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Qbasic Interface

Qbasic InterfaceKaye CallorinaJolina PanabangGRADE 9-SSC-NEUMANN

What can you say about this blue thing? WHAT IS IT?

Qbasic Interface

Qbasic InterfaceThe interface has the following features:Window displaying the current programMenuName of current programWindow to immediately execute a commandStatus barStatus of Caps Lock and Num LockCurrent line of cursorCurrent column of cursor

What is Qbasic?Microsoft QBasic(MicrosoftQuick Beginners All purpose Symbolic Instruction Code) is anIDEandinterpreter for a variant of theBASIC programming languagewhich is based onQuickBASIC. Code entered into the IDE is compiled to an intermediate form, and this intermediate form is immediately interpreted on demand within the IDE.

Qbasic ExamplesQBasic came complete with four pre-written example programs. These were "Nibbles, a variant of theSnake game; "Gorillas", anArtillery game; MONEY MANAGER", a personal finance manager; and "RemLine, a GW-BASIC code line-number-removing program

The Qbasic Interface and its Parts

Current Program The current program is displayed in the middle of the screen, and covers most of the Qbasic interface.

Current Program

MenuThe menu provides most of the operations for the Qbasic editor. Such as opening a file, pasting text, and searching a string.


New- clears the current programOpen- Loads a program from diskSave- Saves the current program to diskSave as- Saves the program, but under a different namePrint- Prints the selected text, current window, or entire programExit- Closes the Qbasic interpreter


Cut- Removes the selected text and stores in the clipboardCopy- Copies the text instead of removing itPaste- Adds the text in the clipboard to the current position of the cursorClear- Removes the text without storing it in the clipboardNew Sub- Enables you to create a new subroutineNew Function- Enables you to create a new function



SUBs- Shows the list of current subroutines(*Note: Other Qbasics View have Split and Ouput Screen)

Find- Allows you to search for a string of text in the programRepeat Last Find- Continues the previous search operationChange- Replaces each instance of a string with another string



Start- Executes the current programRestart- Starts from the beginningContinue- Continues execution at the current position

Step- Processes the next commandProcedure Step- Processes the next command, but does not show QBasic going inside a subroutine or functionTrace On- Shows the command that is being executed while the program is running


Display- Enables you to change display colors, the number of spaces to use for tabs, and whether or not scroll bars are visibleHelp Path- The location of the QBASIC.HLP fileSyntax Checking- Allows you to have the QBasic editor check the syntax of your program as you type


Index- List of all QBasic commands, keywords, operators, etc.Contents- The table of contents for QBasic helpTopic- Show help for a specific keywordUsing Help- Displays information on using QBasic helpAbout- Shows information about the QBasic interpreter

Name of current programThe file name of the current program is displayed near the top of the screen in the center. You can change the name by selecting"Save As"on the"File"menu.

Immediately execute a commandQBasic provides a way to execute a command without running the current program. To do so, select the bottom window (under"immediate") and enter a command, then pressEnter.

Status barThe status bar is at the bottom of the screen. It displays a short list commands( ).When you highlight an item on the menu, the status bar displays a short description of what the item does.

Status of Caps Lock and Num LockIfCaps Lockis set, a"C"is displayed on the right side of the status bar.IfNum Lockis set, an"N"is displayed on the right side of the status bar.

Current lineOn the right side of the status bar, the currentlineof the cursor is displayed.

Current columnOn the right side of the status bar, the currentcolumnof the cursor is displayed (immediately after the current line).

*Qbasic functions like the human body. It can not do its work without the help of ALL its parts.

ABOUT THE AUTHORS:Names: Kaye Callorina Jolina PanabangAge: 15Address: San-Pablo, Binalonan Sto. Domingo, San ManuelBirthdate: August 11, 1999 September 29, 1999GRADE 9-SSC-NEUMANNJuan G. Macaraeg National High School