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Video at: If you love C# and .NET, you may be surprised to see how many of the features you love also exist in Python (often first). Python is a wonderful language. It is a clean high-level language which values readability over many trade-offs. You can build web applications serving billions of monthly page views. You can build cross-platform GUI applications such as DropBox. You can access amazingly powerful database servers such as MongoDB and SQL Server. But did you know many of the things you absolutely love about C# also exist in Python? Lambda expressions - check. foreach loops - check. Rich class library - check. Iterators - check. And there is more. Come learn about all the things you love from C# and see how they are accomplished in Python.


<ul><li> Python for the C# developer by Michael Kennedy DevelopMentor | @mkennedy | </li> <li> Agenda Introduce the basics of the Python language Review what is awesome about C# and .NET Explore Python's version of each C# / .NET feature </li> <li> The Python language in 10 minutes Batteries included (large standard library) High-level programming language Interpreted (sometimes JIT compiled) Object-oriented (especially Python 3) Strongly-typed with dynamic semantics Syntax emphasizes readability Supports modules and packages </li> <li> The shape of a Python program Python defines code blocks (known as suites in Python) using whitespace and colons. </li> <li> Demo Python language demo </li> <li> What's awesome about C# and .NET? System.Object: Everything is an object. LINQ IEnumerable + foreach loops Visual Studio / IDEs Class properties ( int Age {get; set;} ) Side-by-side execution (isolation) Anonymous types Iterator methods / yield return Add reference Anonymous methods / lambdas / closures NuGET package management Base class libraries Entity Framework / ORMs JIT compilation Great debugging tools Resharper and IDE plugins ASP.NET MVC GUI designers </li> <li> Visual Studio C# Python </li> <li> IDEs C# Python </li> <li> Great debuggers C# Python </li> <li> Everything is an object C# Python </li> <li> IEnumerable + foreach loops C# Python </li> <li> IEnumerable + foreach loops C# Python </li> <li> Properties C# Python </li> <li> Anonymous objects C# Python </li> <li> Lambda expressions C# Python </li> <li> LINQ C# Python </li> <li> NuGET package management C# Python </li> <li> NuGET package management 17,326 packages 37,571 packages </li> <li> Iterator methods / yield return C# code Python code </li> <li> ASP.NET MVC C# Python </li> <li> Entity Framework C# Python </li> <li> JIT Compilation C# JIT compilation via CLR Python </li> <li> GUI Designer C# Python </li> <li> Summary: Python for the C# developer Python language is simple, concise, and readable Many parts of C# and .NET are awesome Python often has equivalent features sometimes nicer sometimes less nice Python has a very capable IDE / Debugger in PyCharm </li> </ul>


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