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What's New, Chnages and Issues resolved for MD Adams 2010.


Release NotesSelect a link below to review MD Adams 2010 Release Notes for a specific product. For known issues and updated release notes, go to Adams/Car Release Notes Adams/Car Ride Release Notes Adams/Chassis Release Notes Adams/Controls Release Notes Adams/Driveline Release Notes Adams/Durability Release Notes Adams/Flex Release Notes Adams/Insight Release Notes Adams/Mechatronics Release Notes Adams/SmartDriver Release Notes Adams/Solver (C++ and FORTRAN) Release Notes Adams/Tire Release Notes Adams/Vibration Release Notes Adams/View Release Notes

2 MD Adams 2010 Release NotesAdams/Car Release Notes

Adams/Car Release Notes What's New Changes Issues Resolved Known Issues

What's New Post-processing improvements for Adams/Car Truck Plugin and Database (1-76631912) XSL Stylesheet Examples SimManager Integration Damper Gas Preload (1-77853901) MNF & MDDB Transform Tool (1-76618801, 1-252827191)

Post-processing improvements for Adams/Car Several improvements to Adams/Car post-processing have been implemented, including: Multiple plots on single page: Header/footer text & bitmaps Mathematical Expressions Table View Legend placement and location Analysis stamp Date stamp Axis attributes Spec Lines Notes

See Technical Article KB8018465 for further details.

Truck Plugin and Database (1-76631912) The plugin manager in Adams/Car now has an Adams/Truck option which allows you to analyze truck assemblies in Adams/Car. A truck database is provided in the install_dir\atruck\shared_truck_database.cdb subdirectory. The following example assembly models are accessible from /assemblies.tbl:

Adams/Car Release Notes 3 What's New

msc_truck.asy msc_truck_w_semitrailer.asy msc_truck_drive_axle_rigid.asy msc_truck_front_trailer_axle.asy msc_truck_front_suspension.asy msc_truck_front_susp_3link.asy See Technical Article KB8018538 for further details.

XSL Stylesheet Examples The XML files used in Adams contain structured data. Style sheets provide an alternate way of viewing the XML data inside a web browser, they describe how documents are to be presented on the screen. We have provided a handful of eXtensible Style Language (XSL) style sheet examples in the \install_dir\acar\examples\stylesheets subdirectory. Styling an .xml file requires a style sheet file (.xsl) which describes how to display a document of a given type, and then the source .xml needs to reference the .xsl file. For example, if you open the MDI_antiroll_bar_bus.xml example file with your browser you will see it has a different look, if you inspect it with a text editor you will notice its style sheet declaration on line #2 in the header section: At this time we are not standardizing on any particular styles. These example files are simply being provided for your awareness and to give you some ideas on how XML data could be viewed in a different format. SimManager Integration Support for connecting SimManager with Adams/View and Adams/Car in this release allows users to establish connection properties to their SimManager server, Log on and Log off from the server, publish an Adams model (.cmd or .adm) and all of its associated files (for example geometry) along with simulation results to the server, and to retrieve published models and results from the server. SimManager access is available through the File - SimManager menu entry or from the command line. Note:

SimManager access is interactive only, no batch mode access is provided. Integration with SimManager requires Java Runtime Environment 1.5.0_06 or later, please visit to

install. Damper Gas Preload (1-77853901) Adams/Car now includes support for damper gas preload. When using an XML damper property file, you may adjust the gas preload by selecting the Curve Manager tool from the Modify Damper dialog

4 MD Adams 2010 Release NotesAdams/Car Release Notes

box. In the Curve Manager, select the Properties tab. In the Gas Preload section, select None, Constant, or Nonlinear gas preload force. If Nonlinear is selected, the curve of preload force vs. damper length may be edited by selecting the Plot/Edit Data button. MNF & MDDB Transform Tool (1-76618801, 1-252827191) A graphical user interface for the Adams/Flex Toolkit MNFXFORM command line utility is now available from Adams/Car and can be used to translate, rotate and/or mirror MNF (or MD DB) as well as renumber interface node IDs. A new menu button, "MNF & MDDB Transform...", has been added to standard interface (under Tools) and template builder (under Build -> Parts -> Flexible Body). Refer to Adams/View Release Notes and Technical Article KB8018708 for further details regarding this functionality (also known as MNF Xform tool).

Changes Generic Assembly dialog box for GAA (1-69841069) Macro Entry Point for Customization (1-78901991) Insertion of Solver ACF Commands (1-79196144) Parasolids geometry now properly saved and restored with ASCII templates (1-81147960, 164447941, 1-206091513) Units Handling for Reduction Ratio in Subsystem(s) (1-219870206) Discontinued Support for HMAX set via XML Driver Control Files (1-69485397, 1-80102124, 1193560494, 1-221448811) Support for MD DB (1-61977911) (MD-Only feature) MD DB Support

Generic Assembly dialog box for GAA (1-69841069) In previous versions, the dialog box for generation of arbitrary assemblies was included but not exposed in the menu interface. To better support the General Actuation Analysis (GAA) capabilities, we now expose this dialog box under File - New - Generic Assembly, and added provisions to the dialog box to enter custom assembly class descriptors for assemblies not containing a testrig. Macro Entry Point for Customization (1-78901991) A macro entry point for customization has been added to the assembly update macro mac_fil_ass_upd.

Adams/Car Release Notes 5 Changes

Insertion of Solver ACF Commands (1-79196144) The acar.acf mechanism to insert arbitrary solver acf commands during an interactive analysis submission has been enhanced. Instead of just referencing an acar.acf (via FILE/COMMAND=..., its commands are now inserted into the analysis acf directly. Parasolids geometry now properly saved and restored with ASCII templates (181147960, 1-64447941, 1-206091513) When a command file is written by Adams/View, the corresponding Parasolids file is saved to the same target directory using the same file prefix. In Adams/Car, the ASCII template save is a multi-step process, that also executes a command file write operation, which caused the associated Parasolids file to be saved to a temporary directory using a non-descriptive unique name. Subsequent template read operations were then unable to find the matching Parasolids file, and the geometry was not imported at all (the work around was to use binary templates, which store the geometry information in-file). We have now changed the behavior to store the Parasolids file in the template database table using the template's file name prefix (and the extension xmt_txt). Upon template open, the Parasolids geometry is now properly imported. Units Handling for Reduction Ratio in Subsystem(s) (1-219870206) In MD R3 (and 2008 r1) we added a composite unit to the reduction_ratio design variable in the _rack_pinion_steering template as a workaround to improve support changing the modeling units (CR 1-FDB45878). Unfortunately, an unanticipated consequence of this change was that a different subsystem value was being ignored because the value of the design variable value had now became an expression, which (typically) was not being updated. For MD Adams 2010 we have undone the MD R3 change so that subsystem values now (properly) take precedence over the default value defined in the template. However, the _rack_pinion_steering will again be unable to automatically convert the units for the reduction ratio (and therefore the design variable will require some manual adjustment until we inherit support for the unit types 'length/angle' and 'angle/length' that would be needed for a proper implementation. Discontinued Support for HMAX set via XML Driver Control Files (1-69485397, 180102124, 1-193560494, 1-221448811) In the previous release Adams/SmartDriver accuracy relied mainly on the maximum integration step size, HMAX. To ensure event-specific requirements for this setting, the definition in the XML event file took precedence over HMAX definitions in the assembled model, regardless whether those were set interactively during the session or defined as solver settings in the assembly file. Although the TeimOrbit formatted Driver Control File (DCF) also supported HMAX settings in its MINI_MANEUVERS block, it was typically necessary to change the XML event file for standard events, especially if the assembled model had stricter HMAX requirements than the event. With this release, we effectively removed HMAX support from the XML driver control file. If you had HMAX defined in the TeimOrbit DCF file like this for example:

6 MD Adams 2010 Release NotesAdams/Car Release Notes

(MINI_MANEUVERS) {mini_maneuver abort_time 'INITIAL_SET' 2.0 ...

step_size 2.0E-02

hmax} 2.0E-03

the resulting XML event file will now use the value of "2.0E-03" to define 'samplePeriod' in the and tags, and set 'hMax' in the tag to zero (the header "hmax" in the example above is just a comment for readability, it does not actually define how the 3rd number in the following lines is interpreted). If HMAX is not defined in the DCF file, the smaller of the values for output step size and 0