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These slides came from a talk I gave at the Reinvention Center Conference in Virginia, November, 2010.


  • 1. RIC2010
    Digital Pedagogy
    + the Rise of the Fifth Estate
    Virginia Kuhn
    Associate Director,

2. RIC2010

Ways of Composing: Visual Literacy in the Digital Age, 2005
Ways of Composing: Visual Literacy in the Digital Age, 2005
Ways of Composing: Visual Literacy in the Digital Age, 2005
5. RIC2010
The dustup obscures a potential revolution in scholarship that may replace the universal format for composition since the Middle Ages the book, i.e., a linear sequence of pages containing text and graphic elements with a whole range of formatting options, the book being only one.
- Carl Marziali

6. RIC2010
21st century =
| mediated culture
| networked culture
|surveillance culture
7. RIC2010
IML approach
| let the pedagogy drive the technology
|culture of technology impacts pedagogy
8. RIC2010
literacy vselectracy(Ulmer)
| competent control of the
available semiotic resources
| ethical element
| advocacy element
| practice-based research
9. RIC2010
| Honors in Multimedia Scholarship
| Digital Studies Minor
|Graduate Certificate
- all include hands-on
- all teach tools
but only in their cultural, social and historical
10. RIC2010
course offering:
IML140 Workshop in Multimedia Authoring
IML101 The Languages of New Media
IML340 The Praxis of New Media
IML346 Methods in Multimedia Scholarship
IML420 Digital Media for Social Change
IML466 Digital Studies Symposium
IML400 Web Based Scholarship
IML501 Digital Media Workshop
IML295 Race, Class and Gender in Digital Space
IML555 Digital Pedagogies
IML500 Digital Topics and Techniques
IML535 Information Visualization
IML522 Tangible Computing

11. Speaking with Students:
Profiles in Digital Pedagogy
conceptual core
controlling idea, productive alignment with genre
form | content
controlled defensible design decisions, form serves content
research component
evidence of substantive research
creative realization
achieves something that could not be done on paper

12. RIC2010
13. RIC2010
Speaking with Students:
Profiles in Digital Pedagogy

14. RIC2010
Iraqi Doctors Project 2008-09
15. RIC2010
Film Art
Bordwell & Thompson
editing in and out of the camera

16. RIC2010
Fahrenheit 911
see eric fadens analysis of critics response
spring 2008
critics could not decode the complex visual syntax of remixed footage
17. RIC2010
people respond only to individuals in distress
psychic numbingand genocide
18. RIC2010
the neuroscientific evidence is becoming increasingly apparent that we understand, evaluate and react to the situation of other people by vicariously imagining them on the substrate of our own self.
Mary Helen Immordino-Yang + Antonio Damasio
19. RIC2010
the youtube gaze: permission to create?
enculturation journal of rhetoric, writing, and culture
special issue on video and participatory culture
20. RIC2010
Rethink Afghanistan project2009-10
- Brave New Films[]

archive.orgsearch iml340
21. RIC2010
Shoah Foundation Archive 2010-11

22. RIC2010
sample student project2008-09

23. RIC2010
| research
| scholarship
| tools

24. RIC2010
| tools
| alliances
| production of knowledge

25. RIC2010

26. RIC2010
avenues for further work + research
| neuroscience
| psychology
| networked semiotics

27. RIC2010
thank you!