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These slides came from a talk I gave at the Reinvention Center Conference in Virginia, November, 2010.


<ul><li> 1. RIC2010<br />Digital Pedagogy<br />+ the Rise of the Fifth Estate<br />Virginia Kuhn<br />Associate Director,<br /></li></ul> <p> 2. RIC2010<br /><br />Ways of Composing: Visual Literacy in the Digital Age, 2005<br />virginiakuhn<br /><br /> 3. <br />Ways of Composing: Visual Literacy in the Digital Age, 2005<br />virginiakuhn<br /><br /> 4. <br />Ways of Composing: Visual Literacy in the Digital Age, 2005<br />virginiakuhn<br /><br /> 5. RIC2010<br />The dustup obscures a potential revolution in scholarship that may replace the universal format for composition since the Middle Ages the book, i.e., a linear sequence of pages containing text and graphic elements with a whole range of formatting options, the book being only one. <br />- Carl Marziali<br /><br /> 6. RIC2010<br />21st century =<br />| mediated culture<br />| networked culture<br /> |surveillance culture<br /> 7. RIC2010<br />IML approach<br />| let the pedagogy drive the technology<br /> BUT<br /> |culture of technology impacts pedagogy <br /> 8. RIC2010<br />literacy vselectracy(Ulmer)<br /> | competent control of the<br />available semiotic resources<br />| ethical element <br />| advocacy element<br />| practice-based research <br /> 9. RIC2010<br />| Honors in Multimedia Scholarship<br />| Digital Studies Minor<br /> |Graduate Certificate<br />- all include hands-on<br />- all teach tools <br />but only in their cultural, social and historical <br />contexts<br /> 10. RIC2010<br />course offering:<br />current:<br />IML140 Workshop in Multimedia Authoring<br />IML101 The Languages of New Media<br />IML340 The Praxis of New Media<br />IML346 Methods in Multimedia Scholarship<br />IML420 Digital Media for Social Change<br />IML466 Digital Studies Symposium<br />IML400 Web Based Scholarship<br />IML501 Digital Media Workshop<br />adding:<br />IML295 Race, Class and Gender in Digital Space<br />IML555 Digital Pedagogies<br />IML500 Digital Topics and Techniques<br />IML535 Information Visualization<br />IML522 Tangible Computing<br /><br /> 11. Speaking with Students: <br />Profiles in Digital Pedagogy<br />RIC2010<br />conceptual core <br /> controlling idea, productive alignment with genre<br />form | content<br />controlled defensible design decisions, form serves content<br />research component<br /> evidence of substantive research<br />creative realization<br /> achieves something that could not be done on paper<br /><br /> 12. RIC2010<br /><br /><br /> 13. RIC2010<br />Speaking with Students: <br />Profiles in Digital Pedagogy<br /><br /><br /> 14. RIC2010<br />Iraqi Doctors Project 2008-09<br /><br /> 15. RIC2010<br />Film Art<br />Bordwell &amp; Thompson<br />editing in and out of the camera<br /><br /> 16. RIC2010<br />Fahrenheit 911<br />see eric fadens analysis of critics response<br />mediascape <br />spring 2008 <br /><br />critics could not decode the complex visual syntax of remixed footage <br /> 17. RIC2010<br />people respond only to individuals in distress<br /> psychic numbingand genocide<br /><br /> 18. RIC2010<br />the neuroscientific evidence is becoming increasingly apparent that we understand, evaluate and react to the situation of other people by vicariously imagining them on the substrate of our own self.<br />Mary Helen Immordino-Yang + Antonio Damasio<br /> 19. RIC2010<br />the youtube gaze: permission to create?<br />enculturation journal of rhetoric, writing, and culture<br />special issue on video and participatory culture<br /><br /><br /> 20. RIC2010<br />Rethink Afghanistan project2009-10<br />- Brave New Films[]<br /><br />archive.orgsearch iml340<br /> 21. RIC2010<br />Shoah Foundation Archive 2010-11<br /><br /> 22. RIC2010<br />sample student project2008-09<br /><br /> 23. RIC2010<br />| research<br />| scholarship<br />| tools<br /><br /> 24. RIC2010<br />| tools<br />| alliances<br />| production of knowledge<br /><br /> 25. RIC2010<br />tools:<br />scalar<br /><br /><br /> 26. RIC2010<br />avenues for further work + research<br />| neuroscience<br />| psychology<br />| networked semiotics<br /><br /> 27. RIC2010<br />thank you!<br /><br /><br /></p>