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Requirements for English Language Learners. August 5, 2010. Home Language Survey. Upon enrollment Using the 3 questions : What is the first language this child learned to speak? What language does this child speak most often of school? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • August 5, 2010

  • Home Language SurveyUpon enrollmentUsing the 3 questions :What is the first language this child learned to speak?What language does this child speak most often of school?What language do people usually speak in the childs home?

  • Tennessee English Language Placement Assessment Only TN approved screenerAssess and place within 30 days of enrollment if enrolled before school beginsAssess and place within 14 days of enrollment if after school beginsChildren need to begin ELL services within that first week if at all possiblePrivate school service needs to begin with a reasonable period of time for equity (1 week allowance)

  • Access to full curriculumStudents need to be included in academic study Students need to be included in music, art, and physical educationModifications are to be made in all classes for active ELLs and for the students whose parents have waived servicesELLs should be included in Special Education and enrichment as appropriate

  • Program DesignsPull outCluster centersResource centers/ESL laboratoriesNewcomer centersPush in/ inclusionSheltered contentContent based ESLStructured immersionScheduled ESL classes

  • Quality Instruction isEngagingDynamicIntenseFocusedBased in researchFlexibleRelevant

  • Hiring an ESL teacherDistricts must have in place a policy to screen all applications for fluency in all 4 domains: reading, writing, speaking and listeningThe aural skills can be addressed through the interview process. Reading might be addressed through the course work completed, the application completed or another planWriting should be evaluated through a sample of writing produced on site

  • English Language Proficiency ALL Students must be assessed annually (98%)Any ELL student not administered the ELDA will require an explanation to the StateTennessee uses the English Language Development Assessment (ELDA)The ELDA is given to all active ELLsStudents absent during testing should be given an opportunity to make up examUsed to figure AMAOsNot to be given to Transition studentsMust be administered by a qualified teacher

  • Achievement testsThe English Linguistically Simplified Assessment will be available for ELLs in lieu of the regular TCAPAccommodations may be given with the ELSA or the TCAPAll ELLs must take science, writing (at 5th, 8th, and 11th grade), math, and language arts for federal standardsAll ELLs must take social studies for TN standardsELLs in their first year in a US school are exempt from the English language arts/writing assessment. This is a one time exemption.ELLs do not have a certain number of days to have been here to be required to take the TCAP/ELSA.

  • Teaching ESL through ContentExposes students to academic vocabularyTies the ESL class work to content standardsMakes ESL more relevant to students and content teachers

  • Federal Requirements ReviewHome Language Survey at enrollmentAssessment with TELPA within 30 days before school begins, within 14 days after school begins.Service to all ELLs to make the entire curriculum accessible.Annual assessment with an approved English Language Proficiency AssessmentAnnual Measurable Achievement ObjectivesAll civil rights observed

  • Annual Measurable Achievement ObjectivesFigured annuallyAMAO 1 is for growthAMAO 2 is for proficiencyAMAO 3 is AYP for the subgroup (may include T1 and T2)Are the accountability piece for Title IIINon Title III districts are held accountable in TN

  • New Goals for AMAOsYearAMAO 1AMAO 2

    2009 2010 62% 16%2010 2011 64% 17%2011 2012 66% 18%2012-2013 68% 19%2013 2014 69% 20%

  • Changes to AMAO 2Prior to this year, we have used only students who have been in ESL programs for more than 3 years. Federal monitors say we must include all ELLs regardless of length of time in programTennessee may need to reset targets for this AMAO

  • Changes to AMAO InterpretationFailure to meet any goal two years consecutively means that you are to fill in an improvement plan which specifically addresses the factors that prevented your district from achieving the objectives.The State agrees to provide technical assistance to help meet the needs of the district to develop professional development strategies and activities, require the district to use such strategies and activities, and develop a plan to incorporate strategies and methodologies to improve the specific program or method of instruction provided to ELLs. [3122 (b)(2)]

  • Changes to AMAO InterpretationFailure to meet any AMAO goal consecutively for 4 years requires the State to Require the district to modify the curriculum, program, and method of instruction, orMake a determination whether the district shall continue to receive funds andRequire the district to replace educational personnel relevant to the districts failure.[3122 (b) (4)]

  • State RequirementsTo meet or exceed all federal requirementsTo provide service to beginning and lower intermediate students dailyTo monitor actively all Transition studentsTo serve intermediate students as it best fits the students needTo have certified and endorsed HQ teachersTo send information to families regularly in a language they can understand

  • Civil RightsEducate each and every child without regard to immigration statusCannot fail or refuse entrance because of English ability (1970 Memorandum States that all National Origin Minority Students must have equal access to an education and not be placed in special education due to language)Equal access to enrichment and special education servicesHave a right to an age/grade appropriate educationMust be screened for ESL servicesMust be educated equitably as compared to other studentsFull access to the entire curriculum

  • ESL PolicyChanges student teacher to 45:1Sets up questions for Home Language Survey to be standardized across the StateGives more flexibility to Intermediate ELLs (defined in State as composite 3 on the ELDA)Allows more models of service for ELLsDaily service

  • No Time to LoseMigrants most at-risk of the at-riskAll ELLs and Hispanics at-riskLess than 50% chance of graduating if never retainedBehind in academicsNeed academic vocabularyNeed to experience successNeed to be involved in a motivating classroom

  • Contact InformationJan LanierESL


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