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Career planning solutions that are empirically aligned with the 16 National career clusters and pathways produce the most valid and reliable results after self-assessment. Attend this session to learn how this alignment has proven to be the most effective tool in career guidance and how it fuels the entire planning process. • • • Get More Information: Request a Demo: Customer Testimonials: Blog: Facebook: Twitter: LinkedIn: Pinterest:


  • 1. Career Pathways in Career Planning 10-15-13 Presented by: Scott Vandever Division Vice President, Sales & Support
  • 2. Our Mission & Goals Our Mission: To raise student aspirations and to provide career options to students and adults through selfassessment and education. Our Goals: Guide students and parents through successful eighth-grade and post-high school transitions. Increase retention and graduation rates. Provide career planning, guidance, and development resources to last a lifetime.
  • 3. About Us Millions worldwide rely on us for reliable education and career planning solutions. 150 million people have used Kuder; three million new users annually. Provide statewide customized, comprehensive education and career planning solutions. More than 12,000 sites domestically; 100 internationally. Created 120 custom systems for schools, districts, colleges, workforce centers, and other agencies and organizations over the last three years.
  • 4. About Me
  • 5. About You
  • 6. What are career pathways definition
  • 7. What is career planning Definition Steps Feel pathways go hand in hand with planning
  • 8. Data Data on written plan and interest assessment
  • 9. Who We Help STUDENTS, PARENTS & ADULT JOB SEEKERS Assess Assess their interests, skills, and work values to discover their passions. Explore Explore the opportunities that are in front of them so they can pursue a successful future based around their passions. Plan Create a step-by-step, year-by-year plan to obtain future success. Prepare Connect them with postsecondary institutions and businesses that will help facilitate a smooth transition into the workforce.
  • 10. Who We Help EDUCATORS, COUNSELORS & PRACTITIONERS Tracking and Management Help educators/administrators track and manage student progress. Accountability Provide ability to Quantify, Qualify, and report on measurements. Outreach Provide real-time data grounded with 75 years of research to support enrollment, program placement, and educational connection. Retention Whether at secondary or postsecondary levels, we increase retention rates and the percentage of students that stay in school, complete their education, and transition to their next stages in life.
  • 11. Who We Help BUSINESS & INDUSTRY Real-world connection Help individuals create relevance to future world needs and compete in the 21st century workplace. Talent Pipeline Create a talent pipeline of future employees with relevance and real-world knowledge and skills. Connection With C2B, connect students to local employers for internships, job shadowing experiences, and full-time employment. Retention Increase employee retention due to individual readiness.
  • 12. Kuder, Inc. You cannot be what you cannot see!
  • 13. Kuder, Inc. You cannot be what you cannot see! Career Planning allows you to see what you can be!
  • 14. Making A Difference Academic performance Kuder users demonstrate an 11% increase in school performance since they started using the system as opposed to non-Kuder users. Transition rates Over 90% of Kuder users transition into postsecondary education, up from the 67% national average. Retention rates Using the Kuder system is related to an 18% retention rate. After 1.5 years, 92% of Kuder users persisted in college while only 73% of non-Kuder users stayed in college. Completion rates Kuder users complete college faster than non-Kuder users as evidenced by the finding that over 60% of system users had never changed their college major choice.
  • 15. Making A Difference And the survey says 78% rated Navigator as helpful in giving them hope for their future. 77% rated Navigator as helpful in motivating them to stay in school. 77% rated Navigator as helpful in choosing postsecondary programs or college majors. 76% rated Navigator as helpful in making educational and career plans.
  • 16. Thank You! Scott Vandever Division Vice President, Sales & Support 800.314.8972 (office) 515.240.0505 (mobile) Kuder, Inc. 302 Visions Parkway, Adel, IA 50003


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