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In this session I present a high-level overview of Microsoft tools for Python developers, including Python Tools for Visual Studio, CPython & IronPython, Azure Websites and more. This session is primarily targeted for college students but can be adapted for any audience.


  • 1. Python Developer Toolbox Nick Landry Microsoft Senior Technical Evangelist @ActiveNick
  • 2. @ActiveNick Who is ActiveNick? 2005-2014
  • 3. Getting Started with Python
  • 4. Visual Studio 2013 for desktop Visual Studio 2013 Update 3 Python Tools for Visual Studio Python 3.4 interpreter Python Developer Setup
  • 5. Geek Tip!
  • 6. How do I know I installed everything correctly? Hello World!
  • 7. DEMO Creating your Hello World program in Python!
  • 8. The best Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for Mobile Web Cloud Games Hardware, Desktop, etc. Visual StudioProfessional Edition Mobile App Development: Universal Windows apps for Windows Phone & Windows tablets, hybrids, laptops & desktops Mobile Hybrid apps with Cordova Mobile Web apps with HTML5 & JavaScript Native iOS & Android apps with Xamarin Web Applications: ASP.NET, HTML5, SPAs, Python, support for 100% client-side JavaScript frameworks Cloud Development with Azure in .NET or Node C# Scripting Editor for Unity Games Arduino Sketches, .NET Micro Framework, IoT, etc. Windows Desktop apps, Office apps, C#, C++, VB, F#, JavaScript, Python, Ruby, and more
  • 9. DreamSpark Free software for students Visual Studio Professional 2013, Blend, etc. SQL Server 2014, Windows Server 2012, and more More software available through your schoolvia DreamSpark Premium Free app publisher account Free MS Press eBooks Apply now at
  • 10. Pick up good habits right away! # #MyfirstPythonApplication #Createdbyme! #Printcommanddisplaysamessageonthescreen print('HelloWorld')
  • 11. Hosting Your Stuff in the Cloud Microsoft Azure
  • 12. BizSpark BizSpark 3 years ofMicrosoft software: MSDN Ultimate Subscriptions $150 / month in Azure cloud credits. Office 365 Developer Up to 8 users per BizSpark accountper startup Technical & product support. Offers from network partners Marketing visibility. Events. Ecosystem Connections.
  • 13. Free Website, Blog & Web App Hosting HTML5 ASP.NET Apache Tomcat 7 WordPress, Joomla! PHP & MySQL Django, Bottle, Flask, etc. Drupal, and many more 10 Websites for free! 1 GB storage, 165 MB per day outbound data Shared Websites: $10/month 1 GB storage, unlimited outbound data, custom domain support Basic Website on A2 instance 10 GB storage, $112/month Microsoft Azure
  • 14. Free Dev Workstationsin the Cloud Windows Store DevelopmentWorkstations in the cloud Visual Studio Ultimate 2013 Update 2on Windows 8.1 Enterprise x64 Visual Studio Ultimate 2013 Update 3 with Multi-Device Hybrid Apps CTP 2.0on Windows 8.1 x64 Visual Studio Professional 14 CTP 2on Windows Server 2012 R2 Windows 7 Enterprise SP1 x64 Large instance (A3): $80/month 4 cores, 7GB RAM 10 hrs./day, 26 days/month XL instance (A4): $135/month 8 cores, 14GB RAM 10 hrs./day, 22 days/month Medium instance (A2): $115/mo 2 cores, 3.5GB RAM 24/7 uptime Microsoft Azure
  • 15. Online Microsoft training delivered by experts to help technologists continually learn Hundreds of courses for developers, IT Pros, students, entrepreneurs and enthusiasts 11 different languages More than 2.1M students registered Build your own Learning Plan All free!
  • 16. to-programming-with-python Learn Python with MVA
  • 17. Summary
  • 18. Technical Resources Resources
  • 19. Recommended Python, Django, Web Books Windows Azure Web Sites(James Chambers) Learning Python, 5th Edition(Mark Lutz) Python Tools for Visual Studio(Martino Sabia, Cathy Wang)
  • 20. Thank You! Slides are posted on my Slideshare account. Demos are on GitHub. Twitter:@ActiveNick Mobile Apps: LinkedIn: GitHub: Email:


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