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TITLE: North Coast Business Park (NCBP) COSPONSORS: Clatsop County and City of Warrenton OWNERSHIP: Clatsop County LOCATION: Warrenton, Oregon CONTACT: Scott Somers, County Manager, Clatsop County Clatsop County Managers Office

800 Exchange Street Suite #410 Astoria, Oregon 97103

P: 503. 325. 1000 F: 503. 325. 8325 E: I:


Regionally Significant Industrial Area Nomination


Regionally Significant Industrial Area (RSIA) Nomination - North Coast Business Park - | PAGE 1


1. A short narrative explaining why the area nominated satisfies the definition for designation as a Regionally Significant Industrial Area as determined in Senate Bill 766, Section 6 (2a-d) listed below.

(2) Regionally significant industrial area means an area planned and zoned for industrial use that:

a. Contains vacant sites, including brownfields, that are suitable for the location of new

industrial uses or the expansion of existing industrial uses and that collectively can provide significant additional employment in the region;

The North Coast Business Park (NCBP) features approximately 162 acres of vacant land owned by Clatsop County located within the City of Warrenton. It is part of a larger collection of parcels acquired by the County in 1991 and targeted for development of family-wage jobs. The propertys General Industrial (I1) zoning designation allows a variety of uses including manufacturing, business offices and distribution services. The NCBP currently comprises two tax lots divided into four large sections by existing roads (see attached map). Taking into account all identified wetlands on the property and proposed protection and mitigation measures, approximately 117 acres are available for development.

b. Has site characteristics that give the area significant competitive advantages that are

difficult or impossible to replicate in the region.

The NCBP is the largest single, contiguous site of vacant, buildable, industrial-zoned property in Clatsop County. Its four sections range in size from 10.44 acres to 45.96 acres, offering very flexible development options and opportunities. It offers close proximity to two highways, a regional airport and a deep-water port, and is centrally located within 20 miles of all five of the countys incorporated cities. The property also lies outside the projected inundation zone associated with the Cascadia earthquake and tsunami. Other industrial properties in the county are limited in size or buildable area, contain wetlands or other restricting features, and/or are located within the tsunami zone or other flood areas.

c. Has superior access to transportation and freight infrastructure, including, but not

limited to, rail, port, airport, multimodal freight or transshipment facilities, and other major transportation facilities or routes; and

The NCBP features immediate access to US Highway 101 and is within five (5) miles of U.S. Highway 30, both of which serve as connectors to freight routes and interstate highways. Interstate 5 is 55 miles away via Highway 30. The site is two (2) miles from the Warrenton-Astoria Regional Airport, which has two main asphalt runways (5,796 and 4,490 in length and 100 in width) and is approximately five (5) miles from deep-water shipping facilities at the Port of Astoria.

Regionally Significant Industrial Area (RSIA) Nomination - North Coast Business Park - | PAGE 2

d. Is located in close proximity to major labor markets. The NCBP is located within the City of Warrenton (population 5,135), within five (5) miles of the City of Astoria (population 9,516), approximately 10 miles of the Cities of Gearhart (population 1,480) and Seaside (population 6,471), and within 20 miles of the City of Cannon Beach, (population 1,692). The unemployment rate in Clatsop County and Wahkiakum County is 6% and Pacific County at 4%. A total of 10.8% of the countys workforce commutes from neighboring Tillamook and Columbia counties in Oregon and Pacific and Wahkiakum Counties in Washington. The cities of Warrenton and Astoria constitute one of the larger urbanized areas on the northern Oregon and Southern Washington coasts (approximately 15,000 residents). Being an urban hub attracts many to the Astoria-Warrenton area for employment and recreation. Of the approximately 23,000 workers, about one-fifth who work in Clatsop County live outside of the County. The Wauna Paper Mill near the community of Westport, Oregon and across the Columbia River from Cathlamet, Washington has many workers who live in Wahkiakum County and commute to the Wauna Mill.

2. Name of area, if any (e.g., Smithfield Industrial Park)

North Coast Business Park (NCBP)

3. Property description, including Township, Range, Section, and list of taxlot numbers for the entire area.

4. Map of area included in the nomination (prefer aerial with clearly defined boundary of the proposed area, north arrow, major streets identified, scale, title and legend where appropriate). See Appendices for MAP/IMAGE.

5. Zoning of the nominated area and comprehensive plan map of proposed site and surrounding area. See Appendices for MAP/IMAGE.

Township Range Section Taxlot # 8 10 27 206

8 10 27 207

Regionally Significant Industrial Area (RSIA) Nomination - North Coast Business Park - | PAGE 3

6. Description of existing development, if any, by parcel and the potential for new construction. The site was cleared and extensively graded in the 1960s in preparation for the construction of a proposed aluminum plant, which was never built. The two taxlots that comprise the North Coast Business Park are essentially vacant, except for the County Sheriffs Parole and Probation facility located on the southern portion of the site. There are two public roads (SE 19th Street and Ensign Lane) that divide the NCBP into four (4) areas. After avoiding wetlands, the four (4) developable sections of 10.44 acres, 19.94 acres, 40.88 acres and 45.96 acres remain available for development. Since the site is vacant it is a blank slate for most industries that can adhere to the propertys zoning designation as per the City of Warrenton, which is General Industrial (I1). This designation allows, but is not limited to, manufacturing, research and development, laboratories, printing facilities, professional, financial or business offices, storage and distribution services and facilities, and vehicle repair.

7. Other information (site attributes, regional assets, shovel ready certification, enterprise zone, utility capacity, any known environmental constraints, etc) that you believe will assist the council in making a decision on designation of the proposed area.

In anticipation of development of the NCBP, the County has initiated participation in Business Oregons Industrial Site Certification Program. Upon site certification the NCBP will be marketed to host general manufacturing or campus industrial/electronic and computer assembly.

The County is pursuing the establishment of an Enterprise Zone to cover the NCBP, and is working not only with the City of Warrenton, but also the Port of Astoria and other potential partners. The County anticipates submitting a proposal by the fall of 2014.

Wetlands The site contains wetlands of varying quality scattered throughout the property. Clatsop County staff has been closely coordinating with local, state and federal agencies on a proposed plan to preserve more than 44 acres of the most valuable wetland property in the NCBP in three (3) avoidance areas, and to identify and acquire off-site areas for mitigation for fill activity carried out elsewhere on the site. Two (2) projects that will be completed shortly are a stormwater plan/biological assessment, and a compensatory wetland mitigation plan. County staff anticipates submitting a formal Joint Permit Application (JPA) for fill activity to the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and Oregon Department of State Lands by the end of July 2014, with permit approval possible by mid-2015.

Electrical Approximately 2 MW of electrical service capacity is currently available to the site with some feeder line construction. Up to 20 MW could be available with substation improvements and transmission loop construction.

Water Water service is provided by the City of Warrenton, whose systems offer the required capacity. Water service will be obtained from the existing 18 diameter main located at the intersection of SE Ensign Lane and SE 19th Street. In future phases of the NCBP this transmission line will be extended through the NCBP in a north-south direction to SE 19th Street, to US 101-Business and south on US 101-Business to SE 19th Street creating a looped 18 diameter system. Additional water main extensions and loops of various sizes are anticipated to be extended from this 18 looped systems as the business park develops.

Regionally Significant Industrial Area (RSIA) Nomination - North Coast Business Park - | PAGE 4

Sewer The existing 12 diameter gravity sewer has sufficient capacity to serve the southeastern and central portion of the NCBP. New sewer lines will be required to serve the northern portion of the site. Given the flat topography and the fairly shallow depth of the existing lift station at the southwestern corner of the NCBP, an additional lift station would be required in the northern portion of the site. For planning purposes, it is assumed that 8, 10, and 12 diameter gravity sew


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