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  • 1.Pumpkin Show Field TripThird GradeOctober 17, 2012

2. Coordinatorof ParadesJim RiverHe is telling us wherepeople and floats line upfor the parades.There are more than 40floats and 50 bands in theParade of Bands.There is an afternoon andan evening parade eachday.There is a total of 7parades during PumpkinShow. 3. Fire ChiefHe talked to us aboutsafety at the PumpkinShow.He has to do a fireinspection of all the foodbooths at the PumpkinShow.He talked to us about howto stay safe while at thePumpkin Show. 4. Pumpkin ShowSecurityBob ConleyHis job is Head of Security.He talked to us about howhis crew keeps people safeat Pumpkin Show.One way they keep us safeis having someone guardevery alley and watch forcars.Cars are only allowed onthe street during certaintimes. 5. Mayor ofCirclevilleMayor : Don McIlroyHe talked to us about hisjob as mayor and what hispart is in the PumpkinShow.He is President of thePumpkin Show committee.He likes being mayorbecause he gets to bearound people. 6. GiantPumpkin PieLindseys Bakery makes apumpkin pie that is 6 feetwide and weighs over 400pounds!The recipe includes 100pounds of cookedpumpkin, 40 pounds ofsugar, 26 gallons of milk,and 15 dozen eggs!!At the end of PumpkinShow this pie is fed tohogs. 7. Pumpkin GuyHis job is to entertainpeople at the PumpkinShow.He has a hard job becausehe has to roller skate allaround.He is always happy.He is funny and made uslaugh. 8. ParadeAnnouncerLarry HarrisHe is an announcer at thePumpkin Show. Heannounces during theparades.Austin Blue got a chance tobe an announcer andwelcome everyone to thePumpkin Show. 9. Weighing thePumpkinsThey weighed the big pumpkinson Wednesday October 17.The first place winner gets$2000!The pumpkins weighed a lot.The first place winner this yearis Dr. Liggett. His pumpkinweighed 1315 pounds!!The contest is an important partof Pumpkin Show. 10. Pumpkin ShowPyramidWe went to look at thepumpkin pyramid.At the Pumpkin Show,there is 100,000 pounds ofpumpkins and gourds onthe street for display.Every third grader got afree gourd! 11. PumpkinShow ArtAt the Circleville PumpkinShow there is an artcontest on Watt Street forstudents.On Franklin Street there isanother art show of artsand crafts.Arts and crafts are fun todo!This is a picture of our artwork. 12. StreetDisplayThis is the pumpkin tower.More than 100,000 poundsof pumpkins, squash andgourds are on streetdisplays.There are more than 30local churches, schools,booster clubs and civicorganizations that havedisplays or booths at thePumpkin Show. 13. End of FieldTripDuring our field trip theMayor of Circleville talkedto us.Some kids got to go on thebig stage.We got to see art.When we got back toschool we ate pumpkindonuts.We had a great time andlearned a lot! 14. Interview with Nanisa When did the Pumpkin Show start and how was itstarted? A. It started in 1903. It was started to get the farmers to come into town more than once a year. How did the Pumpkin Show get its name? A. In 1911 they changed the name from Pumpkin Festival to Pumpkin Show. They changed it because they didnt want it to be a festival but a show because pumpkins were on display. 15. Interview with Nanisa Do police officers stay on duty throughout the nightduring Pumpkin Show? A. Yes, police officers watch all throughout the day and night to make sure people are safe. Where does the money come from to run the PumpkinShow? A. The money comes from two places: the vendors (charged a fee to have a space) and the ride company gives back some of their earnings. 16. Interview with Nanisa Why is the Pumpkin Show so popular? A. It is popular because it is the greatest free show on Earth. You only have to spend money if you want to. Why was the Pumpkin Show created? A. It was created because the mayor wanted farmers to come to town more than once a year! 17. Interview with Nanisa Who started the Pumpkin Show? A. George Haswell, who was the mayor of Circleville at the time. Who is in charge of cleaning the streets after PumpkinShow? A. There are two groups. The firefighters spray the streets and Rumpke Waste picks up all the trash. It costs $30,000 to get rid of all the trash! 18. Interview with Nanisa Is it hard to run and organize the Pumpkin Show? Whendoes the planning start? A. Yes it is hard to run and organize. 219 volunteers help run Pumpkin Show. They start planning on November 16 for the next years show. Do people from other states or countries visit thePumpkin Show? A. Yes, people from all 50 states have visited the Pumpkin Show. Some people from Italy, New Zealand, and England have visited also. 19. Interview with Nanisa Who helps plan and organize for the Pumpkin Show? A. There are 289 volunteers that help with the Pumpkin Show each year. Since Pumpkin Show started, was there ever a yearwhen there wasnt a Pumpkin Show? A. Yes, there were three years. Once during World War I and two years during World War II.