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SWISS HOUSE | [Add]: Satra Building. 3rd Floor. 58 Dong Khoi St. Ben Nghe Ward. Dist 1. HCMC. Vietnam | [Work]: +848 66 60 60 90 | [Fax]: +848 38223561 | [W]: http://www.swisshouse.us | [Mobile]: +84908 999 080 | [Tax]: 0310635779 | [Acc]: 1000093841-Citi Bank Vietnam | 99145944999 - Standard Chartered Vietnam


  • Introduction Updated March 22, 2012







    The Only Swiss Watch Maker Dedicated Exclusively to the High End Tourbillon.

    Why only the Tourbillon?

    We believe this is this movement is and will remain the reference of watchmaking.

    Our philosophy is centered around attention to detail, and the Tourbillon provides a unmatched platform through which we will strive to demonstrate our best levels of workmanship and meticulousness.

    It is the most visually appealing product of watchmaking in the past centuries. As qualitative oriented artisans, we believe focusing our efforts in this

    direction will help us maintain superior quality, innovation and value.

  • Cecil Purnell. Watch-making aficionado Inspirational figure

    Instilled passion in grandson Jonathan Purnell

    Company founded in 2006 by friends,

    watch aficionados Jonathan Purnell & Stephane Valsamides

    Over half a decade in the watch industry

    After several years searching for the best way to put our mark on watchmaking with our own masterpiece, we have reached a milestone by realizing our own calibers and developing our atelier.

    ABOUT CECIL PURNELL- Brand History

  • ABOUT CECIL PURNELL- 3 Philosophy Pillars

    With its in-house calibers and micro-manufacture status, CP is today truly an independent watchmaker It allows CP to work freely in search of the best quality, innovation, service as well as


    Know-how, with CP having incorporated all elements pertinent to watch making under one roof, in its atelier Design and manufacture design & concept realization, production & assembly

    Attachment to true value and authenticity of Haute Horlogerie It alone can offer the best to our customers. The Tourbillon cant be attached to heavy industrial processes because quantity is the

    enemy of quality. Our production maintains the quality & human element. We are limited to only 60 pieces annually. This is particularly important in control and adjustment as our customers are assured that with CP movements

    their watches will be delivered only after lengthy QC

    Our independence is the ultimate guarantor of permanent renewal and innovation. It keeps listening to our seeking to meet our customers needs.

  • ABOUT CECIL PURNELL- Where do we stand today?

    Geneva-based micro-manufacture.

    We are now one of few brands that does not hesitate to call on its movement. We are completely transparent in this subject. CP does not and will not compromise on this. CPs technical office now has its technology and its goal is to reach the level of

    MANUFACTURE in the full sense of the term by end of 2013

  • * Higher Resolution file available on CP website

  • ONLY TOURBILLON Our First In-House Caliber

    CPV11 - based on the highly acclaimed CP3888. The caliber has been redesigned and we have increased the number of jewels to 21. We are so proud of it, we have presented it without a dial to demonstrate the finishing

    Based on an elevated sapphire ring and dauphine markers (floating at 1.4mm above the bridge) to accentuate the entire movement face (but not skeleton) It is a pleasure to provide a 10 power loop to anyone wishing to view the watch. Beauty in

    luxury is through details, and as a central tenant in our philosophy, we are happy to demonstrate to people the meticulousness that goes into every timepiece, a decision we have taken to reflect the beauty of our craft.


    183 components Finishing re-enforces the depths and beauty of the entire movement

    The superior bridge is in Ctes de Genve finish (12-6 motif) & angled (45 degrees) with a hand-mirror finish on the edges

    Gearing is hand-finished in circular motif


    Elegance is reinforced through color. Bridges are in Rhodium Main plate in Ruthenium presents anthracite metallic qualities

    Tourbillon cage

    Set between 2 bridges, torque above mid-cage Big diameter 13 mm with around 50 components 21,600 vph

    Others Power reserve of 55 hours Size: 32.5mm total diameter (14 lines), height 6.9 mm Constant moment of force (main spring) Low variance: up to 5 seconds per day. Caliber CP3888 has a larger main plate on the La 47 collection due to the bigger case.

  • ONLY TOURBILLON Complications (Pt 3)

    Grande Date - CP-V12

    Based on CP-V11 movement with large date display mechanism situated at 11 oclock with date adjustable by pusher on the crown.

    Passage De Lheure Its construction doesnt indicate the

    number of hours, but the passage of the hours. With each passing hour, the ringing occurs between one and four times, adjustable by the user via a mono-pusher on the crown

  • COLLECTION - Lacroix

    Inspired based on desire to make an iconic CP watch that was more avant-guard and could harmonize CPs technical strengths with its technical capacities.

    5 ATM. Complex 5-axis case integrates a

    convex-cylindrical sapphire glass dial built in 4 parts. Dials indices have floating corners.


    Pit Lane line, launched in 2012. Sporty concept, adding character and breadth to the collection.

    Integrates CP-V12 big date mechanism. Similar Technical aspects & finishing to caliber

    CP-V11. 223 components, 21 jewels.

  • COLLECTION Rendez-Vous

    Rendez-Vous line, launched in 2012 reinvigorates brand with traditional, but bold timepiece.

    Based on CP-v13, Piece is unique in the placement of its hammer and reasonance rod on the dial to enhance the visual effect and exemplify the beauty of its function.

    Maintains 5 positions, an off button and a power reserve indicator.

    Around 350 components and 51 jewels.


    Mirage, launched in 2012 is distinct in its entirely Sapphire Crystal case.

    Only 1 timpeiece will be delivered during all of 2012.

    Based on CP-v13, Piece is unique in the placement of its hammer and reasonance rod on the dial to enhance the visual effect and exemplify the beauty of its function.

    Maintains 5 positions, an off button and a power reserve indicator.

    Around 350 components and 51 jewels.

  • Frequently Asked Questions 1. Why are there 50 pieces in our Tourbillon cage?

    In a central axis Tourbillon set between two bridges, there will be less components than in a flying Tourbillon; the ball bearing contain by themselves 15 or more pieces.

    Furthermore, in the conception of the Tourbillon cage, we have pieces that cover more than one function, whereas other watchmakers sometime isolate one piece per function.

    2. Why a 13 mm Tourbillon cage? To provide the largest stage to our alma matter.

    It also makes the pieces within the movement more visible.

    It is one of the largest used in watches today.

  • Frequently Asked Questions (pt 2) 3. Why 21,600 vph?

    Traditionally 18,000 was used in the pocket watch Tourbillons. Theoretically, a higher frequency is related to greater precision, and faster rotation,

    thus relevant to the inertia. In practice, 18,000 would be very similar to 21,600 but more sensible to shocks.

    28,000 would force us to make the cage smaller, thus less esthetically appealing. In addition, the functioning would not be significantly superior.

    21,6000 provides a compromise allowing us to provide good visibility to the Tourbillon cage and allow for good regulation.

    4. Why a central-axis Tourbillon cage between two bridges? There are other variations including a carousel & flying cage. Though these do to some extent provide more visibility, the bridge provides more

    support for the cage, ensuring greater accuracy.

  • Frequently Asked Questions (pt 3) 5. What materials are used?

    We use the finest materials including 5N18 rose gold, 150 palladium white gold, and G5 Titanium.

    Even the index and hands (which we make ourselves) are in gold (not plated).

    6. More on the winding mechanism? Safety for locking crown.

    None at the moment. Currently developing a safety mechanism for the movements we will launch in 2011. We will have a sliding clutch in the winding mechanism of the main barrel. Il will give a friction

    system to preserve the mechanism. Swan design

    Integrates micromechanical competencies with aesthetics.

  • Frequently Asked Questions (pt 4) 7. What components are sourced externally (to CP) & why?

    Escapement; Very sensitive mechanism. There are only three suppliers capable of making it. Only Roger Dubuis has integrated production for these (Patek & Rolex make only 20-30% of

    theirs with 5-7 years lead time and millions in invested). Gearing & couplings;

    Reliable suppliers also providing these components for renown brands. Decided to specialize elsewhere.