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<ul><li> 1. Inventions of the Renaissance.</li></ul> <p> 2. Clocks Galileo discovered thependulum Made the hands of the clockmove better Led to better accuracy of theclock Pocket watch was invented byGerman Peter Henlein in 1505 Each person had one in pocketand timeliness became moreimportant aspect of culture 3. Printing press Monks had tohandwrite books Johan Gutenberg ofGermany invented aprinting press Books could beprinted with less effortand cheaper now First in print is theGutenberg Bible 4. Eyeglasses First lenses were totreat nearsightedness Demand for glassesincreased with theinvention of theprinting press 5. Microscope and Telescope Lenses were used formore than just eyeglasses. Galileo used lenses tomake an astronomicaltelescope to look at thestars and planets in 1606. Isaac Newton made thefirst reflecting telescope in1668. 6. The Musket First usable rifle forsoldiers to carry intobattle Developed in Spain inthe 1500s It fired a metal ballthat could kill orseriously hurtsomeone 7. The Flushable Toilet First known as thewater closet Invented by Sir JohnHarington in 1589 When the valve waspulled, water wasreleased 8. Thermometer Invented by Galileo in1593 Used to measuretemperature In 1714, GabrielFahrenheit inventedthe first mercurythermometer, whichwe use today 9. Submarine First underwater ship wasinvented by Leonardo daVinci In 1634, Cornelius vanDrebbel improved thesubmarine Drebbels submarinecould stay underwater fora few hours 10. The Match Made it easy to createfire Invented by RobertBoyle in 1680 Rubbing together ofphosphorus and sulfur First matches werevery dangerous 11. Sources of images Match Telescope Courtesy of Photomish Dan Courtesy of ny156uk @ Thermometer Pendulum Courtesy of RC Bodden Courtesy of Carol tems/flickr-4901403685 Guillaume 12. Sources of Images Gutenberg Bible Musket Photo courtesy of Library of Congress Microscope Photo courtesty of Olympus Cameras Submarine q=first+microscope&amp;hl=en&amp;sa=X&amp;biw Courtesy of Adrian Tincher =1366&amp;bih=664&amp;tbs=sur:fmc&amp;tbm=is ch&amp;imgrefurl=http://www.olympus- 13year/index.html&amp;tbnid=eC5SOLdTO jumfM&amp;docid=A6d7usK3YlTZ_M&amp;ve d=0CEsQhRYoAg&amp;ei=Xhh1T73uGcm YgwfystD-Dg&amp;dur=479 </p>