reliable college and career guidance ... the oklahoma career guide, powered by kuder navigatorآ®,...

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  • Powered by kuder navigator®

    ● Supports successful transitions to college, training, and employment.

    ● Age-appropriate content customized by developmental level.

    ● Research-based assessments provide a valid foundation for career exploration.

    ● Students learn valuable career preparation skills, including portfolio development.

    ● Helps make connections between coursework and the world of work.

    ● Flexible education tools support high school completion and confident college choices.

    ● Improves accountability, quantifies program success, and eases reporting requirements.

    Reliable college and career guidance for secondary students. BENEFITS

    A comprehensive online education and career planning system,

    the Oklahoma Career Guide, powered by Kuder Navigator®,

    guides students through the critical actions they need to take to

    access, explore, plan, and transition successfully at each stage in

    their lifelong career development.

    Navigator is a proven system to improve academic performance,

    retention, and completion rates as well as provide students with

    hope for the future.

    For educators, counselors, and other authorized administrators,

    the included Kuder Administrative Database Management

    System® provides tools for tracking individual progress and

    aggregate trends, managing curriculum and coursework,

    communicating with students and parents, and more.

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    “I selected the Kuder system based on my students’ responsiveness to the assessment. I appreciate the ease of use, the practicality of the information, and the ability for teachers and counselors to review the students’ results.”

    — Kim Jenkins, Boise City High School

    (Boise City, OK)

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    Take an Assessment

    Kuder’s reliable online assessments provide a valid

    foundation for career planning. The Kuder Career

    Interests Assessment®, Kuder Skills Confidence

    Assessment®, and Super’s Work Values Inventory-

    revised, available at grade-specific levels, guide

    students to explore the right career pathways and

    clusters, occupations, education plans, and more.

    Explore Occupations

    Students can view a list of occupations suggested by

    assessment results, career clusters and pathways,

    and title or search. The system includes over 1,000

    occupations and each provides in-depth information

    such as up-to-date job descriptions, employment

    outlook, expected salary, education and experience,

    tasks and working conditions, and more.

    Plan for Education

    Students can navigate their education options,

    learn about financial aid, search for scholarships,

    and more. The system includes information on over

    7,000 postsecondary institutions. Students can save

    favorites to their My Portfolio Items for ongoing

    exploration and for building their education plans

    with the My Ed Plans tool.

    Plan for Work

    The system prepares students for the job search

    process by providing information about applications

    and interviews. Students can access their My

    Portfolio Items for additional preparation such as job

    search tools to create resumes and cover letters and

    collect references as well as upload documents and

    build a shareable e-Profile.

    Find a Job

    It is important to understand how to find a job.

    The system provides students with guidance

    on searching for current openings and

    researching employers.

    My Favorites

    The My Favorites area is a collection of the items

    saved by students throughout their use of the

    system. Students can review saved work values,

    career clusters and pathways, occupations, schools,

    majors, financial aid sources, and person matches.

    The My Notes tool provides a great way to document

    career goals, notes about favorites, and more.

    Navigator Features The system is organized in a series of action steps to optimize career exploration and planning. Students can complete them in sequence or select the one that meets their immediate needs.

    Oklahoma Career Tech team at 405.743.5425 or | 877.999.6227

    The Oklahoma Department of Career and Technology Education does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, sex/gender, age, disability, or veteran status. Inquiries concerning application of this policy may be referred to ODCTE, Compliance Coordinator, 1500 West Seventh Avenue, Stillwater, OK 74074-4364, 1-800-522-5810 or (405) 377-2000.This publication is printed and issued by the Oklahoma Department of Career and Technology Education as authorized by 70 O.S. 1981, Sec. 14-104, as amended. 125 copies have been prepared and distributed at a cost of $65.00. Copies have been deposited with the Publications Clearinghouse of the Oklahoma Department of Libraries.