Pwad i midterm test review jpgs & captions, fall 2010(2)

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<ul><li> 1. Perspectives inWorld Art &amp; Design(part I) Professor Marianne Eggler-Gerozissis Parsons New School of Design School of Art &amp; Design History &amp; Theory WELCOME!</li></ul> <p> 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. WELCOMEto the FALL SEMESTER! 7. MATERIAL to review for MIDTERM: Introductory material Prehistoric Ancient Near East Ancient Egypt AegeanAncient Greece Ancient Rome 8. PART I ESSAY Choose ONE (1) essay from the list provided - work up your essay this week WORTH 25 pts max.! 9. PART I SLIDE IDs (10 individual objects; ea. 4 pts. Max. = 40) Get 4 out of 5 right for full credit DATING : use circa and do your best I have rounded off some dates3x5 cards very useful Friends/study-buddiesin the class priceless Try a study group meeting 10. Unknown, Spotted Horses &amp; Human Hands, from Pech-Merle Cave, c. 25,000-15,000 B.C.E., paint on limestone, French Prehistoric Paleolithic 11. Unknown, Woman from Willendorf, c. 24,000 B.C.E., limestone, Austrian Prehistoric Paleolithic 12. Unknown, Stonehenge, England, c. 2,900-1,500 BCE, sandstone and bluestone, British prehistoric (Neolithic) period, 13. Unknown, Votive figures, limestone, alabaster &amp; gypsum, c. 2900-2600 BCE, ancient Near Eastern, Sumerian 14. Unknown, Bull lyre, from the royal tombs of Ur (modern Iraq), c. 2500 B.C.E. wood with gold, silver lapis lazuli, bitumen, and shell, reassembled in a modern wood support. Ancient Near Eastern Sumerian 15. Unknown, Stele of Naramsin, limestone, c. 2200 BCE, ancient Near Eastern, Akkadian 16. Unknown,Ruins of the Anu Ziggurat &amp; White Temple, Uruk, (modern Iran), c. 3,000 B.C.E., architecture, Ancient Near Eastern, Sumerian culture. 17. Unknown,Stele of Hammurabi, Susa (now Iran), c. 1,750 B.C.E., diorite, Ancient Near Eastern, Babylonian culture. 18. Unknown,Ishtar Gate &amp; throne room wall, from Babylon (now modern Iraq), c. 575 B.C.E., glazed brick, Ancient Near Eastern, Neo-Babylonian culture. 19. Unknown, Palette of Narmer, c. 2900 BCE, green schist,Egypt Early dynastic period 20. Unknown, Great Pyramids at Giza, c. 2500 BCE, limestone &amp; granite, Egypt Old Kingdom 21. Unknown, Menkaure and a Queen, c. 2490 BCE, graywacke w/paint traces,Egypt Old Kingdom 22. Unknown, Hypostyle Hall, Great Temple of Amun at Karnak, architecture, c. 1200 BCE, Egypt New Kingdom 23. Unknown, Tutankhamuns coffin, from the tomb of Tut. in the Valley of the Kings, c. 1330 BCE, Gold inlaid with glass and semiprecious stones (innermost coffin), Egypt, New Kingdom 24. Unknown, Rosetta Stone, 196 BCE, stone, Egyptian Ptolmaic period 25. Unknown, Palace Complex at Knossos, island of Crete, architecture, c. 1900-1400 BCE, ancient Aegean Minoan 26. Unknown,Woman or goddess with Snakes, from Knossos,Crete, c. 1700-1500 BCE, Faience, ancient Aegean Minoan 27. Unknown, Pendant of gold bees, from Crete, ancient Greek (c. 1600 BCE) gold, ancient Aegean Minoan 28. Unknown, Citadel at Mycenae, architecture, c. 1600-12000 BCE, ancient Aegean Mycenaen 29. Unknown,Funerary krater, from theDipylon Cemetery, Athens, c. 700 BCE, ceramic, ancientGreece, geometricperiod 30. Unknown, New York/MetropolitanKouros,c. 600 BCE,marble, Greece Archaic period 31. Kallikrates and Iktinos and others, the Parthenon on the Acropolis, Athens, Greece, (c. 440 BCE), marble, ancient Greek Classical period 32. Pheidias or his workshop, three goddesses, from the east pediment of the Parthenon, Athens, Greece, (c. 440 BCE), marble, ancient Greek Classical period 33. Polykleitos,The Doryphoros (Spear Bearer), c. 450 BCE,ancient Roman marble copyof an ancient Greek bronze) original from the ancient Greece Classical period 34. Unknown, Reclining Couple of a Sarcophagus, from Cerveteri, Italy, c. 500 BCE, Italy Etruscan culture 35. Unknown, Pont du Gard, in Nimes, France, stone, ancient Roman 36. Unknown,Augustus of Primaporta , c. 20 CE, marble (originally colored), ancient Rome 37. Unknown, House of the Vettii, peristyle garden, in Pompeii, c. 70 CE, architecture, ancient Roman 38. Unknown, the Pantheon, Rome, c. 120 CE, marble, concrete and rubble, ancient Roman 39. Unknown, Triumphal Arch of Constantine, 315 CE, marble, ancient Rome 40. PART III SLIDE COMPARISONS 2 pairs; for each pair you will answer one ID element (title, or date, or medium/media &amp; ground, etc.) AND a thematic comparison question some themes are posted as a word doc.) (2 pairs, each 10 pts. = 20). 41. PART III TERM definitions and examples (terms are posted as a Word doc.) (10 terms, each 2-part (def. and example); definition 1 pt.; title of an example - .5 total 15 pts. Max.) 42. GOOD LUCK!! 43. extra credit.?</p>


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