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Serkan Unal Partner manager

Simplifying Decisions for Everyone.

A New Kind of Software Company

• U.S.-based company, founded in 1993 in Sweden

• Highest customer success rate

• World’s fastest-growingBI vendor*

• $120 million revenue and50% growth in 2008

• 560,000 users in 12,500 customers in 95 countries

• 800+ global partners

• 530 employees across 22 offices in 12 countries

Broad Base of 12,500 Customers

The Typical Business App Experience

Extremely Costly

Hard To Get the Right Data

Industry Average Deployment: 17 Months

Industry Average App Creation: 5 Months




Long Time to Get Results

SAP BW Cognos Business Objects

Data in Multiple Formats

Users Unsure Getting Right Data


36% Users Certain Getting

Right Data

BARC BI Survey 8 InfoWorld & IDC BI Survey

• Anyone can use them

• Simple and intuitive

• Results in seconds

• No training

• Self-service

• Addictive

• People love using them

Today’s Consumer App Experience

QlikView Combines The Power of Business Apps with the Consumer App Experience

• Easy to use as a consumer app

• Instant results

• Addictive

• Gorgeous, intuitive interface

• Delivers the big picture and deep analysis

• Makes the complex simple

• Lets business users achieve the impossible

• People love using it

Achieving The Impossible:The QlikView Customer Experience

Findings from IDC/QlikTech Joint Survey

BI Initiative Success and Satisfaction• 96% of customers are satisfied with QlikView

ROI (Return On Investment)• 186% Return On Investment• 6.5 month payback period

Time to Value

44% deployed QlikView in 1 Month

77% deployed QlikView in 3 Months

50% reduction in information access and analysis time

-100 0 100

Business Results

20% decrease in operating costs

34% increase in employee productivity

16% increase in revenue

23% increase in cash flow

Making the Complex Simple

• Consolidate informationrapidly from any data source

• Search data withGoogle-like ease

• Visualize data withstate-of-the art graphics

• Templates on Exact/Synergy

Empowering Business Users

• Easily analyze and drill down into key elementsof the business

• Forecast, trend and createWhat-If? Scenarios

• Create self-service custom apps and dashboards

• “Pull model” gives users what they need when they need it

Dutch Exact Users Use QlikView

Proven Enterprise Capabilities

Highly Scalable• Perfect linear scalability• Automatic load balancing• Supports large, complex and

concurrent queries

• Merck• NHS• Panasonic• Pfizer• Qualcomm• Shell• 3M• Toyota• WD-40

13,000+ Users

11,000+ Users

2 Billion Records

140 Million Records

Large numbers of users

Large Data Sets

Many Enterprise Deployments• Air Products• Campbell's Soup• Canon• Dakotacare• Fila• Gatorade• Heidelberg• KBV• Lifetime Brands

Customer Snapshot: Royal Sens

Production of high quality labels for consumer goods

Deployed in 3 weeks, 1st application running in 3 days (seeing is believing event)Data sources: Account View, Common Sens (production)

• Production analysis• Financial & Budget analysis• Sales analysis

Results:• 25% reduction in information analysis time• Improved decisions and measuring costs• Able to make fast changes in production process


• Provides a consumer app experience using sophisticated business data

• Highest customer satisfaction: 96%

• Fastest time to value: 1-3 Months

• 30-day money back guarantee

• Seeing Is Believing—In 2-3 days, we will build any company a working QlikView application using its own data