red-fronted macaw

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Red-Fronted Macaw Bird: Ara Rubrogenys

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Red-Fronted Macaw. Bird: Ara Rubrogenys. Contents. Interesting Facts and Figures Page 3 The Ecosystem Page 4 Code of Ethics Page Children’s Story Page Bibliography Page. Interesting Facts and figures. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Red-Fronted Macaw

Red-Fronted MacawBird: Ara RubrogenysContentsInteresting Facts and Figures Page 3The Ecosystem Page 4Code of Ethics PageChildrens Story PageBibliography Page

Interesting Facts and figures

The Red-Fronted Macaw is a bird that lives in a Bolivian mountainous semi-desert area around 200 kilometres west from Santa Cruz. The Red-fronted Macaw (unlike most Macaws, that nest in trees) makes its home in cliff faces, making a relatively safe nest. This parrot is endangered because of habitat and vegetation loss. The communities of Bolivia and other countries are banding together to save these amazing parrots.

3The Ecosystem

Red-Fronted MacawCode of EthicsDont chase or frighten birds while bird watching.If in macaw range DONT lay poison or traps.The act of feeding wild Macaws is prohibited.Do not hunt or trap Macaws.If you have pet bird(s) try and stay away from Macaw breeding grounds.If you find a hurt or injured Macaw, call your nearest trustworthy veterinary clinic.

Macey the MacawMacey was a young Red-Fronted Macaw. He loved to fly around and have adventures but never did he dare to walk or run on the ground. No, that was the bear territory, a no go for birds. One day Macey was flying around, seeing new sights, when he heard the most beautiful sound he had ever heard. Qwooi, qwooi i, the whistle was far but powerful, Macey quickly turned and headed for its source. Then he saw it, a small female Macaw, sitting, whistling on its perch. Hang on, a perch! He was so intent on finding the sound that he didnt notice the houses veranda, on which the cage sat . He landed in a nearby tree and watched; there wasnt any movement, the female bird seemed to be alone. Macey was used to being alone, his parents had grown tired during a flight and had to land on the ground. He never saw them again. He carefully glided over to the cage and looked in. Hi the voice appeared Im Leslie. Uh, hi Macey said slowly. I need to get you out of this horrible cage! No! This is my home. And as a civilised bird I invite you for a drink. Said the bird he now knew as Leslie. He ducked through the hole in the cage and said happily

Macey the MacawThank you. He was very thirsty after the long flight around. It is nice to have company once in a while Said Macey. He explained how he lived on his own. So do you want to stay?Leslie asked. You get full food and water... bed and breakfast as my master says. You know what? Macey happily said. I think I will. And so after being alone most of his life Macey found a friend, a master, and food and water in his bowl each morning.

He had found his place,

And They Lived Happily Ever After.


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