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Resisting Slavery . Resistance. Work slow Playing “ Sick” Break tools “Theft ” Poisoning Food Run away Rebellion Gabriel Prosser . Running Away. Over 1,000 Mainly in upper south Ran to the North or Canada. Negro Spirituals. Slaves created songs with secret messages - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Resisting Slavery

Resisting Slavery ResistanceWork slowPlaying SickBreak toolsTheftPoisoning FoodRun awayRebellion

Gabriel Prosser

2Running Away

Over 1,000Mainly in upper southRan to the North or Canada3Slaves created songs with secret messagesExamples (Dont copy)Swing Low Sweet ChariotLet My People GoWade in the WaterNegro SpiritualsA series of safe houses slaves used to get to freedomThe Underground RailroadFamily on Underground Railroad

6Harriet TubmanLeader of Underground RailroadHomes, barns, woods, trails north19 missions300 people

7Violently overthrowing slave masters Usually by killing them and their familiesVery rareSlave Rebellions RebellionsNat Turner, 1831Led a slave rebeliion in Virginia Killed 70


Turner was caught and hanged. His revolt, however, increased Southerners fears of slave revolts.Slave Rebellions (Don't Copy)Gabriel Prosser 1800LiterateRichmond, VA1000 slavesDeath or liberty Denmark Vescey, 1822Telemanque, born in Africa or W. IndiesFree, literate, preacherCharlestonMissouri Compromise100 men11Resisting Slavery Many slaves tried to escape to the North. Few were successful. In 1831, an African-American preacher named Nat Turner led a revolt in Virginia, killing 57 whites.


Whites could be Jailed or fined

Blacks could be killedThe Fugitive Slave Laws Of 1850Under this law, it gave slave owners the right to organize a posse to recapture runaway slaves.No African American was considered safe.Courts and police had to help all over the United States.Private citizens had to help, too to recapture the slaves.

He escaped from slaveryHe held speeches asking for the end of slaveryFredrick DouglassA white person who wanted to abolish (end) slaveryAbolitionistDred ScottDred Scott was a slave who sued for his freedom