics, SSN Institutions endorsed by IBM, Chennai May 2011MBA-HR &amp; Marketing, Hindustan College of Arts and Science, Coimbatore May 2008B.E-Mechanical Engineering, SACS MAVMM Engineering College, Madurai </p> <p> Projects 1) Employees Emergency tracking system (Lifeline)It focuses on saving employees life in case of emergency situations. It keeps a track and gives information about the donors who can readily help the employees during emergencies. Immediate information on how people are connected in terms of location, blood group and transport. Retrieve information in case of emergency if one is unable to help, the other can surely help. Tools used - Tableau, Excel, google online spreadsheet and mapsApplications - In MNCs, Hospitals and other organization that develops emergency care information system</p> <p>2) Faults detection (Health care) Project done on early detection of failures for a leading multinational healthcare company and gave solution on Replacement of component and thereby client can reduce the cost incurred. Tools used - R, Rapid Miner, Tableau, SQL and Excel Model - Survival analysis and Time series Insights - Fault number 68 survives for a long time </p> <p>3) Tableau Dashboard (Finance)Designed an Interactive Dashboard for Corporate Financial Data of CYIENT for presentation by CFO/CIO to various stakeholders, investors and customers/clients.Tools used - Tableau, ExcelInsights - Confidential since it includes budgets and revenue 4) Early event detection (Energy) Project done on automatic detection and classification of electronic appliances used in home. Tools used - R, Tableau and Excel Model - KNN algorithm and accuracy of 90% Insights - Dishwasher is consuming more power. KNN didnt classify Hairdryer </p> <p>Achievement Received appreciation from Head of companies for Designing an Interactive Storyboard on the topic 'Crimes in Indian Railways' in short time and was published in Tableau Public Tools used - Tableau, Excel Insights - Most of the Crimes reported by the Railway Police are not coming under Indian Railways Act</p> <p> Dec 2012 &amp; Jan 2014 - Guest lectured to the upcoming Entrepreneurs and Students which was published in The Hindu newspaper </p> <p>Personal Details Nationality: Indian Linguistic Proficiency: English, Tamil</p>