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2. So what are we building? 3. Quasar Facility .25 acre 300K gallons Gas Membrane Digestion Tank Containerized Support Equipment Specifications: Complete Mix (30 day HRT) 100% Automated Mesophilic (100 degrees F) 3 year performance guarantee 4. Simplified Anaerobic Digestion Process Manure SSO SSO SSO SSO Processing Farm AD System Electricity/Heat Digested Fiber Recycled Fertilizer 5. The Anaerobic Digestion Approval Environment Manure SSO SSO SSO SSO Processing Farm AD System Electricity/Heat Digested Fiber Recycled Fertilizer DEP DEP MDAR DEP MDAR/APR NRCS NRCS DPU NGrid DEP Muni 6. Anaerobic Digestion GHG Reduction and Energy

  • Combustion of Methane:
  • CH 4+ 2O 2 CO 2+ 2H 2 O
  • Transforms methane (Global Warming Potential of 21-25) to carbon dioxide (GWP of 1)
  • Replaces fossil fuel use for electricity generation and local heating

300kW GenSet 92.5% Uptime X = 2,430,900kWhper year 2,430,900kWh per year / 7,620 kWh per household = 319Renewable Massachusetts Households per AD 7. Benefits of Anaerobic Digestion Deployment Host Farm - Reduced energy cost (electricity and heat) - Reduced manure odor/pathogen load w/ increased inorganic nitrogen content - Recycled nutrients for field fertilization - Animal bedding - New Farm Income Local Community - Renewable power produced for export at high efficiency - Preservation and creation of local jobs - Reduced manure spreading odor - Recycled nutrients available for local agriculture - Preservation of agricultural heritage The Commonwealth - Diversion of organic materials from landfills - Helps meet state renewable power goals - Attracts clean tech technology development Our World Community - Reduces greenhouse gas emissions 8. Challenges Juggling Many Parties Farms Organics Energy Funding Utilities Attributes Workable net metering orfeed-in tariff Sale of excess electricity at close to retail Short turn around for equity Not bundled with energy Cash Market Scrape facilities Use, or willing to switch to organic bedding Truck Access (25 ton loads) 3 phase power service Existing heat demand and waste heat user 350-1,000 cows, or ability to aggregate Existing waste hauler Allowances and incentives for organic waste diversion Market size and current Cost of disposal Fields with slight or no slope Desire to control odor or environmental challenge Proximity Grant Programs Equipment/ ConstructionEquity and Loans Interconnection requirement Bonds Equity Sources Long term utility contract Co-products Organic fertilizer market Soil amendment market 9. US Dairy Farms vs Digester Deployment Slide 10. Goal of AGreen Energy Smaller facilities, more output Existing Sites - Vermont Herd kW (const.) kW / Cow Blue Spruce Farm 950 148 .16 Green Mountain Dairy 1,050 208 .20 Montagne Farms 680 159 .23 Berkshire Cow Power, LLC 1,500 399 .27 Maxwells Neighborhood Energy, LLC 850 199 .23 Gervais Family Farm 950 89 .09 AgStar Average (Plugflow) 1,809 388 .20 AgStar Average (Complete Mix) 1,069 325 .29 Proposed CM w/ food waste system 350 210 .60 11. Hof Oegens 185kW, model facility Important Characteristics -Small herd (120 cows from two herds) -Large amount of non-manure substrate -Use of waste heat for ag purposes -Commercial site 12. Hof Oegen - CHP

  • 185kW containerized, quiet, process controls
  • Sends hot water to greenhouses as well as electricity to grid

Sensor Reports Containerized CHP Output Meter 13. Hof Oegen Waste Heat Utilization

  • 1,000m3 currently, heat production can support up to 4,000m3

Heat Exchanger Soil Sterilizer Digester House/Barns Greenhouses Waste Heat Use 25% 35% 40% (10% now) 14. How Much? Going from One to Five Farms: Project Challenge First Farm: All Set, Operational in 2010 Project Funding One Farm Grants 1,050,000 OtherEquity 800,000 Loan 900,000 Total: $2,750,000 Loan Guarantees 1,800,000 Project Spending One Farm Equipment 2,200,000 Fees 550,000 Total: $2,750,000 15. Future Business Development More Farms

  • Source Separated Organics Facility planned utilization is 50%
  • Fifty-two dairy farms in MA of the correct size (five in this project)
  • Management, O&M, etc. built to scale with additional facilities
  • Small state size creates geographic efficiency in a uniform regulatory environment (transport distances)

? 16. Future Business Development CoProduct Dev.

  • EnerGro, a product developed by Clear Horizons to market their fiber product
  • A mixture of dried manure solids and other soil products
  • Inclusion of manure fibers adds nutrients (NPK)
  • Developed as a replacement to peat moss
  • Primarily used in container growing

17. Future Business Development Feedstock Dev.

  • Agricultural waste/non-market products
  • Develop when SSO markets have exhausted potential for growth

Grasses Corn Silage 18. Future Business Development Energy Products

  • Biogas, a mixture of carbon dioxide, methane, and other trace substances can be cleaned and used as an alternative to natural gas in existing CNG/NG engines
  • Can be injected into local NG grid
  • Market: off-site heating, CNG engines (buses), natural gas generators
  • Image: a biogas cleaning, compression, and injection facility owned by EWE AG

19. Thank You Sam Snellings AGreen Energy, LLC 580 Harrison Ave, Suite 404 Boston, Massachusetts 02109 339-235-0145 [email_address] (and thanks to the EPA AgStar program, the USDA, NRCS, the APR Program, the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection, the Massachusetts Department of Agricultural Resources, The Massachusetts Department of Public Utilities, MassCEC, Western Mass Electric Company, New England Organics, Quasar Energy Group, Rockville Farm, Barstows Longview Farm, Jordan Dairy Farms, Hager Brothers Farm, National Grid, Mary Greendale, Energy Consumers Alliance of New England, Sebesta Blomberg, First Pioneer Farm Credit, Farm Viability, Brown and Caldwell, TechEnvironmental and the dozens of other organizations and individuals who have helped over the past two years to make this all a reality)


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