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An encapsulation of all that Purnell is thankful for.


  • Thankfu l PURNELL IS

  • During Morning Meeting, the Purnell Community was asked What are you thankful for?

    The following is a encapsulation of the responses.

  • We are thankful for...my beautiful, loving family

    My parents who work so hard so i can get the things i want and be who i am

    my mom for doing what she does for me

  • My husband

    We are thankful for...my dad for making me laugh

    My husband

    My Grandpa

    My wife

  • My husband

    my dog, because i trained him

    my sisters

    my brother for being such a good role model and putting a smile on my face

    My cats

  • My husband

    We are thankful for...my Purnell Family

    My great teachers

    sage making great food

    My big sister

    My advisor

    My amazing friendsMy roommate

  • My husband

    everyone around me who has taught me valuable lessons

    education and the opportunity to go to school, because others are not as fortunate

    A job I absolutely love

  • My husband

    We are thankful for...the opportunity to go abroad

    books poetrywriting

    a positive work environment

  • My husband

    the clothes on my back and the shoes on my feet

    the luxuries of modern technology; the internet, amazon, video games

    music Art language

  • My husband

    We are thankful for...Animals




    horseback riding

  • My husband




    anime FirefIghters

  • My husband

    We are thankful for...the way the seasons change

    waking up in the morning

    warm showersa bed to sleep in

    the food i eat my health

    clean water

  • My husband

    to open my eyes to another day

    the freedom to make my own decisions

    being able to see, hear, taste, feel and be active

  • My husband

    We are thankful for...the way the sun drifts into my room when i sleep lat


    god and everything god has done for mefaith

    to look at the hills knowing i am here for a reason

  • My husband

    a safe place to lay my head and for security



    my life.

  • Happy Thanksgiving

    fromPurnell School