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PREFACE Thanks to Allah SWT for everything and for the chance that makes me finished my project report in Semantic and Pragmatic subject which composed by me entitled A Semantic Analysis on Connotative Meanings in Radio Advertisement. Up to the very last moment, I was summarize this paper and still has the wrongness include writing, punctuation and meaning so my hand is open for the reader to give the critic, suggestion for repairing then especially for my lecturer. However, I apologize if had the mistakes for the composing.



CONTENT Preface.. i Content ii Abstract 1 Chapter 1 Introduction.. 2 1.1 Background.. 2 1.2 The scope of delimitation study 3 1.3 Problem Statement.. 3 1.4 The purpose of study.. 3 1.5 The significances of study.. 3 Chapter 2 Theoretical Bases. 4 2.1 What is semantic? ........................................................................................... 4 2.2 What is connotative? ..................................................................................... 4 2.3 What is advertisement? .. 4 Chapter 3 Methodology of research 5 3.1 Method .. 5 3.2 Setting of research 5 3.3 Source of data .. 5 3.4 Technique of analyzing the data 5 3.5 Schedule of research 6 Chapter 4 Discussion and Findings ... 7 4.1 Discussion 7 4.2 Findings 8 Chapter 5 Conclusion and Suggestion .. 11 5.1 Conclusion 11 5.2 Suggestion ... 11 Appendix 13 References .. 17


ABSTRACT Semantic is a branch of linguistic which study about word meaning and sentence meaning. This study is very necessary in language learning. In this research, the researchers will try to explain about how is the use of connotative meaning in radio advertisement. In doing the research, there are some methods namely field research such as observation, collect a record of advertisement, interview and library research in collecting the data. The result of research showed that connotative meaning is less used in radio advertisement of civica radio which is news and education segmentation. In addition, there is 33 % used connotative and 67 % not used connotative meaning.




Background Connotative is a language that cannot understand literally. Connotative is usually used by author in his work to show his expression and idea to make a different sense. Nowadays, people commonly think that it is imaginative language which only often find in literary works. The limitation of this perspective makes us to consider that for researching a connotative cannot be done in literary works or related to art works only, such as: mostly poetry, prose, drama, song and etc. Although, we can find it in our daily life like daily conversation whether formal or informal that occurred unintentionally. Even, we will find the connotative in an advertisement of electronic media such television, radio and non-electronic media such newspaper, magazine and etc. Therefore, we interest to take the research about radio advertisement. Because of radio is electronic media who rely on the audio. All the information will be broadcasted through audio. So, it is important for us to know as well the knowledge about semantic study, specifically, semantic related to types of meaning. As the generation in the future time, we should have a motivation to do the research process of language. We are expected to know more about what is connotative, how can we determine a sentence that has connotative meaning, and how the connotative is used in advertisement.


The scope and delimitation of study In this research, we limit the research at connotative meaning in advertisement. And then, we only take 15 samples of data which are broadcasted in civica radio.


Problem Statement How is the use of connotative meaning in radio advertisement?


The purpose of research The researchers want to know how the use of connotative meaning in advertisement


1.5 a.

The significance of research The researchers could know how the radio as media that uses audio can create connotative in advertisement. b. When the readers have read this research, it can be useful to about connotative that are not only used in poem, understand prose usually, a song, but it thing

can be even used in advertisement as visual media, audiovisual or audio. c. As a university student, we can be more creative to find out a new which can be useful in language learning or in a public.

CHAPTHER II THEORETICAL BASES A. What is semantic? Semantic is the study of the toolkit for meaning: knowledge encoded in the vocabulary of the language and in its patterns for building more elaborate meanings, up to the level of sentence meanings. (An Introduction to English Semantics and Pragmatics, Page; 1, 2006) What is Connotative 6

Generally, Connotative is a language that cannot understand literally. Connotative is also implied in figure of speech. Wren and Martin define that connotative is a departure from the ordinary form of expression or the ordinary course of ideas in order to produce greater effects. ( Modul Pembelajaran, Page:3, 2006). Connotation is the emotional and imaginative association surrounding a word. Denotation is the strict dictionary meaning of a word. C. What is Advertisement? Advertisement is one way to inform the product, promotion the product which has purpose to persuade the reader or listener. The advertisement can be categorized as audio, visual, even the audio visual. Most commonly, Advertisement is created as alluring as its product. The design animation of picture, even the certainly has created with deep meaning.

CHAPTHER III METHODOLOGY OF RESEARCH A. Method Method of research that is used to collect the data as follows: a. Field Research is a method that is used by doing the research in civica radio about the discussion and collecting data through: 1) Observation The researcher observed, listened and analyzed each of the word and sentence of statement in radio advertisement which one has connotative or not. 2) Interview


This method has purposes to get more information and collect the data about radio advertisement. The interview is done among of researchers and production director in civica radio. b. Library Research is one of method which is learning the material from books. Certainly, the book also related with the problem of this research. B. Setting of research This research is done at 105 FM CIVICA RADIO. The location of radio station in Jenderal Sudirman street, Gorontalo State University, Gorontalo Province, since March, 24th 2011 until March, 31st 2011. C. Source of Data The source of data in this research is a record or files all the advertisement in mp3 existence. D. Technique of analyzing data This research will be analyzed qualitatively. E. Schedule of research The research is conducted during 8 days or approximately 1 week more. Here are below the schedule of research:


Table 1: Schedule of Research

NO 1. 2. 3. 4.

ACTIVITIES Preparation Collecting Data Analyzing Data Composing the proposal

Thursday 24

Friday 25

Saturday 26

MARCH, 2011 Sunday Monday 27 28

Tuesday 29

Wednesday 30

Thursday 31


CHAPTHER IV DISCUSSION & FINDINGS 4.1 DISCUSSION The mini research is conducted during 8 days on March, in 2011s. This research has cooperated with civica radio. Before, we analyzed the data such as a record of advertisement of radio in format mp3. We collected the data firstly. And we then searched some of books as a supporting source of material. In addition, we also did an informal interview to production director who works in this station. Because, all this preparation is one of important thing in order to conduct analysis of data afterwards as well. In doing this mini research, we take the 15 samples of data. Here are the data lists of radio advertisement. Table 2: List of the samples of advertisement in Civica Radio NO LIST OF ADVERTISEMENT 1. IKLAN LM BAWASDA 2. IKLAN JAMBURA INN 3. 4. 5. 6. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. IKLAN KOST SMART CENTER IKLAN KPU BONE BOLANGO IKLAN GORONTALO POST IKLAN POS INDONESIA IKLAN ELNINO ( VERSI PIALA DUNIA ) IKLAN INDOSAT IWIC ANAK MUDA IKLAN FESTIVAL WALIMA IKLAN TELKOMSEL SIMPATI TAPI - TAPI IKLAN SIMPATI ES CAMPUR IKLAN FESTIVAL JATON BUDAYA IKLAN G-ONE PRODUCTION IKLAN ELNINO ( VERSI BADO SKOLAH ) NOTES

4.2 FINDINGS Korupsi bukan budaya kita, ayo berantas sekarang. 10


Ayo ke kantor pos, untuk jasa pengiriman terpadu, kami yang terdepan. Pos Indonesia Untuk Anda Kami Ada. Heh, Mengorbankan kepentingan orang banyak demi isi perut sendiri. Oh kita pe ayam prancis tantu. rakyat dibiarin seneng-seneng diatas penderitaan orang lain.

- Ya iyalah non, masa koruptor yang kerjanya menggorogoti, memperkosa hak Suara anda menentukan nasib Bone Bolango. Satu Suara Untuk Masa Depan, Pilihan boleh berbeda, Bone Bolango Tetap satu. hangat, actual, tajam, dan terpecaya.

Explanation of Analysis: Berantas has connotative meaning that mean to keep the country with the corruptor or the problem likes corruption in environment of government. Terdepan means the best than another. It cannot be interpreted denotatively. Pos Indonesia Untuk Anda Kami Ada means pos indonesia always provide any best service and it will always beside the costumer to help and give anything in societys need. isi perut it means kepentingan . If, this one will be interpreted literally, they are parts of a body organ that consist of: heart, large intestine, small intestine


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