r. salzer r. salzer irmm geel, 26.-27.10.10 two-cycle structure models, 2008/09. ectn 1996 1999 2002

Download R. Salzer R. Salzer IRMM Geel, 26.-27.10.10 Two-cycle structure models, 2008/09. ECTN 1996 1999 2002

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  • Analytical Chemistry in the European Higher Education Area

    R. Salzer

    IRMM Geel, 26.-27.10.10

    Two-cycle structure models, 2008/09

  • ECTN






    118 European partners from 28 countries 3 non-European partners Partners include EuCheMS, CEFIC, GSK, ASIIN

    Royal Society of Chemistry, UK/Ireland ASIIN, Germany Società Chimica Italiana Polish Accreditation Council UKA

    IRMM Geel, 26.-27.10.10

  • Chemistry Eurolabels®

    Such labels are based on the concept of subject benchmarks,

    written not in terms of „how many hours of lectures“ but of learning outcomes.

    For Chemistry: Budapest Descriptors


    IRMM Geel, 26.-27.10.10

  • Bologna and Lisbon go Hand in Hand

    • Bologna Process: European Higher Education Area (EUR 46)

    • Lisbon Strategy for Growth and Jobs: Knowledge Society (EU 27 + 6)



    → Employability

    IRMM Geel, 26.-27.10.10

  • C&EN Employment Survey 2008

    IRMM Geel, 26.-27.10.10

  • IRMM Geel, 26.-27.10.10

    Potential Skills Shortages

    Rodney P Townsend Chairman European Technology Platform on Sustainable Chemistry “SusChem”

    Recent studies indicate that EU Chemical Industry is likely to suffer from skills shortages.

    Some shortages from a mismatch between the requirements of industry and taught courses e.g. academia focuses on synthetic chemistry but 40% of EU chemical production involves formulation chemistry.

    Two thirds of chemical companies currently have difficulties in filling vacancies.

  • IRMM Geel, 26.-27.10.10

    Analytical Science in Industry

    Klaus-Peter Jäckel Head, Analytical Dept. BASF Ludwigshafen

    No new products from R&D without analytical science

    No registration of products without analytical science

    No efficient production without analytical science

    No sale of products without analytics for product release

    Total expenses for analytics are < 5% of R&D- und production budget

    Today analytical science is an important element of the value-added chain of any chemical company.

  • IRMM Geel, 26.-27.10.10

    Foresight Required

    Device horizon scanning activities.

    Set up a small working group, e.g. with people from JRC, ECTN, Eurachem, CEFIC, SusChem, EuCheMS.

    Involve universities as well.

  • Measurement Science in Chemistry


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